Let's start with a quiz!

Just four questions... Just four dates...

(1) When was the PC invented?

(2) When did the World Wide Web Start?

(3) When did the Internet start?

(4) When did we first walk on the moon?

Scroll down for the answers...

(1) When was the PC invented?...   1976 Apple I  1981 The IBM PC   The PC's 25th birthday

(2) When did the World Wide Web Start?... 1991

(3) When did the Internet start?... October 29, 1969, 22:30 hours
The Day the Infant Internet Uttered its First Words

(4) When did we first walk on the moon?... July 20, 1969       NASA Apollo 11


" The real honor of predicting the Internet goes to Murray Leinster's 1946 short story "A Logic Named Joe," in which people use devices called "logics," essentially television displays with keyboards attached. On these they can watch TV, get weather reports, ask research questions, send e-mail, trade stocks, and play games. Leinster's story also predicted content censorship."

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