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An action shot of Larry King from the Save the Rainforest music video

Beyond Growth -- A thoughtful book that examines why humans must strive for qualitative (not quantitative) growth. -- View our video at the highest quality music programming and fidelity site on the web. -- Web site promoting the creative services available from Genevieve, who contributed greatly to the Save the Rainforest project as arranger, musician, songwriter and vocalist.
Olga Viva Viva Olga -- The song "Medley Boogaloo" from Olga Tanon's Latin Grammy-award winning CD features an arrangement that was originally created for "Guanabang" by Genevieve and Grace Birdwell. -- Vinny Valentino's official Web site.


Indigenous people, a still image from the Save the Rainforest music video

The Nature Conservancy -- An organization that has safeguarded nearly 600,000 acres of tropical forest.
Race for the Rainforest -- By clicking the "Save the Rain Forest" button at you generate a donation to protect rainforest land. Sponsors pay for your donation. It's 100% free to you.
Rainforest Action Network -- A worthy organization working to save rainforests around the world. -- Click on the button at to save rainforest. There is NO cost to you. Sponsors pay to preserve the rainforest.
World Wildlife Fund -- Time is running out for the many endangered species still living in the wild who call the rainforest home. As the WWF puts it, "You have one lifetime. And so does our planet."

Larry King from the Save the Rainforest music video

Politics (North America)

Green Party U.S.A. -- Become part of the Green Party's network of Green Issue and Electoral Activists working together to create a sustainable and just society.
Green Party of Canada -- "Real change, real choice". The Canadian site is available in English and French.
Green Party of Mexico -- Available in English and Spanish.

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