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The title song Save the Rainforest was made into a music video under the direction of Grace Birdwell. The goal was to simultaneously display the beauty of the rainforest and the myriad threats to its existence. The video also includes footage of the artists including exciting shots of Larry King as he recorded his vocals.

Below are some frames taken from the video.

The rainforest is disapearing at an alarming rate, from 9 million square miles to less than 3 million today.

Rainforest land is being cleared for human settlement. Slash and burn agriculture enables desperate people to clear land for farming, however the soil supports only a few harvests at best...and so the cycle of destruction gets repeated.

Larry King in the recording studio

Larry King in the recording booth! This was his first music project, and he made it count with a superb performance.

The video showcases the natural beauty of the rainforests, the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. To lose this treasure trove of genetic wealth would have tragic consequences for all of humanity.

You'll also find additional video stills sprinkled throughout this Web site. Enjoy!

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