Grid Computing

Swedish Proverb
(svenska träskor):

Fear less, hope more.
Eat less, chew more.
Whine less, breathe more.
Hate less, love more.
And all good things are yours.

  1. The Grid Computing Information Centre       [GRID Infoware]
  2. IEEE Distributed Systems Online     DSOnline: Grid Computing
  3. Global Grid Forum
  4. Grid Computing Planet
  5. Internet Computing and the Emerging Grid
  6. Harnessing the Power of Grid Computing
  7. The Paradox of Grid Computing
  8. IBM, Grid Computing Groups To Unveil Grid Services Protocols
  9. The Physiology of the Grid      [PDF - 436Kb -2 1/4 min@28.8 ]
  10. EVENT: Grid Computing: Advancing e-business into the future

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