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<APPLET CODE="PhotoText" WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="180">	
<PARAM NAME="background" VALUE="yeltsolo.gif">		
<PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#000000">
<PARAM NAME="text_1" VALUE="A CrooK?">			
<PARAM NAME="text_2" VALUE="I'm not a CROOK!!">
<PARAM NAME="text_3" VALUE="Not Me!">
<PARAM NAME="text_4" VALUE="Nixon was one!">
<PARAM NAME="text_5" VALUE="I'm not Nixon">
<PARAM NAME="text_6" VALUE="Click on me..">
<PARAM NAME="text_7" VALUE="Just Click!">
<PARAM NAME="font_color" VALUE="#FFFF00">
<PARAM NAME="font_max_size" VALUE="100">
<PARAM NAME="font_name" VALUE="Helvetica">
<PARAM NAME="font_style" VALUE="Bold">
<PARAM NAME="delay" VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME="showtime" VALUE="8000">
<PARAM NAME="text_y_coordinate" VALUE="150">
<PARAM NAME="url" VALUE="">[Link]
<PARAM NAME="target" VALUE="someFrameName">
<PARAM NAME="statusbar" VALUE="Do I look like a Crook?">	
<PARAM NAME="sound" VALUE="">			

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