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Larry King

An eclectic group of artists concerned about the future of the earth's environment joined together to create Save the Rainforest. The world-beat inspired recording that resulted from the collaboration reflected the diverse backgrounds of the many talented musicians who participated in the project.

Noteworthy artists included Genevieve, who took the lead vocals in "Happy Birthday" and "Guanabang", a creative fusion of the folk classic "Guantanamera" with the recent David Sanborn hit "Bang Bang"; Grace Birdwell, who produced the sessions; Malvin, who provided song lyrics, musical ideas and vocals; and Vinny Valentino, an internationally-recognized jazz guitar virtuoso who provided stunning guitar work and helped produce several songs as well.

Genevieve and Grace were credited for their contribution to Olga Tanon's 2000 Latin Grammy-award winning Olga Viva Viva Olga, in which the hit song "Medley Boogaloo" contained a sequence originally created by them for "Guanabang".

And of course, we were privileged to have Larry King, host of CNN's Larry King Live contribute a sensational guest vocal to the title song "Save the Rainforest". This was the first musical recording Mr. King had made in his extraordinary career, distinguishing the Save the Rainforest project and making the recording a collector's item for Larry King fans all over the world.

Click to view a photo of Larry King as he recorded his vocal in the studio.

Get your copy of Save the Rainforest from on CD by clicking here or the music video featuring exciting footage of Larry King recording his vocal in the studio by clicking here!

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