open source and Ranganathan's Five Laws of Library Science

The Five Laws:

The First Law

Books are for use

(Ranganathan, p. 26)

The Web is for use

The Second Law

Every readers his or her book
(or Books are for all)
(Ranganathan, p. 81).

Every user his or her Web

(or the Webis for all)

The Third Law

Every book its reader.
(Ranganathan, p. 258)

Every software its user

The Fourth Law

Save the time of the reader.
(Ranganathan, p. 287)

Save the time of the user

The Fifth Law

Library is a growing organism

(Ranganathan, p. 326)

The Web is a growing organism

Note: The American heritage Dictionary defines Library as it pertains to Computer Science in the following way: A collection of standard programs, routines, or subroutines, often related to a specific application, that are available for general use.