Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 09:23:04 -0400
From: Tracy Marks <>
Subject: K-12 Resource site

My Webwinds K-12 Resource site   has been online for six weeks now, and has been useful for training k-12 teachers in using the Internet in the classrooms. Included are 20 pages of links including:

Index page of all pages

Best educational sites
(includes subject resource sites)
NOTE: This page is an attempt to organize the best resources from
other Webwinds K-12 pages into one comprehensive page.

More K-12 Resources
(software, Dept. of Education, Microsoft, Eric, ed tech, special ed,

English, Languages, Art, Music

Social Studies
(history, social studies, world culture, geography)

Science and Math
(animals, earth science, science, math, astronomy)

K12 Projects, Lessons
(lesson plans, sample projects, interactive and global activities)

K12 Education Online
(mailing lists, newsgroups, evaluation, interactivity, classroom
interaction, Internet training, web-based training, online schools)

K12 Web Design
(HTML for educators, tutorials, templates, web design, providers,
web sites by children, web rings)

Online html and web design tools
(online graphic font creators, html and link verifiers etc.)

Best school sites
(organized by level, including urls related to designing school and
classroom web sites)

Sites for Kids
(general, educational, family-oriented, girls, teenagers, reference,
by kids)

K12 Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

Also some basic notes regarding:
Internet in the Classroom

Subject Ideas for Internet in the Classroom

Also feel free to use WebWinds Webcards at
for incorporating educational e-cards into the classroom.

Please do let me know of any essential links that I haven't included,
or any broken links. And thank you to all of you who have suggested
resources; I have not had the time to respond personally to everyone.

Tracy Marks, M.A.
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