Postcards from AT Thru Hiker
Gerry Gladu

An account of his 1993 hike, Georgia to Maine, on the Appalachian Trail. HTMLized by Judy Birmingham.

Gerry Gladu,


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03/27/93, Day 000, Mile 0000.2

   Front: A knarled oak and trail through woods on one half and a picture of
   the bronze plaque marking the terminus of the AT.

   Back: "Springer Mountain: Located at the end of the Appalachian Trail from
   Geogia to Maine. 'A footpath for those who wish to seek fellowship with
   wilderness'"  The quote was from the plaque, placed by the Georgia
   Appalachian Trail Council in 1934.

3/27/93  Mile 0.2, Springer Mountain Shelter.

   First day was a rainy and muddy one. Made good time on the 8.3 mile
   approach. Appx 3 hrs + 45 min. Felt like taking it easy on the first day,
   though. Don't want to get ahead of my mail drops. Great shelter here with 
   a loft above the front porch. Can hear large explosions in the distance. 
   The army rangers train near here. Terrain looks like Mass. Got a good fire
   going now.



03/28/93, Day 001, Mile 0013.6

       The front has a picture of some nondescript mountains in Autumn.  The
       legend is: "Georgia's Southern Appalachian Mountains offer many scenic
       vistas for the visitor to relish around every curve."  He's still
       obsessed with condiments, I see.  It reads . . .

       3/28/93  Day 1  Mile 13.6

       Justus Creek, AT, GA

       Long hike for the first day.  Pretty beat but I feel good.  No rain
       today but pretty cloudy.  Bypassed a nice shelter in a virgin forest
       for this spot by the creek.  About 12 other thru-hikers had the same
       idea.  Only met 3 other solo hikers and we're all packing around 50
       lbs.  The pairs are packing around 40.  They have less weight but the
       solo hikers seem to travel faster.  Except for Steve from R.I. who's 
       a day behind cuz he didn't bring a tent.


03/29/93, Day 002, Mile 0022.9

Non-descript campsite, AT in GA

Rough Day, Pretty Sore.  Nice and Sunny though.
8 of us here and we're all bushed.
Gata rest up to cross Blood Mtn, the highest point on the
GA AT at 4461 FT. named aftr a battle 400 years ago between the
Creek and Cherokee.  Georgia is very pretty, lots of oak
and pine.  Ran into more army rangers on maneuvers.  I saw them
before they saw me.  Ha!


03/30/93, Day 003, Mile 0030.7

Front is a late 50's/early 60's snowy picture of 2 women
standing in front of and looking at a sign next to a
lodge. The sign says "Welcome WALASI-YI INN.  You are
invited to enjoy the facilities of the many enchanting
state parks in Georgia".

On the back, Beautiful Northeast Georgia, Neel's Gap.


3/30/93, Day 3, Mile 30.7. Walasi-yi- Center, Wallace Gap, GA.
Put in 7.8 miles before noon.  Staying here for the night to do
laundry, shower + resupply for the 7 day stretch ahead.  Have
been hiking with "Care the Bear" the last couple of days since
we have the same pace.  The thru hikers have dubbed me "Cakewalk"
but I don't know if I'll keep the name yet.


03/31/93, Day 004, Mile 0041.3

  A picture of hikers on a ridge in GA, overlooking a long valley
  filled with fall foliage

  3/31/93, Day 4, Mile 41.3, Low Gap Shelter, GA

  Rain, hail and thunderstorms today.  Clear and sunny now but there
  are tornado warnings for our area at the moment.  It's sunny and I
  wanted to hike more but 11.3 miles is enough until my knee gets
  better.  I'm sure all of us here would like to hike more but we all
  have knee and foot troubles.  "No pain, no Maine" as the saying here
  goes.  Hiking at a pretty good pace but it gets tough to hike more
  than 6 hours with the various pains.  All in all it's been a great
  experience so far.  Thru-hikers have a great sense of community.
  Getting ready to teach a few people how to play Cosmic Wimpout.


  and then in the "Space Reserved for U.S. Postal Service"

  ps. will I get in trouble if I write in this box? :-)

04/01/93, Day 005, Mile 0054.3

     Nice tranquil view of the Chattahoochee River in Georgia.
   Looks like a Fall scene.  The photo is bordered in gold and
   framed by a blue background.

     The Chattahoochee River is a source of drinking water for
   Atlanta.  Rafting, swimming, fishing and aesthetic beauty are
   activities young and old can enjoy.

     4/1/93  Mile 54.3  Day 5  "Cheese Factory Site"

   It's raining now as I lie here in my tent to write this.  It was
   a 13 mile day so I'm pretty tired.  Been leaving a few friends
   behind the last couple of days, and it's kind of sad.  I took
   their pictures so I will remember them.  Most folks seem to only
   like to hike shelter to shelter and to me, it seems to hamper
   progress.  They're fair weather hikers.  We're camped less than 2
   miles from the group that started the day before us and hope to
   pass them tomorrow.  It'll be nice to meet new friends especially
   since we put some distance in from out old ones.

   Early start tomorrow, going to try to get shelter space to dry
   out.  - Gerry.

04/02/93, Day 006, Mile 0063.3

Deep Gap Shelter, AT, GA

Cold Rain and Snow last night.  Windy with rime ice along the ridges
today.  Put in 9 miles before noon.  Resting the remainder of the day
today and building a big fire.  Most of the thru-hikers bailed on the
prospect of a cold night in a shelter in favor of a warm night in a new
hiker-friendly hostel 6 miles down the road.  Possible single digits
tongiht but sunny tomorrow.  going to try for Bly Gap tomorrow just over
the NC line.  Here with the Bear and Squeege and Yellowman.  We're
waiting on Grateful Grandpa who we heard was trying to make it here.
I still need to decide on a trail name if only for the logs.  We refer
to each other on a first name basis when we speak to each other but use
trail names to refer to those who aren't present.  Fire needs stoking,
gotta go...  Gerry

04/03/93, Day 007, Mile 75.6

Bly Gap, N.C.

The card shows a lush wooded river scene, "The Nantahala River offers a
peaceful and serene view for young and old alike."

Cold night last night.  Squeege and Marty's water bucket froze solid.
Temps in the low teens gave way to sunny in the 50's today.  Camped at
Bly Gap near the "old gnarled oak" (tm), an AT landmark.  Expansive
northern views from here are a vision.  Finally hiked out of Georgia and
this is my first day in North Carolina.  The mountains are getting bigger
and steeper and the first 5000'er is up for tomorrow.  I can hear a
pileated woodpecker close to here.  I might track it down since I've never
seen one.  After seeing just thru-hikers all week, it's weird to see
regular people.  They ask funny questions like "I hear it takes 3 whole
months to hike the AT" and "Do you carry _all_ your food with you?" :-)


04/04/93, Day 008, Mile 0090.9

Carter Gap Shelter, N.C.
Big hiking day today - 15.3 miles.  Feet feel great finally. Leg
still sore but I'm used to it.  Lost my hiking pal, Larry.  He
blew out his knee and is off the trail.  He was out here testing
equipment for most major outdoor companies so it's a major bummer
for him.  He might join up with me in a few days and come back to
hike this section after Maine.  It's snowing now and pretty cold.
The shelter is filling up also.  Lots of thru-hikers here I
haven't met yet.  They started about 3 days before I did.  There's a
dog here and I can hear skunks under the shelter.  Could be
trouble tonight.


04/05/93, Day 009, Mile 0103.7

here at rainbow springs tonight. came in for a shower, laundry + resupply.
stove hasn't worked in 4 days. i need to call mfr[msr?] to see if i can
trade for a new one in nautahala[sp?]. 11 people + a dog in the shelter
last night. the dog chased skunks all night and got sprayed 5 times. not a
pleasant evening. rained too hard to crawl out to set up a tent. rained
all day today too, but the promise of a hot shower made the day go quick.
stayed in the shower about 35 minutes:-) ate a whole pizza tonight. pretty
hungry. lost 9 pounds so far since starting the at. weather:, changing
for the better the next few days -- gerry

04/06/93, Day 010, Mile 0110.5

Siler Bald Shelter, AT, NC
Lazy day, left Rainbow Springs at noon and only hiked
6.8 miles. Just kinda felt like hanging out today. Here
with Jane and Kris, and the Danascus Duo, Birddawg(?) and
Patrick, showed up later. Nice and quite here and not too
crowded.  Great Grey owls can be heard nearby and they
sound kinda cool. Lots of duct tape on the roof here so
I hope it doesn't rain. Played a few rounds of Cosmic
Wimpout and had a nice cozy fire going. This is one of
the more pleasant evenings I've had so far. There's
much more to hiking the AT than just hiking. Spent a lot
of time today checking out new and different plants.
Spring is about to hit soon although the days are still
cool. I expect sunny days for the next 2 days which will
be a welcome change from the rain. We may go rafting in
a couple of days. - Gerry

PS - Full moon just came out and the clouds are clearing.
I'm _very_ relaxed at the moment!

04/07/93, Day 011, Mile 0122.6

  Picture:  River through forest, more like a stream.

  Caption:  The rushing water of the Pacolet River near Tryon, NC
  will delight each and every visitor

  4/7/93, Mile 122.6 Day 11   Cold Spring Shelter

  Nice sunny day today, but spent it slugging over 3 5000 ft peaks
  (plus a Siler Bald side trip for good measure).  Lots of evidence
  of owls on this section (i.e. fur balls).  Great views from Wayah
  Bald where we answered the usual questions from tourists there.
  Pretty uneventful day so far.  Camped in a really tiny shelter.
  Built with 14" diameter logs which is kind of weird.  Nice little
  spring outside the door.  Heading to the Nantahala Outdoor Center
  where we're going to rent a raft and go rafting.  Jane knows how to
  steer one so it's only 20 bucks total for the 6 of us.  Got severe
  thunderstorms coming in along with tornado warnings for the weekend.
  Should be interesting.


04/09/93, Day 012, Mile 0134.1

[Postcard with a very red sunset, caption "Explore Georgia".  Back reads
"Scenic sunsets restore the soul and relieve the stress of everyday life
with a panorama of color.]

4/8-9/93, Nantahala Outdoor Center, Bryson City, NC
day 11-12, mile 134.1

Beautiful day yesterday (the 8th) for hiking.  The southern Appalacians
are very scenic.  Lots of views from the balds.  The wildflowers really
came out as well.  Got a free stove replacement here so I'm psyched.
We're here taking a day off (first one since I started).  Ended up not
going rafting but we bought some beer to wait out today's thunderstorms
and tornados.  Got yet another trailname (moonshot).  I learned to play
hearts last night and "shot the moon" twice in four hands. I guess it's
pretty rare. Might keep that one.  I don't know yet. Leaving here tomorrow
rain or shine for Fontana Dam.  Can't pick up my maildrop until Monday
so that and the rain made us decide to stay here.  Huge vertical climb
tomorrow.  Pack is light for this stretch though.


04/10/93, Day 014, Mile 0144.6

   April 10, 1993 - Mile 144.6 - Day 14 - Locust Cove Gap, AT, NC

   Picture: "Sunrise in the Smokies" with a hand-written correction:
            I'm not in the smokies, BTW

   Seven mile climb up from the Nantahala River, to the top of Cheoah Bald
   today.  OOF!  Hauling 50 lbs. on your back up and down mountains day
   after day is grueling, to say the least.  Left knee joint is a little    
   stiff, but no real pain for the first time since day 1.  Well, not       
   counting the three inch second-degree burn on my right instep, anyways.  
   Excellent views from Cheoah today.  Nice clear day, but pretty windy,    
   though. Stars are out now, and the wind has died.  An owl just flew      
   through the campsite.  They're pretty quiet for such a big bird.  Lot's of 
   folks have dropped out already.  Bad knees, bad feet, infections &       
   exhaustion seem to be the main reasons.  I'm still hanging in there.  Need 
   to pick up the pace again when my burn heals.

                                              - Gerry

   "No pain, no Maine"

04/11/93, Day 015, Mile 0156.8

   4/11/93, Mile 156.8, Day 15

   Cabie Gap Shelter, AT , NC

   Heavy ups and down today, pretty steep climbs too.  Unfortuntaely the
   guidebook neither mentioned them nor were they on the profile maps. Easy
   day tomorrow, then it's 105 miles before the next resupply.  Getting
   psyched for the Smokies and will be sending 2/3 of my warm weather stuff
   ahead to Hot Springs.  Pizza & beer tomorrow then trail food for 7-9 days.
   Getting ready for a game of Cosmic with Jane, Kristen, & Patrick (Jane's
   last day is tomorrow.  Met two south bounders just finishing.  They still
   had snowshoes on their pack.
                        GA -> ME '93
   (still not in the Smokies yet)

04/12/93, Day 016, Mile 016?.?

   "Great Smoky Mountains", picture of
   stream with trees and rocks.  Dated
   4/12/93, postmarked 4/20.

   "Fontana Dam Shelter, At, NC.  Short hike today,
   had to go into town to pick up supplies.  Pack
   weighs 65+ lbs., ugh!  No stops for 105 miles.
   The shelter is great...running water, hot
   showers by the dam, all courtesy of the TVA :-|.
   Nice view of the lake (also courtesy of the
   TVA). Heading into the Great Smoky Mountains
   tomorrow (they are on the other side of the
   dam).  Probably will take a walk out across the
   dam later.  It's the highest in the East at 480
   feet.  Oh, one of my mail drops didn't make it
   here, so I had to have it forwarded.  Should be
   able to do the 105 miles in about 8 days -

04/13/93, Day 017, Mile 0176.5

postmark 930420: asheville, nc :

"4/13/93, mile 176.5, day 17 russell field shelter, AT , NC --
tough day lots of ups and downs.  went thru 5 liters of water mostly due
to pack weight.  made good time despite the weight, though.  mr. ranger
checked out my burn today.  he said it looked ok but that i should let
it air out.  too nice to take a day off.  guess i'll have to start
earlier so that i can stop sooner to let it mend.  shelters in the
smokies are stone with double platforms, indoor fireplace and are
enclosed by a chain link fence to keep the bears out.  saw wild boar
signs today - they tend to uproot the forest like a roto-tiller.  got a
rew long days ahead of us and rain for a few days as well.  looks like
no view from Clingman's Dome for me.  got thundrehead and rocky top to
do tomorrow.
                           moonshot "

Obverse:  Stream scene with landscape reflected in shallow rocky water.
          titled : "Great Smokey Mountains"

Caption:  The unbroken surface of the crystaline Little Pigeon River
mirrors a spring morning in Tennessee's GSM's
                                           Photo by Bill Tuttle

04/14/93, Day 018, Mile 0190.8

   Postmarked 4/20/93, Asheville NC

   Postcard is "Fontana Lake - Great Smoky Mountains"

   4/14/93, mile 190.8, Day 18
   Silers Bald Shelter, AT, NC/TN

   Fairly long day - 14.3 miles. Might take a short day
   tomorrow. We're only allowed to stay at shelters here
   and the next one is at 2 miles, then 8, then 16.
   I expect rain tomorrow and with 2 6K'ers, I'll probably
   only do 8. Only 3 of us here tonight. We seem to be
   between 2 large groups. The shelters ahead of us were
   full both nights and I know there's a big group behind.
   This is great, though. Saw a few deer today. Some kind
   of white tails. No bear yet but a thru-hiker saw one
   yesterday. My burn is healing nicely. Legs a little sore
   from the extra weight. I feel good though - Moonshot

4/15/93, Mile 198.8, Day 19

  received in the mail yesterday, 4-28-93, wednesday:

  postcard of a red sky sunset with the smoky mountains in profile,
  and a band of back lit clouds across the sky, GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS
  NATIONAL PARK in the lower right corner.  nice colors of back lit
  reddish greys, the sky is reddish, except at the top, where in one
  corner it's greenish-yellow-reddish...

  Caption on card:  "Sunrise as seen from atop Clingmans Dome, the
  highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  This
  mountain towers 6,643 feet above sea level and is the the third
  highest point east of the Mississippi River."  Written next to
  caption:  "GA -> ME @".

  Bambi stamp, postmarked 04/20/93 20:51.  "NO RAIN, NO MAINE" written
  in the area to the left of the stamp.

  ******* on Card > "4/14/93, Mile 198.8, Day 14
  ******* My Guess for the Correct one > "4/15/93, Mile 198.8, Day 19

  Mt. Collins Shelter, AT, TN

  Bad weather day today, gale force winds all night long last
  night and all thru the hike today.  Winds got even fiercer the closer
  we got to Clingmans Dome (the highest point on the AT).  We climbed up
  the tower anyways just to see how windy it really was.  We're camped here
  with 7 Boy Scouts and 5 thru-hikers.  I got a blaze-o fire going after
  the Scouts gave up :-) (.The shelters here are stone with a fireplace).
  Thunderstorms and hail going on now with tornado warnings for our area
  (the "Cheerios" have a ham radio that gets N.O.A. weather). I don't
  need a radio to tell me this is very bad weather.  How come postcards
  don't depict how the weather really is?  Moon Shot"

04/16/93, Day 020, Mile 0218.8

   Picture on front is waterfall and pond with caption reading:
   Abrams Falls, Great Smokey Mountains

   and on the other side:
   One of the most impressive sights in the park is Abrams Falls where Abrams
Creek plunges more than thirty feet over a spectacular rock ledge to a
beautiful pool below. The trail to the falls begins about halfway around the
Cades Cove Loop Road and is a very easy five mile round trip hike.

   4/16/93, mile 218.8 day 20
   Tri-corner Knob Shelter, AT, NC

   Fierce thunderstorms and hail storms last night. lots of blowdown to
   climb over/under today. put in 20+ miles today. just felt like letting
   loose. awesome scenery over the ridge lines all day. best of the trek
   so far. should be through the smokies tomorrow (well, within a mile
   anyways). 70 miles in 5 days. most folks are getting off the trail to
   resuply tomorrow, but i've got enough to get to hot springs. still
   have 6 days of food in my pack but i hardly felt it today. guess
   i'm getting stronger. it's cold + snowy tonight. gotta sleep with my
   water filter. it'll get below freezing- moonshot

04/17/93, Day 021, Mile 0233.7

   Postcard received 4/23:
   front: "Great Smoky Mountains" with waterfall

   4/17/93 mile 233.7 day 21  - davenport gap shelter, AT, NC

   Another long day - 15+ miles.  I'm at the end of the Smokies
   with less than a mile to go.  About 10 thru hikers got off at
   the gap and went to "Mountain Moma's Kuntry Store and Bunkhouse" [sic].
   I'm not ready for another town just yet so I'm holed up here.  Looks
   like 3 ten mile days ahead.  not much campsite selection.  So I guess
   I'll spend time in the afternoon just goofing off.  Either that or
   carry extra water so I can camp farther in.  Climbed a side trail to
   Mt. Cammerer today.  Great views of the smokies and of the mountains
   I'll be going over in the next few days.  Oh ... it's actually spring
   down here in the gap.  Snow in the mountains, but leaves on the
   trees here.
                           - Moon Shot

   (note that the signature must now be official, and it is 2 separate
   words)  Thanks, ger !  good luck ...

04/18/93, Day 022, Mile 0244.2

   From Moonshot, postmarked 4/20/93 Ashville, NC
   Great Smoky Mountains (firey red, orange, yello trees)

   4/18/93. Mile 244.2, Day 22 Groundhog Creek shelter, AT, NC
Short day but its either 2 long days or 2.5 medium ones to hot springs. This place was so nice I had to stay. I knew there was a swimming hole here and found one 1/4 mile downstream. First one :-( There's a '92 thru-hiker here from last year. He gave us a few tips on places to stay/visit. I knew of most of them but he made it sound like I shouldn't miss them. I'm about to hit one in a day and a half and I'm psyched.

ps. this place has a sense of place.

04/19/93, Day 023, Mile 0266.8

   Received yesterday, postmarked 4/20/93 Asheville NC:
"Grotto Falls, photo by Jim Doane"

   Grotto Falls on Roaring Fork is a reward to anyone who walks the easy 1
   mile trail from the parking area on the MOTOR NATURE TRAIL (Circled with
   "Huh?  MOTOR NATURE? :-) near Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  One may walk behind
   this falls and remain dry except for a delightfully cooling spray on a hot
   summer afternoon.

   From Ger:

   4/19/93, mile 266.8, day 23.
   Deer Park Shelter, AT, NC

   Turned a lot of mileage in the last few days.  22 miles today, 102 in the
   last 7 days and 71 in the last 4 days.  I'm going to slow down a bit so my
   friends can catch up.  I'm taking 2 days off in Hot Springs.  I'm 3 miles
   from there now.  Pretty good hike today, lots of views from Max Patch    
    There's no leaves on the trees yet and the forest floor is wall to wall
   wildflowers.  It's a pretty awesome sight.  Saw lots of fur on the trail
   today.  Seems like some large varmints are shedding.  No blood so it's not
   some sort of prey.  Some thru-hiker probably ate them whole :-)

   moowhniot  <--approx. reproduction, possible signature, makes mine look
   completely legible!  Oh, to be on that trail...

04/20/93, Day 024, Mile 0270.0

See Day 025.

04/21/93, Day 025, Mile 0270.0

  Postcard description:
        Valley Fog - Clingman's Dome
        A sea of fog engulfs the peaks of
        Clingman's Dome, giving the sunrise an eerie,
        yet beautiful quality.
                        Photo by Bill Tuttle.


  April 20 & 21, Mile 270, Days 24 + 25
  The Inn at Hot Springs, Hot Springs, NC
I'm finally taking a couple days off. I'm staying at an old Victorian home with a bunch of great folks in a nice quiet little town with natural hot springs. This house is beyond description. I have a private room uniquely furnished with a door that opens to a back porch and out to the garden all for $10 !! There's not enough room to describe what this place is really like (perhaps Cindy or Tim can expand a little for me :-), but it's the most unique place I've ever been in (my kind of place). (signed) Moon Shot GA -> ME '93

04/22/93, Day 026, Mile 0281.0

This is where I stayed in Hot Sprints.  "SUNNYBANK INN"

Built in 1875, home of famous Appalachian Balladeer Jane Gentry, the Inn
at Hot Springs has offered hospitality to visitors for over a centry.

4/22/93, Mile 281, Day 26
Spring Mountain shelter, AT, NC
So sad to leave Elmer's today. Going to miss the 4 course meals. Cold, clear and windy today with snow in the mountains. Only did 11 miles but expect to do the 110 Miles to Roan Mountain in about 8-9 days. Sent my winter layers home and got my pack down to 46LBS with 10 days food, and full water and fuel bottles in it. Can't really trim too much more. Might send home for my candle lantern since I can afford a luxury item or two. Got a tiny FM radio now to listen to NPR + get weather. Mostly use it to drown out the snoring in the shelters. Dinner is ismmering but I don't know what it is since Mr. Support Person didn't label it. :-) Came out pretty good despite the inclusion of microwave instructions instead of steove top. :-) Moonshot GA->ME '93 Photo of the inn on the front-- White house with large windows, 2 chimneys, and a mountain in the background, obscured by mist.

04/23/93, Day 027, Mile 0296.3

   Photo of:  The Chimneys - Great Smoky Mountains

   Fri, 4/23/93, Mile 296.3, Day 27

   JERRY Cabin Shelter, AT, TN/NC border

   Slogged all day thru snow, mud, and slush.  Great day though, fine views
   and a nice 15 mile hike despite the above.  This shelter is maintained
   by someone with a sense of humor -- the outhouse is labeled "gazebo",
   there's a phone on the wall as well as a lamp.  There's a fireplace in
   the shelter and plenty of cut, dry wood.  I'm a day behind "Sawman" who
   picked up a new saw blade in Hot Springs and has been leaving cut,
   stacked wood behind ever since.  :-)   "The Hook" saw a bear about a
   half mile from here.  Maybe we'll get lucky and see one tonight.
   Sautee'd some "ramps" (wild onions) with dinner.  They're not bad.  I'll
   be sure to use them again but will wait until the snow melts because
   they're hard to locate and dig up with snow cover.  Well, gotta go now.
   I need to use the gazebo.  :-)
                                                Moonshot  GA->ME '93

04/24/93, Day 028, Mile 0310.9

   Saturday, April 24, 1973
   Hogback Ridge Shelter AT NC/TN
   Mile 310.9  Day 28

   Picture: A mountain stream and delicate yellow/green new spring foliage.

   Caption: A cool mountain stream, rich in flora is a delight to many
            visitors of the beautiful North Carolina mountains.

   Lots of uphill today, only did 14.6 miles.  Caught up with Sawman,
   who is now doing what he does best - saw wood.  Trail was weird today,
   the steepest hill had nice switchbacks once but now makes a beeline
   straight up in spots.  Then when you get to the top, you're now going
   south with Tenn. to the east!  To the west is the ridge I went north
   on yesterday.  Then when you go downhill, the trail used to go straight
   but they added switchbacks.  Not only that, but they added about 30
   speedbumps - between each of which are the ditches they took the dirt
   from!  When you ascend to the top of the ridge, you're now going north
   parallel to the ridge you just went south on.  The ridges are in N.C.
   but the valley between is in Tenn.  Nice day but T-storms tomorrow
   and Monday and I need to do 20 tomorrow.

                                               Moon Shot

04/25/93, Day 029, Mile 0331,3

   Handwritten note:

           4/25/93, Mile 331.3, Day 29
           No Business Knob Shelter, AT, Tenn.
           I'm actually writing this the morning of the 26th.  Late
           start but ut's raining and it's only 7 miles into Erwin
           (more on Erwin tomorrow :-) where we're going to consume
           mass quantities of beer and pizza.  Anyways, had a
           beautiful hike yesterday (20 miles) and met 4 thru-
           hikers I've been following for a while.  Met 2 (Blue Jeansi
           and Stone) yesterday morning and they gave us pizza.  They
           had hitched to a cafe for a sandwich and got picked up by
           a rugby team that was 2 men short, so they ended up in
           Ashville playing rugby.  The team brought them out for
           free beer and pizza and showed them the "3 man lift" :-).
           They then dropped them off at the trailhead late that
           night and we found them the next day with pizza left.
           Awesome views and decent trail conditions (except for the
           I181 detour :-).  Time to pack up and head to town.

                                   Moonshot  GA->ME '93

   Printed description of card

           Linville Falls displays a panorama od autumn color as the
           waterfall plunges into the 2,000 foot deep Linville Gorge.
           The area was donated by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. to the
           National Park Service.  Linville Falls is located at mile
           post 316-317 on the Blue Ridge Parkway

                                   Phot by:  Bill Tuttle

   Picture up front

           Splendid panoramice view of Linville Falls on Blue Ridge
           Parkway with beautiful reds and yellows and oranges and
           purples coloring the hillside.

04/26/93, Day 030, Mile 0338.3

       4/26-28/93 mile 338.3 days 30-32
       Haven Farm, Tumbling Creek Hollow, Erwin TN

       Impromptu layover here. Free room and board in exchange for a little
       work. It's sorta a thru-hiker hotel/commune that we were invited to
       stay at. I'm only the 6th person so far. (There's 3 others here.) Me
       and "Bluejeans" built a bench for the firepit and a deck for the
       hammock area. We also cleaned out the woodfired hottub and it's firing
       up now. It's "Sawmans" b-day and "Lowrider" just came in for the
       occasion. Boones Creek Bunch just pulled in now. Looks like there's
       going to be a party! This hollow is pretty scenic. Nice creek and
       there's a log cabin for sale for 20K$ right across the creek.
       Some day I'll tell you the story of the elephant that was
       lynched in Erwin in 1916.
       Moonshot GA-->MA 93

04/26/93, Day 030, Mile 0338.3

       4/26-28/93 mile 338.3 days 30-32
       Haven Farm, Tumbling Creek Hollow, Erwin TN

       Impromptu layover here. Free room and board in exchange for a little
       work. It's sorta a thru-hiker hotel/commune that we were invited to
       stay at. I'm only the 6th person so far. (There's 3 others here.) Me
       and "Bluejeans" built a bench for the firepit and a deck for the
       hammock area. We also cleaned out the woodfired hottub and it's firing
       up now. It's "Sawmans" b-day and "Lowrider" just came in for the
       occasion. Boones Creek Bunch just pulled in now. Looks like there's
       going to be a party! This hollow is pretty scenic. Nice creek and
       there's a log cabin for sale for 20K$ right across the creek.
       Some day I'll tell you the story of the elephant that was
       lynched in Erwin in 1916.
       Moonshot GA-->MA 93

04/29/93, Day 033, Mile 0347.6

      Mountain scene with white trees in the foreground,
      Caption - North Carolina

      "Snow covered trees in the North Carolina mountains delight the
      winter visitor."

  4/29/93, day 33, mile 347.6
  Camped on top of a nice grassy BALD tonight. Watching the sun set and
  cooking supper now. Haven't set up my tent yet But the sun is hidden
  behind some dark clouds now off in the west. If a storm comes thru
  tonight, I gonna get creamed.

  Had fun last night at Sawman's birthday party. We made up a shirt that
  says "Eat My Sawdust" :-)

  The moon is out now and I can see the lights of Erwin, TN twinkling
  below. HAH! The Boone's Creek Bunch just shoed up (they're locals and
  you can drive up here). Most likely they brought Beer! :-)

  Oh, my name's been changed back to:

  -- Guess that was before the BB incident ... --

04/30/93, Day 034, Mile 0351.1

   From TN, postmarked 5/3:

   4/30/93, Mile 351.1, Day 34
   Clydesmith Shelter, AT, TN

   Only 3 people here tonight but there's 18 not far behind. I always seem
   to luck out and stay between the big groups. Met Uphill Bill and Boston
   Andy. (AKA AROY@SARVX1.BU.EDU) ownder of the fastes first need in the
   east. :-) After my 3 day layover in Erwin, there's lots of people I
   haven't met yet who are close behind. I imagine I'll run into them all
   at Stalks cuz I have to stay there thru Monday so I can mail all that
   extra food that materialized there somewhere else. Only doing 11 miles
   tomorrow, and 10 the next day because of it. Good possibility to do some
   "yogiiing" on Roan, though.   --Gerry

   (Don't ask *me* about ' "yogiiing" on Roan' I can't read... -erik)

   Picture is of Azalea in bloom in the southern appalachian mountains.

05/02/93, Day 036, Mile 0380.8

This card made it to England quicker than some made it California!

   5/2/93, Mile 380.8, Day 36 (obscured by postmark so
   miles may be wrong)

   Stayin here at Stack's. Extremley windy day crossing
   the treeless balds but I enjoy the mountain weather.
   Pretty foggy as well couldn't see more than 20 feet
   away. Unfortunately the blazes were 60 feet apart.
   I've dropped my trail names again they just don't
   fit. Getting ready to push into Virginia. I might
   skip trail days just to keep ahead of the crowds.
   I'm here showering (not now dammit ! :-) and doing
   laundry. Elvis Presley stayed in room #7 here. Did a
   repair to my sandals and removed all four pockets
   from my pack trying to trim as much as I can.
   Weight doesn't bother me as much as other folks. Got
   shot in the butt by a BB gun walking down the road
   today - good ol' Tennessee :-(


   The postcard is from Stack's Roan Mountain Motel and
   restruant and the picture is a map of the AT with
   "I'm here" added. He still has an awful long way to

05/03/93, Day 037, Mile 0394.4

   5/3/93, Mile 394.4, Day 37
   Moreland Gap Shelter, AT, TN

   Finally got thru the hostile section of the AT.  There's been problems
   in this section over the last few years with booby traps on the trail,
   harassments in town (I got shot in the butt with a B-B gun), attacks
   by dogs, etc.  It's just a really redneck section.  The hike even
   sucked - cow pastures, lots of steep ups and downs, climbing over
   barbwire.  Found two old moonshine stills in the woods today.  Guess it's
   a heavy moonshine area here.  Pack weight down to 41 lbs with 5 days
   food.  Goal is to get underr 40 lbs with 7 days food.  I should have
   that by damascus.  I lost 26 lbs so far since starting.  I figure to
   lose 10 more.  - Gerry

   Postcard of people rafting from "USA Whitewater"

   Notice the signature - no "GA->ME" and no trail name.  Mmmmm.
   Thanks, ger !

05/04/93, Day 038, Mile 0412.8

       CARD: Beautiful photo of a wild turkey in flight.

       CAPTION: A wild turkey lifts into startled flight at slight sounds
       by the hidden camera.  Its brilliant colors are displayed only
       momentarily as this magnificant bird passes through a shaft o
       in the lush forest that is his home.


       5/4/93, mile 412.8, Day 38  Watauga Lake Shelter, AT, TN

       Rain'n day to day but clear and blue sky now.  18.4 mile day in 8.5
       hours.  21 and 18 mile days ahead the next two days into Damascus.
       Finally broke the 400 mile mark.  Awesome scenery thru Laurel Fork
       Gorge.  Sort of a tortuous gorge cut thru a fault line.  Nice hike
       nobody else around all day.  Climbed down into the bottom to check out
       the waterfalls.  The leaves are all out now and everything is vivid
       green outside the front of the shelter.  Saw a tree fall in the forest
       (and it did make noise. :-) ) Two days 'til Virginia!!!

05/05/93, Day 039, Mile 0433.5

   picture of a white water rafting trip, "Ride a wild river with one of
   the local rafting companies."

   5/5/93, mile 433.5     Double Springs Shelter, AT, TN

   21 mile day with an overflowed shelter, ten thru-hikers and also seven
   older feminist-type ladies camped nearby.  I caught up to a slower
   group and am camped up from the shelter.  18 miles into Damascus
   tomorrow and I intend to be up and out of here before the others are
   awake.  Probably going to take 2 days off to regroup myself, trim my
   pack weight and pick up a few items in town.  "Packmule" just showed
   up so there's eleven thru-hikers now. He's got his pack trimmed down
   to 65-70 pounds now B^)   Listening to the others gossip about other
   thru-hikers.  Kinda makes me glad that i'll blow past them soon,
   they're ok but I'm out here to get away from that kind of crap.

05/06/93, Day 040, Mile 0458.0

   5/6-7/93, Mile 458, Days 40-41
   Damascus, Virginia                Post Card

 |           Harriet            |
 |            Quimby            |
 | ROANOKE VA 240 05/08/93PM    |
 |            Pioneer           |
 |            Pilot             |
 |            USA Airmail       |
 |               50             |
[Name Edited for Privacy]
[As Well as Address]
IP13 9DD

   Came into town yesterday, 71 miles
   in 3.5 days. Damascus is a major mile-
   stone for thru-hikers and a super
   friendly town. Took the day off to
   regroup myself and trim my pack weight
   some more. Bought a lighter rain-
   coat. Mine is super heavy Alpine
   storm parka (my old one that is) and
   it's much too hot to hike in down
   south. Sitting in a local bar now
   drinking with some hikers and bikers
   (harley bikes, that is). Heading out
   tommorrow. Going thru some country
   with wild horses! Going to try to make
   it thru Virginia in 4-5 weeks (500+
   miles). I'm about 1/4 the way thru the
   trail now, at least difficulty wise.
   Ready to roll out again tommorrow.

   (Green Appalachian Trail card)

05/07/93, Day 041, Mile 0458.0

5/6-7/93, Mile 458, Days 40-41 Damascus, Virginia Post Card

 |           Harriet            |
 |            Quimby            |
 | ROANOKE VA 240 05/08/93PM    |
 |            Pioneer           |
 |            Pilot             |
 |            USA Airmail       |
 |               50             |
[Name Edited for Privacy]
[As Well as Address]
IP13 9DD

   Came into town yesterday, 71 miles
   in 3.5 days. Damascus is a major mile-
   stone for thru-hikers and a super
   friendly town. Took the day off to
   regroup myself and trim my pack weight|
   some more. Bought a lighter rain-
   coat. Mine is super heavy Alpine
   storm parka (my old one that is) and
   it's much too hot to hike in down
   south. Sitting in a local bar now
   drinking with some hikers and bikers
   (harley bikes, that is). Heading out
   tommorrow. Going thru some country
   with wild horses! Going to try to make
   it thru Virginia in 4-5 weeks (500+
   miles). I'm about 1/4 the way thru the
   trail now, at least difficulty wise.
   Ready to roll out again tommorrow.

   (Green Appalachian Trail card)

05/08/93, Day 042, Mile 0460.4

5/8/93, mile 460.4, day 42
Saunders Shelter, AT, VA
Hiked about 9.5 miles out of Damascus today.  Fairly easy climb despite
2000' plus elevation gain.  There's 11 people here, 8 of which are
hitch-hikers.  The first shelter after a major trail town is usually
full, but I usually pull a long day on the second day out of town so
I can hike between groups.  That way I can usually be guaranteed
space in a shelter and also the trail seems less crowded.  I put new
insoles in my boots so my feet practically danced up the trail today.
I'm doing an 18 mile day tomorrow up to Mt. Rogers.  There's a shelter
near the summit, hopefully there'll be views.  Doesn't matter though,
I'm still going to climb it.  It's the highest mountain in the state
and I'm not packing a summit chicken (tm) for nothing.  Birds a
*really* singing right now.  After 2 nights in Damascus, it sounds
very nice.  It's going to be tough readjusting to city life/noise after
the trail.

                                                   GA->ME '93

front of card:  sunrise over some Virginia mountains.

caption:  Nestled in silence, the early morning mist awaits the burning
warmth of sunrise in this serene setting in the mountains of Virginia.

05/09/93, Day 043, Mile 0479.2

       5/9/93 Mile 479.2 Day 43
       Thomas Knob Shelter, AT, VA

       Long hike--18.8 miles. Pretty much uphill all the way. Camped near
       the summit of Mt. Rogers, the highest in Virginia. There's wild horses
       and sometimes they come in and peek into the shelter. Nice sunny day

       today until an hour ago when a couple of thunder clouds materialized
       from nowhere and lambasted us for the last 45 minutes. 3rd night in a
       row thunderstorms built up locally here. Probably do another long day
       tomorrow. Supposed to have some of the most spectacular scenery in the
       southern Appalachians tomorrow as well as herds of wild horses. 2 deer
       behind the shelter tonight.      Moonshot

       Card says: Commonwealth of Virginia
       First English settlement in  North America--Jamestown 1607. State
       Carry Me Back To Old Virginia. Nicknames: Mother of Presidents & The
       Old Dominion, Statehood: June 25, 1788, Area--40,815 sq. miles. 1990
       population--over 6,000,000

       Front has a drawing of the state that says Greetings from Virginia
       the state flag, flower (dogwood), and state bird (cardinal) on it with
       a drawing of the state on it.

05/11/93, Day 045, Mile 0521.5

5/11/93, Mile 521.5, Day 45
Chatfield Shelter, AT, VA
19.2 miles today, these long days are getting to be easier, started taking
longer breaks mid day and that really helps my feet a lot.  Took today's
lunch break at Mr. Ranger's HQ.  Called Dominos to order a pizza and a salad.
It got there in 23 minutes.  Had another thuderstorm today.  That's 5 days
running now.  Still haven't really caught in one yet.  They don't last long
but they are quite violent.  Sitting 5 miles out of Atkins, VA.  Heading
to resupply & shower, etc. tomorrow.


The winter sun reflects the crystal composition of an early evening snowfall
framed through an arch of bent tree limbs.

05/12/93, Day 046, Mile 0526.1

  5/12/93, Mile 526.1, Day 46
  Village Motel, AT, VA


  Short day, did laundry, showered and re-supplied.  Staying
  at this motel tonight resting up from doing [25,75?] miles
  in 4 hiking days as well as the 90 mile stretch to Pearlsburg.
  My cheezy waterbag gave out so I have a new one waiting there
  as well as a new set of gaiters from "OR" because the ones
  I have are defective.  Raining really hard now and thunderstorms
  are expected for the next few days so I expect to get pretty wet.
  The shelters are pretty far apart so I'll have to do lots of wet


  The front of the postcard features 2 shots of the Village Motel
  & restaurant, which illustrates the simple beauty of, early 60's
  architecture.   It's easy to see why Ger is doing this trip ;-);-)
  An hand-drawn arrow points to the first room to the left of the
  Office, which I assume means this is where Ger got to shower and
  rest up.

05/13/93, Day 047, Mile 0539.9

   5/13/93, Mile 539.9, Day 47
   Knot Maul Shelter, AT, VA

   Passed the 1/4 mark today!!! Celebrated by packing in two beers.  On a
   six month pace but that's with taking 7 days off and also
   factoring in conditioning the next 1/4 should go by faster.  The
   rhododendrons should be blooming soon and the woods should be ablaze
   with the blossoms.  Trying to get the weather on the radio but all I
   can get is the usual evangelism, C+W, and, get this, Wheel of
   Fortune!?  How the hell do you play "WOF" on the radio?  I usually get
   NPR but not here for some reason.  Don't care to hear the news today
   anyways.  No weather but it surely looks like rain.



   Picture on the front of the Blue Ridge Mountains with a farmhouse.
   Caption talks about how the wilderness has been preserved.  Gerry
   notes the satellite dish at the farmhouse.  :-)

05/14/93, Day 048, Mile 0559.7

   5/14/93, mile 559.7, day 48

   Jenkins Shelter, AT, Va.

   Pretty tired today, started the day off with a 2000' climb up to an open
ridge.  Absolutely great views down into a farm valley. The afternoon portion
of the hike was almost 10 miles of up and down over a boulder strewn,
sawtooth ridge. My feet are lik

e raw hamburger tonight. You take the good with the bad, though still managed
to good time despite the battered feet and inaccurate maps. This  shelter
does have interesting psychedelic murals on the outhouse. Either that, or i'm
more tired than i thought

.    moonshot

   postmarked roanoke, va. 19may

   picture of new river, valley and rapids.
   caption: the wild and scenic new river, one of the world's oldest rivers,
   perhaps the oldest, winds its way north from north carolina into the
   mountains of virginia. it flows east of wytheville and pulaski, then
   radford, pearlsburg, and narrows and into west virginia.

5/15/93, Mile 574.0, Day 48

  Helveys Mills Shelter, AT, VA
  Boy, it just doesn't get better than this.  Today was *IT*.  Nothing
  special, just a nice relaxing day.  Left the last shelter late, took my own
  sweet time hiking, had a nice long afternoon siesta and I'm just kicking
  back to a nice campfire right now.  Some days I like  putting in the miles
  and some days, like today, and so relaxed and dreamlike I just float
  them.  I'll take one of these days any day, they make the whole trip
  worthwhile.  Saw a few deer, one not too far from the shelter.  Nice spot
  here: no view but there's a symphony of sound--birds singing to the sunset
  to my right, a pileated woodpecker banging on a hollow tree in front, and
  owls in the ravine to the left. -- *IT*

  The caption:  "Virginia Appalachian Sunrise -- A golden sun garcefully
  rises above the mountains, painting the sky vivid shades of red and yellow.
  Layers of early morning fog nestled in the valleys below await its burning
  warmth." (Can't add anything to that--describes the front photo perfectly)

05/16/93, Day 049, Mile 0596.8

      this one came in a couple of days ago...  postmark Roanoke VA on

      picture has a pretty shot of two backpakers walking along a split rail
      fence past a flowering rhododendron...  along the bottom it sez
      "Appalachian Trail along the Blue Ridge Mountains"...

      the back sez "the appalachina trail winds across the panoramic
      highlands of the shenandoah national park in the blue ridge
      mountains, taking the hiker along a popular 95 mile segment that
      closely parallels the entire length of the skyline drive.  Beautiful
      blooming rhododenron and delicate wildflowers greet the early summer
      trekkers pictured here."

      it also sez the at is 2135 miles from Maine to Georgia...  Ger has
      crossed it out and replaced it with "2,147.3 miles DAMMIT!"

5/16/93 Mile 596.8 Day 49

Wapiti Shelter, AT, VA

      "Nice 23 mile day today. Packed in a couple of pints of beer from the
      store down below.  Life is good, I'm relaxed.  Saw 5 deer since getting
      here.  I guess that's why they call it "wapiti shelter."  Nice swimming
      hole but we're inthe midst of our daily thunderstorm and i don't feel
      like taunting higher deities by doing the backstroke in the pond when
      they have lightning bolts at thier disposal.  There's only 2 of us
      here.  I guess if I keep up the big miles I can keep ahead of the
      pack of hikers not far behind.  There's a bazillion screech owls here.
      They need to *RELAX*!  :^)    Moonshot"

05/17/93, Day 050, Mile 0610.5

   picture:  New River Valley, Virginia

   blurb:  The wild and scenic New River, one of the world's oldest rivers,
   and perhaps the oldest, winds its way north from North Carolina into
   the mountains of Virginia.  It flows east of Wytheville and Pulaski,
   then through Radford, Pearisburg, and Narrows and into West Virginia.

5/17/93 mile 610.5 day 50

 Camped on ledge on Pearis Mtn., AT, VA

   Mice chewed through the ankle of one leg of my rainpants last night.
   Two holes about the size of a quarter.  I never heard of mice eating
   Gore-tex before.  Patched them up, not really a show stopper, but I'm
   ticked off.  Camped in a nice spot on a ledge overlooking the valley
   on the reverse of this card.  I'm about 2 miles out of Pearisburg where
   I'll take the day off tomorrow for laundry, shower, and resupply.
   I'm going to call Marmot about getting my pants repaired also, they
   might send me a loaner pair while mine get fixed.  Anyways, after 90
   miles in 5 days, I need a rest.    Moonshot

05/18/93, Day 051, Mile 0613.0

      just card w/ map of AT on front w/ "I AM Here--->" written on
      it, back of card is crossed off, did read Stacks Roan Mt. Motel and
      Restaurant and in place reads "I'm not here anymore but this is where
      got shot." card itself reads:

      5/18/93 mile 613.0 day 51
      plaza motel, pearisburg? VA

      It's a rest chore day. Pleasant town and the residents are friendly,
      but I may have a tough time sleeping in a bed with city type noises
      going on. Not that this is a big city, pop. 2500. Cut all my hair off
      as well as my beard (kept the moustache) Hair's about 1/2 inch long
      now. Needed it. Too uncomfortable hiking 18-20 miles a day with long
      hair. Many of the women I've met (thru-hikers) have cut their hair even
      shorter than that. Got heavy rain coming for the next few days. :-(
      Had my summer sleeping bag sent here so my pack is now even lighter. So
      far have been able to keep stuff dry. Some folks still have problems
      with that :-)

05/19/93, Day 052, Mile 0617.0

 5/19/93, Mile 617.0 (or something like that) Day 52, non-descript
 campsite, Peter's Mtn. AT, VA

 Hiked just 4 miles out of town today (ie Pearisburg).  It's rainy and we're
 the only 2 idiots who left today.  So I'm  cooped up in my tent, cooking
 dinner and writing letters.  There'll be a lot of people leaving tomorrow
 so it's good to be a little bit ahead.  The 2700' climb up will slow 'em
 down a little. :-)  Left without an eating utensil for the next 5-6 days.
 :-(  Don't have much to make a spoon with.  Maybe cut a film can in half
 and attach it to a stick with a bandage :-/  The rain stopped, time to
 stretch my legs.

 (No rain, no Maine)  Mmonshot  GA -> ME '93

 PS - The AT has been going thru lots of cow pastures since I hit Virginia.

 PPS - Made an eating utensil from parts of the plastic microscope I got in
 Captain Crunch (with Crunchberries :-).  It'll have to do.

05/20/93, Day 053, Mile 0635.9

   5/20/93, mile 635.9, day 53
   bailey gap shelter, at, va
   19 mile day today.  hiked partly in west virginia along the border on the
   ridge.  pretty cold all day and getting colder now as the sun goes down.
   and i sent my warm sleeping bag home, too.  at least i can't freeze my
   asss off cuz there ain't much left to it after hiking 636 miles. :-)
   hiking between groups again - lots of folks behind not too much people
   ahead.  didn't see anyone all day.  had afun 1700' climb up to the
   shelter to end the day.  dropped off the ridge on the other side of the
   road via 52 bazillion  switchbacks at about a 2% grade only to climb
   back up on this side wiht _no_ switchbacks.  typical day :-/

                                   moonshot, GA->ME

   (postmark undecipherable)

   OBVERSE:  Appalachian Trial (map), with a penned in "I AM HERE", arrow
   pointing to just S of Roanoke, sort of where Jefferson Nat. Forest ends
   and George Washington Nat. Forest begins.  Don't know if it was
   significant, but he pointed to the W side of the trail.

05/21/93, Day 054, Mile 0649.8

   Handwritten Note
   5/21/93, Mile 649.8, Day 54
   Laurel Creek Shelter, AT, VA

   14 mile day.  Thought the group out of Pearlsburg would catch up but they
   never made it past the last shelter.  As a result there's 4 of us here and
   ten at the last one.  Tomorrow is a distance day for me so I'll be able to
   keep a day away from two big groups ahead and behind.  It's not that I'm
   unsociable but I just think that 10-12 people at a shelter is a bit too
   much.  The terrain has been weird.  I've been heading northeast and seem
   to be crossing perpendicular to a series of parallel ridges.  So there's
   a lot of steep up and down lately.  Another cold night tonight.  Hoping
   for warm weather soon.
                                                        Moon Shot
   Printed Note
   Love from Virginia

   Blue Ridge Mountains; Manassas National Battlefield Park; The Cascades;
   Virginia Beach

   Front of Card
   Pictured the above-described scenery inside each of the letters of LOVE.

05/22/93, Day 055, Mile 0672.5

   Postcard is a map of the AT with "I am here" written in near Roanoke.

   5/22/93, Mile 672.5, Day 55

   Campsite near Pickle Branch Shelter, AT, VA

   23 mile day - 3 ridge cuts, 2 ridge runs and lots of rocks.
   Put some distance between us and the big group behind only
   to catch up with "Little John" and "Revie" - the 2 worse snorers
   out on the trail. So we camped in a great campsite on a stream
   just behind the shelter. Got to hand it to the Roanoke ATC trail
   maintainers. They did some nice work on an otherwise grueling
   section. Passed the site where Audie Murphy died in a plane crash.


05/23/93, Day 056, Mile 0686.1

   Mailed 5/26 Roanoke, VA
   5/23/93, mile 686.1, Day 56
   Campsite near catawba Mtn. Shelter AT, VA

   Great hiking day (14 miles). Yogi'd coffee in the morning from the train
   maintainer and beer in the afternoon in a parking lot. (Gave it away to
   "Pilgrim", I had 2 in my pack :-). Awesome views from Dragon's Tooth.
   Beautiful hike as well (14 mile days usualy are kinda lax :-). Hit a
   store for  lunch for sandwiches, beer & ice cream. Then packed up beer and
   chili dog fixin's for supper. Life is good (after living in the woods for
   months, I'm easy to please :-). Watched two deer eating a late afternoon
   meal near the spring for a while. Saw another in a cow pasture. Saw a
   Brazillion lizard Dragon's Tooth. I think they were chameleons.

   Moon Shot

   written on a 3-1/2 x 7-1/2 green map of the Applachian Trail

05/24/93, Day 057, Mile 0699.7

   Mile 699.7, Day 57, Hayrock, VA. Dated 5/24, mailed 5/26.

   Old Rag Mountain, Skyline Drive, VA
   (picture of deep rolling hills of virginny)

   Caption: Located near milepost 46, just east of Skyland tourist center,
   Old Rag Mountain rises to an elevation of 3,268'. [snide left-coast
   comment: 3K feet makes a mountain? :-)] Even though Old Rag is
   considered a part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenendoah
   National Park, its peak lies several miles east of the main ridge.

   Front: Most of the Blue Ridge slopes have a mantle of soil and are
   wooded to the top, but Old Rag is an exception. Along its rugged ridge
   line is much bare rock on which only lichens grow. A favorite
   destination for experienced hikers, Old Rag's summit requires energetic
   rock scrambling but reward with magnificent vistas. Cone-shaped
   Robertson Mountain stands in front of Old Rag.

   Gerry's words: Gave moonshot the day off today. Just felt like letting
   rambozo have a turn. Life's too short to have only one trailname. :-)
   One of the best days yet. Superb views from McAfee Knob, even better
   views from Tinker Cliffs, plus a bit of "Trail Magic" (TM) -- beer,
   soda, and treats lefts for thru-hikers at Campbell shelter by a former
   thru-hiker. Ended up camping near Hay Rock -- neat rock formation just
   outside of town. Just a *real good* day. Besides, any day that someone
   else inadvertently carries your rubber chicken can't be bad. :-)

05/26/93, Day 059, Mile 0714.8

   Virginia, Enchanted Forest.

   Virginia abounds with many inviting state, regional and national park and
   forest recreational areas.  Getting back to nature is easy in Virginia.
   Pictured here is an early morning setting in the George Washinton National

   Card Postmarked June 1, 1993, Tryo, Va.

   5/26/93, Mile 714.8, Day 60
   Wilson Creek Shelter., AT, VA

   Appropriately enough, I'm at the 1/3 mark on day 60.  That balances out to
   a 6 month pace although I should finish sooner. Only three of us here and
   we're only a couple shelters north of town. Some stayed in town for
   day of AYCE restaurants, others headed to the third shelter out. Me, with
   days food, am happy to stay here.  I do hate days when I hike less than 15
   miles though but will make it up hiking 20 tomorrow. Besides, I need to
   some letter writing done and I just can't seem to do that in town.

   Moonshot, GA->ME '93

05/27/93, Day 060, Mile 0734.4

   5/27/93 Mile 734.4, Day 60
   Bryant Ridge Shelter, AT, VA
   20 miler today. Crossed the Blue Ridge Parkway for the first of
   many times. Yogi potential was low. Not a lot of tourists out
   yet.  Should be out in droves this weekend.  Ran into "LOWRIDER"
   for the first time in a month.  He flip-flopped up to Waynesboro
   and hiked south after traildays.  We're trying to find a Steely Dan
   tour schedule to see if they're playing close by. Awesome shelter,
   brand new, probably sleeps 30, has four levels.

           PEAKS OF OTTER
       Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia
   The famous twin peaks at 4,000' eleveation, near milepost 86 along the
   Blue Ridge Parkway, overlook Bedford, Virginia.  A boulder from atop the
   peaks was place in Washington, D.C. in the Washington Monument in-
   scribed "From Virginia's loftiest peak to Virginia's noblest son".

   "Saw this view today. Photo is reversed you'll have to use a mirror
   to view it properly. :-) "

05/29/93, Day 062, Mile 0770.0

       A picture of mountains, mist, and trees.  Shenandoah -- the mystical
       name conjures up thoughts of peace and the desire to discover secrets
       long forgotten.  Virginia's Shenandoah National Park has nearly 280
       square miles of land set aside that allows travelers to make new
       discoveries about their world, while running the rapids of the
       Shenandoah River allows canoeists to make new discoveries about

       5/29/93, mile 770.0, day 62
       Punchbowl Shelter, AT, VA

       19 AT miles today.  Add the 2.5 mile worng turn and that made for an
       impromptu 21.5 day.  The turn wasn't marked and I just kept on going
       straight up the mountain until I ran out of trail.  :-/  Took 3 dips
       today.  It was pretty hot out.  Camped out next to the shelter by a
       pond full of 3 kinds of frogs.  And boy are they LOUD.  Sounds kind of
       cool, though.  The shelter is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of
       "Little Ottie."  No sign of him yet.  Can't hear him over the frogs
       anyways.  :-)

       GA -> ME '93

05/30/93, Day 063, Mile 0784.5

   mailed 1 june 1993

   5/30/93 mile 784.5, day 63
   Cow Camp Gap Shelter, AT, VA

   Had a most excellent birthday today.  Met a woman just before leaving
   Punchbowl Shelter who slackpacked myself, Acid and Sherpani 12 miles
   to US 60 and she gave me a 6-pack of beer, hotdogs, Snickers and cake
   when we picked up our packs again.  Now that's what I call "Trail
   Magic"!  I should probably thank my Guardian Bozo (TM) for today.
   After all it was his birthday too! B^)  Thanks to Phyliss for the
   present.  I shared it with my fellow slackpackers.
                                                   == Moonshot

   One of Virginia's many beautiful waterfalls, Crabtree Falls can be
   found off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the George Washington National

   picture of a pastoral wooded scene with Crabtree Falls gurgling down
   the cliffs.

05/31/93, Day 064, Mile 0800.8

   postmarked Jun 1, 1993, Tyro VA...

   5/31/93, Mile 800.8, day 64, The Priest Shelter, AT, VA

   16.4 mile day.  Passed the 800 mile mark today.  Pretty easy day for me
   today.  Some of the others had a tough day, though.  That's how it seems
   to go.  Here with Acid, Sheupani (yargh, I need the Ger decryption
   system..%^), Uphill Bill, Cronut (yargh again...), Mudpuppy and Beam.
   There's also a Secret Service Agent and an IRS Special Agent here who are
   out hiking for a few days.  They stayed with us last night also but it
   took them 3 more hours to get here :-)  They're OK for federal agents :-)

   Postcard:  The Devil's Backbone, at Blue Ridge Parkway milestone 143.9, is
   a knife-like rock spur jutting between Pine Spur and the Overlook.  Only
   a few trees and shrubs maintain a perilous hold along the spine of the  
   On the right is Grassy Hill, hiding the growing town of Rocky Mount, Va.,
   and on the left is Cahas Knob, while straight away is the long view of the
   Blackwater Valley.

   Such beautiful country....

06/01/93, Day 065, Mile 0814.4

   got this from Ger a few days ago.  The front is an amazing picture of..
   nothing.  (plain white postal card)

    6/1/93, Mile 814.4, Xxxxx'x Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, VA
    Day 65

    14 mile day but headed into the hamlet of Tyro for a short term
resupply and to call Gregory for a new pack harness.  The old one is a 
little flat in the padding.  It turns out that the store just got a
shipment of Ben & Jerry's so I pigged out on some Cherry Garcia.  I 
wish I could get that more often because I flew up the 2500' climb 
out of the valley in no time.
    When I got to Maupin Field Shelter I decided to head down to "xxx
xxxxxx". I'm glad I did.  Within 5 minutes of arriving, I was photographed
for the '93 thru-hiker mural, fed 2 plates of food and handed a cold beer. 
This place is the coolest thru-hiker hang out on the trail.  I'll probably
hang out for a couple of days off.  I haven't had a full day off for over
500 miles.

06/02/93, Day 066, Mile 0832.8

    plain-vanilla postcard, postmarked Charlottesville VA
    229 PM 09 JUN 1993
    6/21/93, MIle 832.8, Day 66, Xxxxx'x Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, VA
    Slackpacked today.  Got left off at Rockfish Gap and
    hiked the 21 miles back to here.  So much for a day off,
    but at least I slackpacked.  Took a cold shower (there's
    no electricity here), ate more good food and partied in
    the wood-fired hot tub with "Hippy Dad", Cindy, and "Soley"
    of the "She-Wolves".  Doesn't get any better.  Opened up
    my birthday presents & shot off all the fireworks I got.
    (Thanks, I think, for the "Inflatable Trail Companion" It
    seems to have found a home here).  There's lots to do here,
    darts, skeet shooting, ping pong.  It's a through hiker only
    hangout although Xxxxx lets a few long distance cyclists
    stay here as well.  It's the kind of place you want to
    come back to, and it'll be tough to leave.  Some of
    the thru-hikers have been here more than a week. :-)

06/03/93, Day 067, Mile 0832.8

    6/3/93 mile 832.8, Day 67, Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, VA
    (photo: whiteout. must have been snowing 8^)
    This is the first of my two days off. It'll be my 3rd night at Xxxxx'x
but I hiked the other two days.  Went to town to drop off my Limmers at the
cobblers.  The soles are starting to separate at the toes.  Having my water 
bottle holder sewed as well.  Went to the outfitters to pick up my shoulder 
harness but gregory sent out the wrong ones.  You'd think that they'd know
what the heck a "classic cassin" is since they made them for over 16
years, but they keep sending parts for 1993 model packs.

    Spent the day doing general maintenance things on my gear as well as
hand washing all of my clothes.  This place, rustic as it is, is always
home to through-hikers. Xxxxx has even provided in his will to keep this
place for hikers after he's gone.

06/05/93, Day 069, Mile 0839.8

   Postmark: Charlottesville, VA, 9 June 1993    Stamp: Bambi
   Front: "Old Rag Mountain"  lovely autumn vista in foreground, mountain in
          profile, with blue sky and a few puffy clouds.
   Caption: Old Rag View Overlook, elevation 3,585 feet, milepost 46.5.  The
      profile of Old Rag Mountain is one of the most recognizable Mountains
      in the Shenandoah National Park.  Across the road at the North end of
      the overlook is a single Yucca, which may be the only one in the Park.
      It sends up a flower stalk every four or five years.
   6/5/93, Mile 839.8, Day 69
   Calf Mountain Shelter, AT, VA

   Killer thunderstorm last night.  Sat on the porch in the hollow watching
   the lightning flash everywhere.  One of the best lightshows I've seen
   yet.  Not much sleep last night.  Didn't start hiking until 2:00 today
   and only did 7 miles. Really enjoyed the two days off.  I really needed
   it. The new pack harness Gregory sent really makes a difference in
   comfort. The boot repair didn't last.  It's already coming apart.
   Hoping to make it to Harper's Ferry.  Hopefully my spare boots are
   re-soled and waiting for me.      - Moonshot

06/06/93, Day 070, Mile 0860.2

Postcard pictures 'Sharp Top Mt.', El. 3875 ft. and
'Flat Top Mt.', El. 4001 ft.

06/06/93, Day 070, Mile 0860.2
Loft Mountain Campground,  AT, VA

Well, the thing I feared the second-most happened.  My spare
boots did not get fixed and I realy need them BADLY.  I'll
have to have them sent down as is and hope that they'll make
it until my Limmers get fixed.  Hopefully I don't hurt my
Limmers beyond the point where the can be repaired, and
hopefully my spare, unrepaired boots make it to Harper's
Ferry before I do.  As you can tell, I'm *NOT* a happy camper.


P.S.  4 deer outside my tent right now.

06/08/93, Day 072, Mile 0894.8

   6/8/93, Mile 894.8, Day 72, Big Meadows C.G., SNP, AT, VA
   (USPS postcard, no picture)

   Another killer thunderstorm last night. We got an early start because
   of the high humidity (I've been hiking with Bigfoot the last couple of
   days). Managed to put in 20 miles but the humidity was killer. I've
   never sweat that much in my life. Easily dropped 8 pounds in sweat
   today alone. (Gained it back by chugging 1/2 gallon of water when I
   got here). Believe me, hiking and sweating like this every day, you
   lose _pounds_ of water that needs to be replenished. Took a _HOT!_
   shower for the first time in 2 weeks and could barely walk out of the
   stall due to being too relaxed. Ate a huge prime rib for dinner at the
   lodge. Really needed _that._ Then went to the taproom where a
   couple bought us 4 beers. A "Yogi" is a nice way to end the day. Cool
   and breezy now. All my stuff is dry!! Moonshot

06/09/93, Day 073, Mile 0913.3

   Plain white USPS prestamped postcard. Postmarked 11 June, Charlottesville

   6.9.93, Mile 913.3, Day 73. Pass Mt. Hut, SNP, AT VA.

   18.5 mile day. Caught up with seven folks today, left five behind
   Managed yet again to pull into a shelter before the thunderstorm hit.
   There's a deer 20 feet in front of the shelter right now. Make that 4 feet
   away. Had a big lunch in Skyland today and a big dinner at Panorama. A
   welcome change over the usual fare. Got 2 short 13-14 mile days comming
   up into Front Royal, where I'll take 1/2 day off for shower/laundrey
   A bad tick problem here. I pulled two off and everyone else had at least
   The stretch ahead is rumored to have the worst ticks on the trail. It
   by the national zoo compound. I'm hoping to see some exotic animals along
   the fence. Haven't seen a bear yet, but Bigfoot saw 4 in the last 2 days.
   Lots of bear scat around though.


06/10/93, Day 074, Mile 0925.4

   Plain white generic post card, postmarked 19 JUN 1993 from Martinsburg, WV

   6/10/93, Mile 925.4, Day 74, Gravel Springs Hut, SNP, AT, VA


   13 mile day, major zollygagging with a 3 hour lunch at
   Elkwallow Wayside.  It was either do 26 miles or 13 miles.
   I opted for 13.  No sense in killing myself since I'll be
   in Front Royal tomorrow anywas.  The difference being getting
   into town early in the morning or late morning.  There's no
   place to camp legally here in the SNP.  Just finished reading
   "Rising Sun".  You can't believe how hard it is to find books
   out here.  I haven't seen a bookstore since leaving home.  Maybe
   I can get another book in Front Royal.  Doubt there's a bookstore
   there though.  I refuse to stoop to reading western's or romance
   novels.  :-(  It's also tough to find one small enough and light
   enough to pack.
                                           Moonshot   (over ->)

   PS - There's a wood rat in the shelter and
   it cleared 4 people out. :-) There's probably
   been one in every shelter since springer but
   the mere sight of one makes people flee. :-)
   I'm the only one left (where the rat is). I'll
   probably move down below, there's plenty of room,
   now. :-) It's up here near me. Not a very threatening
   creature. Nothing to lose sleep over. (Now I know how
   to clear space in a shelter real quick :-)

06/11/93, Day 075, Mile 0939.9

    Generic white postcard, postmarked 6/16... place off edge of card.

   6/11/93, Mile 939.9, Day 75, Center City Motel, Front Royal, VA

   Finally out of the Shenandoah.  Crossing Skyline Drive
   5 times a day was a real drag.  In Front Royal to resupply,
   do laundry and call limmer to get the scoop on fixing
   my boots.  Had Chinese food for the first time (lunch)
   on the trip, seafood for the first time (boiled, spiced shrimp
   and salmon for dinner).  Also had my first local microbrew
   (Koelich[sp] maerzen, a washington DC beer brewed in Utica, NY)
   Although it was light bodied for a Maerzen, it was nice to
   have something with some damn hops in it for a
   change (so I had six of them :-).  Watched the Bosox get
   whomped 17-2 by the Orioles.  Some things never
   change.  Only 3 more days and I'll be thru VA.  In less
   than a week, I'll be thru WV and MD as well

                                        Moon Shot
                                        GA > ME '93

06/12/93, Day 076, Mile 0945.2

   6/12/93, Mile 945.2, Day 76
   Denton Shelter, AT, VA

   Well, didn't get too far out of town today--only 5.3 miles.  Nice spot
   here, decided to stay.  It's a shelter with a patio, picnic pavillion,
   bench and a spring-fed shower.  Been here a couple of hours and there's
   no one else around, so I'm just hanging out reading "Congo" by Michael
   Chichton and plotting out how to make up the time I'm spending here by
   lollygagging... :-)  Passed the National Zoological Society's compound,
   kinda neat seeing African varmints along the A.T.  The signs says
   "Trespassers will be eaten!" :-)

   Postcard depicts 12 "wildflowers of the Blue Ridge."

06/13/93, Day 077, Mile 0964.3

   Rod Hollow Shelter, AT, VA
   6/13/93, Mile 964.3, Day 77

   Spent the day lollygagging on a 19 mile hike.  Took two hour long
   breaks plus another hour and a half for supper at papa nicks, a
   roadhouse near the trail.  Ate lasagna, beer, milkshake, and a 3-scoop,
   3-cake strawberry shortcake before crawling up the last 3.5 miles
   to the shelter.  Evidence of bears here, but they seem to be
   everywhere these days.

   GA->ME '93

   Front of card says "Appalachian Trail along the Blue Ridge Mountains"
   Picture of rhododendron with hikers heading down the path.

06/14/93, Day 078, Mile 0981.8

           Wildflowers Of The Blue Ridge
      [lots of nice pictures of flowers, including a very
       pleasing one of a 5 pointed ref flower.]

     Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge

     Black-eyed Susan, Fire Pink, Phlox,
     Bull Thistle, Turk's Cap Lily, Columbine,
     Great Mullein, Butterfly Weed, Flame Azalea,
     Small Red Morning Glory, Chicory, Trumpet Vine

   6/14/93, Mile 981.8, Day 78

   Blackburn AT Center, AT, VA

   Only did 17 miles today but that
   included 17 ascents and 17 descents
   in that distance. I was beginning
   to get FLASHBACKS of Georgia :-)
   Pretty rugged section although
   we weren't at very high elevations.
   Stayed here at the Blackburn
   AT Center--A house with a big screened
   in porch, a cabin, campsites, hiker's
   hostel and a solar-panel heated
   shower that's free for Thru-
   Hikers. Great Place! Only 11.8
   miles before I'm done with
   Virginia. Should be in pennsylvania
   by the end of the week.


06/15/93, Day 079, Mile 0993.6

       This is going in late but better than never.

       Post marked Jun 28, 1993

       This is a photo not a postcard.  View of a very nice stream with
       whitewater.  Knarly granite walls form a cool looking cliff.  Lots of
       greenery.  Laurel Fork Gorge, AT, TN

       6/15/93 Mile 993.6  Day 79 Harper's Ferry, WVA

       Hiked 12 miles into Harper's Ferry to the ATC Headquarters.  Got
       photographed for the archives and weighed.  I lost 35 pounds and my
       pack (without food and water and fuel) weighs 32lbs.  So basically I
       weigh less *with* my pack than I did when I started. (Until I put
       etc. in it.)  Realistically though my back & knees know the weight is
       there.  Staying at a hotel on a cliff overlooking the Potomac.  First
       night to myself since I started.

       GA -> ME '93

06/16/93, Day 080, Mile 0995.6

   photo of an old farm near helvey's mill, at
   6/16/93  mile 995.6, day 80, sandy hook, md.

   hiked a whole 1.5 miles today, seems reasonable
   to me B^)  after all, i *did* finish up west virginia.
   the rumor is that only 800 started the at this year.
   most are behind me (i'm in the front
   70-80 hikers). pack's pretty heavy
   now that i resupplied for 7 days --
   that's 4000 calories of food per day.
   they say that's twice the calories a marathoner burns during a race.
   that's the equivalent energy of
   running 2 marathons a day, or about
   330 marathons in the 5 1/2 months
   it'll take me to do  the trip.  YIKES!!
   (or should i say ``har!'' B^)
   of course, today i expended the total energy
   of watching a marathon on tv B^)

                                   moon shot

06/17/93, Day 081, Mile 1011.3

   From ger, received several days ago, postmarked 6/28 Harrisburg, PA:

   (written by ger on back of photo): Photo: Helvey's Mill (on left),
   Kimberling Creek, AT, VA

   6/17/93, mile 1011.3, Day 81, Dahlgeen Campsite, AT, MD

   Passed to 1000 mile mark today !  Hikes 17 miles up from the
   potomac.  Staying here at a state run back packers campsite with
   HOT! showers - that's *4* showers in *one* week !  The previous
   average was one shower per week (am I hygenically correct, yet ?  :-)
   Lots of historical significance on the trail today.  Civil war
   trenches, battlegrounds etc.  Also hikes on the C&O Canal towpath
   for a while as well.  It's pretty interesting to travel the same routes
   as the armies and to look out over the same views that the generals

   Thanks, ger !

06/18/93, Day 082, Mile 01034.4

   Note:  ger sent me a photo, not a postcard, and the PO didn't damage
   the front!

   Photo: Laurel Falls, Laurel Fork Gorge, AT, TN (some falls among trees)

   6/18/93, Mile 1034.4, Day 82, Penmr (?), MD, AT

   "Hiked 22 miles in 90^ temps, in 98% humidity.  Remind me not to do
   _that_ again. :-( Summer's just about here and I got to save the high
   milage (sic) days for the cool days.  Got sodas from someone at the park
   and Mr. Ranger said we can bivvy in thee pic-a-nic shelter after dark.
   Met two pretty local gals and they brought us into town for Ben & Jerry's.
   They hung out with us for a while after the park closed and asid they'd
   meet us tomorrow at our next shelter and cook dinner and bring us beers.
   I'm really starting to get used to this thru-hiker thang. :-)


06/19/93, Day 083, Mile 1042.4

   6/19/93, Mile 1042.4, Day 83
   Tumbling Run Shelter, AT, PA
   (Postmarked 6/28/93)

   Front: "Appalachian Trail along the Blue Ridge Mountains" -- pic of a
   green hillside, covered with trees.  There is a beautiful rhododendron
   bush in full bloom in the foreground, and a wooden fence coming out
   behind it.  Two thru-hikers can be seen beside the fence.

   "Major lolly gagging today.  Only hiked 7.8 miles.  It was hot, humid
   and in the 90's, but I took 3 dips to cool off.  Despite a late afternoon
   thunderstorm, the ladies we met last night did indeed show up here
   tonight bearing two pizzas and an ice cold case of Rolling Rock longnecks
   welcome to PA!!  Nothing can make a thru-hiker lollygag quite like two
   pretty women bearing beer _and_ food!  We promptly dubbed them "the
   beer goddesses" and they are 2 of the most wonderful, together people
   I've met so far on my trip.  Nothing brightens up a thru-hiker's day
   like trail magic.  I'll never forget them.


   Back caption: The Appalachian Trail winds across the panoramic highlands
   of the Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains, taking the
   hiker along a popular 95 mile segment that closely parallels the entire
   length of the Skyline Drive.  Beautiful blooming rhododendron and
   delicate wildflowers greet the early-summer trekkers pictured here.

06/20/93, Day 084, Mile 1054.3

   Photo of wild ponies, including a foal, Grayson Highlands, Virginia
   6/20/93, Mile 1054.3, Day 84 (Boy, that took a long time to get here!)

   "Another hot and humid day. Hiked 10 miles in just under 3 hours to
   go to the public pool at Caledonia State Park and spent the afternoon
   basking at poolside with my thru'-hikers's tan - white ankles, white
   belly, white back. The pool was great. This is the cleanest I`ve been
   in weeks :-/ Still trying to kill time so that I end up in Duncannon
   on Thursday, and thanks to the "beer goddesses" and the day at the pool,
   everything will time out nicely. Hiked another 2.5 miles and just
   managed to find a campsite and set up my tent before the thunderstorm
   hit. Moonshot"

06/21/93, Day 085, Mile 1071.7

       photo: Farmland At, VA
       6/21/93, 1071.7, day 85 Pine Grove, Pa (postmark Harrisburg PA)

       "An easy 17 mile day, fairly level terrain, only took 5.5 hours.
       Staying at the Ironmaster Hostel, an old mansion built in 1827. Just
       beat another storm logging in. Spent 1/2 hour in the jaccuzi to
       celebrate the 1.2 way point (still got another 1.5 miles to go though)
       Bought some glue for my boots but don't think it will work. The soles
       are too far gone. So I'll guess I'll have to flap my way for another
       193 miles until I can pick up my spare boots (they are in worse shape)
       in New Jersey. Most folks are on their second pair of boots now. Not
       though by the time I send mine to Limmer (NJ) and get them back, I'll
       be in COnn. :-( :-( :-(

06/22/93, Day 086, Mile 1054.3

   Arrived earlier in the week - a photograph.

   "Photo: Watauga Lake, AT, TN"

   "Boiling Springs, AT, PA, 6/22/93, Mile 1054.3 Day 86"

   "Passed the 1/2 way point toady! Celebrated by
   eating 1/2 gallon of ice cream during lunch at a
   general store. Finally found an empty spot to leave
   the register I've been carrying snce Waynesboro - in
   the 1/2 way register box. Probably the best location
   to leave one. Hopefully, someone will mail it back
   to me when it is full. Finally passed of the
   blueridge mountains that I've been following since
   springer. Went to a tavern built in the 1700's for
   beer and food. Turned out that the had 2
   microbrews that I've never had before, nice way
   to end a great day"


06/23/93, Day 087, Mile 1106.4

   Scribed on the back of a 3x5 photo:

   Darlington Shelter, AT, PA. 6.23.93 Mile 1106.4, Day 87.

   Photo: Wild ponies and the Cheerios [the two hikers pictured i'll assume]
   Grayson Highlands, AT, VA.

   15 mile day today that felt like 5. Hiked thru the Cumberland valley,
   and I'm up in the ridges that'll take me into NJ. Passed by a house
   with two women out mowing the lawn and they waved me over for a cold
   microbrew. Turned out to be an ATC house for trail workers. Except for
   Bigfoot, everyone I've hiked with so far is behind me now. Perhaps by
   taking 3 days off in D.C. they'll catch up. That'll be great because
   there's some fun people back there. I don't feel a need to take those
   days off, but I haven't seen any of my friends since I started so it'll
   be great seeing them.


06/24/93, Day 088, Mile 1117.8

   6/24/93 Mile 1117.8 Day 88
   The Doyle Hotel, Duncannon, PA
   Got my first taste of the infamous Pennsylvania rocks
   today.  Not bad actually, just slow and tedious
   getting through them.  Had a run-in with a "HUGE"
   rattlesnake.  Biggest one I've ever seen.  He had
   2 inches of rattle on him.  Spent the rest of the
   afternoon doing laundry and trying to figure out
   how to get to D.C. tomorrow.  Spent the evening
   drinking 60 cent Yeungling dark drafts at the
   Doyle - a threw (sic) hiker institution.  Just
   another run down cheezy, $10 hotel room.  It's
   got character, I've gotta give it that much.


   The front of the postcard has a picture of Pennsylvania
   with the magor cities and highways labeled, and a picture
   of the state bird (Ruffed Grouse), state flag and state
   flower (Mountain Laurel).  I grew up in PA, so this
   picture post card is *it* for me!

06/25/93, Day 089, Mile 1117.8

   postcard is a sunset shot of the Lincoln Memorial in DC

   6/25/93, mile 1117.8, day 89
   Washington, DC

   Zero milage day (trailwise) as I went to DC for the weekend
   for the Dead shows, sightseeing, and to visit friends.
   Hitched to Harrisburg to take the bus in, but when I got there,
   the bus was ready to leave and the driver wouldn't wait.
   Another driver told me to get on his bus and we headed the first
   bus off at the pass so I was able to make it after all.  The show
   was a welcome change although I was a bit overwhelmed by culture
   shock after being in the woods for 3 months. Ran into quite a few
   people I knew.


06/26/93, Day 090, Mile 1117.8

   6/26/93, Mile 1117.8, Day 90, Wash, DC

   Did some sightseeing in DC today.  Visited the Lincoln Memorial, the
   Wall and the Air and Space Museum.  had an excellent lunch at the Omni
   Hotel and spent another night a tthe RFK Dead shows.  Decided to ride in
   to the show with REB just to add some excitement to my stay in DC.  I
   must say he didn't let me down. [ must've been a "RENTAL" :-) sn]  I've
   never seen a traffic ticket before for "driving thru a barricade". :-)
   Had good fun at  the shows, but I'm itching to hike.


   Postcard is a Smithsonian Inst. special, of the National Air and Space
   Museum, an aerial shot, of course :-)!

06/27/93, Day 091, Mile 1117.8

   6/27/93, mile 1117.8, day 91
   The Doyle, AT, Duncannon, PA
   Back at the Doyle after Big Fun in D.C.  Got some catching up to do as I
   lost 3 hiking days, but that's not a big deal.  Going to try for my first
   30 tomorrow but it's in one of the infamous PA rocks sections.  We'll see.
   I'm psyched and ready to hike but the rocks'll be a challenge.  I'm not
   about to let the rocks psyche me out, but this probably isn't the sanest
   section to try to pull a 30 mile day.  Nevertheless, I'm ready ro rock and

   P.S. I actually posted to the net today.

   Front: Aerial view of the U.S. Capitol with Washington D.C. in the

06/30/93, Day 093, Mile 1186.9

NOTE:  This one made it to England by today (7/6/93)

   Albert Einstein's response when asked to smile          ---------------
   for his birthday, Princeton, 1951  ----------------PORT CLINTON  Claire|
   Photograph by Art Sasse           |    WORLDPOST    |  JUL    Chennault|
                                     |US Postal Service|  |1        USA 40|
   6/30/93, Mile 1186.9, Day 93      |                 |  AM Flying Tigers|
   Port Clinton, PA                  |    PAR AVION    | 1993        1940s|
   ----------------------------------|    AIR MAIL     | 19549------------
   ROCKS, ROCKS, ROCKS!!!             -----------------
   MILES of them. Well, maybe only       |
   17. :-/ My feet are like hamburgers,  |
   especially after days of 30 + n       |
   miles, the bad part is, there's       |
   even more rocks up ahead, only        |
   5 more days and I can send my boots   |
   in to get fixed. They aren't holding  |
   up too well and the sole flaps        |
   keep catching on the rocks. I'll be   |        SUFFOLK
   walking on the midsoles soon. Short   |
   day tomorrow as I have to go in       |        ENGLAND, UK
   to Hamburg for a resupply, staying    |
   in the town pavillion tonight. Had an |        IP13 9DD
   awesome cheesburger (HUGE!) for dinner|
   and a few 50c yeungling drafts! Moon  |

   (arrived this morning - nice one, Moon Shot :-)


07/01/93, Day 094, Mile 1186.9

   7/1/93, mile 1186.9, day 94
   Hamburg, PA
   Came into town, decided to take the day off.  I was only going to
   hike 6 miles today anyways.  Caught up to a dozen hikers and
   decided to let them run ahead and spread out.  I don't need to be
   in Delaware Watch Gap until Tuesday because the post office is
   closed Monday anyways.  So I bought 4 days' food and will hit
   the rocks tomorrow.

                                                   Moon Shot

   front of card:  a photo from The Rose Garden, Allentown, PA

07/03/93, Day 096, Mile 1221.3

       A picture of a wooden bridge near a rock wall.  Koonford Bridge,
       Frok Gorge, TN, AT.

       7/3/93, mile 1221.3, day 96.

       Bake Oven Knob Shelter, AT, PA.

       More rocks today and they were pretty wet and treacherous.  I took a
       flight and landed on my upper thigh.  It's swollen and cut up and
       pretty painful (I have a charley horse) but otherwise ok.  Hurt like
       hell to walk in here and I imagine it'll hurt more tomorrow.  I'm just
       glad I didn't break anything considering the force I landed on it
       A few of us have scars from the wet rocks today.  One of us is getting
       stitches right now.  "Doc Hank" is an MD and he's out here section

       Moon Shot

07/04/93, Day 097, Mile 1245.7

   received Friday:

   front picture of the Delaware River winding through bright green
   fields and forests.

   from back:  The Beautiful Delaware River, Pocono Mountains Area,
   Pennsylvania & New Jersey

   caption: Aerial view looking north showing the picturesque Delaware
   at a point between the Delware Water Gap and Shawnee-on-Delware,
   forming  the natural boundary between New Jesery and Pennsylvania."

   7/4/93, mile 1245.7, Day 97
   Leroy A. Smith Shelter, AT, PA

   25 mile hike thru the rocks in the baking sun with no water high lighted
   today's hike.  No trees due to pollution from a zinc smelting plant.  No
   water due to contamination or just plain dried up springs.  Temps were
   in the high 90's with near 100% humidity.  Pretty brutal day.  Caught up
   with 24 thru hikers at the shelter.  It's a good thing there was plenty
   of room to tent.  Met a dozen I haven't met before.  It's a good thing
   we're a gregarious bunch.  Had to hike all the way down the mountainside
   to a known giardia-infested water.  A fine way to end a blazing hot 4th
   of July.


07/06/93, Day 099, Mile 1265.4

   blurb:  Hot air ballooning over the Delaware Water Gap
           Hot air balloons fill the autumn sky as they float over the
           Delaware River between Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains and
           New Jersey during one of the balloon festivals held annually
           at Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pa.

   7/6/93, mile 1265.4, day 99
   Church of the Mountain, Hostel, DWG, PA

   Took a day off for laundry and resupply.  Hiked 80 miles in the last
   4 days through the ROCKS and getting rested to do 112 in 6 days to
   meet Dave & Rochelle at Bear Mtn. SP.  Trimmed another 2 pounds off
   my pack so it's under 40 pounds (~38) with 3 days food.  A bunch of us
   went to the movies last night (there's ~30-40 thru hikers here resting
   after the PA rocks).  Saw Jurassic Park.  Wasn't too impressed (no plot)
   but the T-Rex was great.  Anyways, I'm glad to be done with PA.
   Moon Shot

07/07/93, Day 100, Mile 1283.0

    received 7/12/93, postmarked July 9, 1993, Unionville, N.Y.

    7/7/93, mile 1283.0, day 100
    campsite, Kittaninny mountain, AT, NJ

    Hiked 17.4 today in what the radio said was a 117 degree heat index.
    Not a fun day. Sent my Limmers in for repair and I'm wearing my spare
    boots that Mr. Support person forgot to re-sole before sending. Let me
    tell you that soles that are merely 1.2 vibram molecules thick don't
    offer much comfort on the rocks. :-( Camped by myself tonight on a nice
    grassy clearing on a ledge overlooking the New Jersey woodlands and
    Fairview Lake. In fact I was pretty psyched to see my first glacial
    pond - Sunfish Pond, as that means swimming holes from here to Maine!
    Someone built a mini version of stonehenge with the rocks along the shore
    and that'll make a good postcard in the future. Saw my first bear on the
    trip - in N.J. of ALL PLACES! :-)

                                   Moon SHOT

    Front of card:
           A tourism map of the state of N.J. showing many little icons of
    of what's what around the state. Among them are a sail boat, a young lady
    surfing, a lighthouse, and sea gulls along the coast. In the south a
    fawn, a hunter with a dog, and vegetables. In the north a canoe and a
    cow around the Delaware water gap area. In the northeast section of the
    map he draws an arrow pointing to Hoboken and writes "OOH I'm Diein'"
    (my best interpretation). Just Next to Hoboken is a little car loaded
    people,  golf clubs, and a fishing pole heading west, with exhaust gas
    blowing out  the back of the car (On to Hoboken).

    Back of card:
                            NEW JERSEY
                           Garden State
           CAPITAL: Trenton. AREA: 7,836 sq. mi. POPULATION:
           6,066,782. MOTTO: Liberty and Prosperity. FLOWER:
           Bogbice Violet. BIRD: Eastern Goldfinch. TREE:
           Red Oak. Third of the original 13 States.

07/08/93, Day 101, Mile 1305.6

   received yesterday (7-13-93):

   front:  beautiful view between two trees of the Delaware River,
   winding between two peaks on it's many winds in in the Gap area;
   says Delaware Water Gap in the LRH corner; colors very saturated,
   deep blue sky, white clouds, blue waters, green trees;  wish I was
   there :-)

           Delaware Water Gap
   Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
           Pennsylvania and New Jersey

   The Delaware Water Gap, viewed from the National
   Park Service's Kittatinny Point Visitor Center

   7/8/93, mile 1305.6, day 101    postmark:  Unionville, NY       19c
   Rutherford Shelter, AT, NJ      JUL 9 AM 1993                   Bambi
   ------------------------------  10988
   Hot, hot, hot day - 101 according
   to the radio.  Hiked 24 miles anyways.          POST CARD
   Scammed a slackpack early this
   morning for the 1st 12 miles and
   picked up my pack at the Worthington
   Bakery.  Got a beer out of the deal
   too.  At least 20 of the 24 miles
   were on Pa. style pointy rocks.
   I'm 40 miles into NJ and there's                Portsmouth, RI
   still rocks.  Rumor has it there's                      02871
   only 4 more miles of them.  Even
   though there were more than 30
   thru hikers at DWG, I'm ahead
   of them now so that's comforting.
   Got to the shelter and there's a
   9' dome tent set up inside.  That's
   gotta be a record! :-) There's
   a barn swallow in here incubationg her eggs - Moonshot

07/09/93, Day 102, Mile 1322.2

   Posted from GMF-MID-HUDSON NY, 7/16. Received 7/19 in CA.

   7/9/92, Mile 1322.2, Day 102
   Pochuck Mtn. Shelter, AT, NJ

   Another hot day, worse heat wave in NJ in 35 years according to the
   radio. Wnet in to Unionville, NY to pick up a food drop I mailed to
   myself and it hadn't arrived yet. It's hard to believe I can walk 52
   miles before my package can get *driven* the same distance. :-/ I set it
   2nd day priority mail too. My guess is it's lost. I sure hope my boots
   didn't get lost too. My sparcs don't have too much left after 45 miles
   of sharp, pointy rocks. The rocks have mellowed finally. Wish the heat
   would do the same.

      moon shot

   Caption: Delaware River
   Tri-State Area --- Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey

   A spectacular view of the upper Delaware River and the New York and
   Pennsylvania shorelines as seen from the Hawk's Nest Drive (N.Y. Route
   97) just north of Port Jervis, near a point where the three states of
   New York, Pennsyslvania and New Jersey meet.

07/10/93, Day 103, Mile 1347.1

   Photo: one of the many cow pastures the trail goes through
   7/10/93 Mile 1347.1, Day 103, Wildcat shelter, AT, NY

   Heat wave still going on. Put in 25+ miles today and crossed the NJ/NY
   line.  Another state bites the dust.  Can't hike as fast in my spare
   boots as I can in my Limmers. The sole flaps around in a more awkward way.
   Lots of rock scrambling today, and goof views from the ledges.  Had a
   breif T-storm which really nailed the area east of me.  Lucked out
   there.  Ate at 2 different farn stores along the way. Really enjoyed
   the fresh fruit but, man, it does NOT give you sufficient calories to
   hike at all. I was draggin'. Spent the night in a shelter full of Boy
   Scouts.  They were beat from hiking 5 miles so they crashed early. 8^)


07/11/93, Day 104, Mile 1363.5

   rec'd 23jul:

   photo: thomas knob shelter, at, va. thruhikers with wild ponies.

   7/11/93, mile 1363.5, day 104, fingerboard shelter, at, ny
   relatively short day, 16 miles, as in the past few days, water was a
   problem.  springs and streams are dry. lots of ups and downs today with
   more rock scrambling over "agony grind" and "lemon squeezer", they were
   both fun but short scrambles. met 5 more thru-hikers i haven't met before.
   within the last week, i probably met 30 new ones. pretty much getting to
    know everyone out here. i'd still like to know who's left on the trail
   me. every week, the past few weeks, a few people have been dropping out.
   the trail is  wearing on people, myself included, but i put in a few hard
   the last few so that's understandable. much less humid today, although
   temps in the 90's[sic;-]. i'm comfortable - it's amazing how well the
   body adapts  to the surrounding climate.

07/12/93, Day 105, Mile 1377.9

   Can't read postmark, arrived CA 7/19
   Photo: Virginia Forest, AT, VA
   7/12/93, Mile 1377.0, Day 105, Harrison SP, NY

   Short day - ~14 miles again, no water to be had. 2 out of 3 sources on
   stretch were dry. Had some great views from Black Mtn. Bear Mtn. and West
   Mtn.  The US Army had artillery practice yesterday and set no less than 4
   forest  fires. I met up with my friends Dave and Rochelle at the Bear
   Moutain Inn and we're camped here at Harr Mtn. for a couple of nights. I'm
   taking the day off  tomorrow. Limmer fixed my boots and will mail them
   tomorrow. They only charged me 1/2 price for all of the work. Spare boots
   came apart yesterday but I have them completely covered with shoe goo
   so they'll last until Friday when I get my Limmers back.
   Moon shot

   Photo of narrow path cutting through lush green ground cover and trees.

07/13/93, Day 106, Mile 1377.0

   7/13/93, Mile 1377.0, Day 106
   Harriman S.P., NY


   Today was a day off for me.  Did laundry, etc.  The food
   I mailed Unionville showed up in Bear Mountain finally.
   Spent the day with friends from home.  Mr. Support person
   sent down a sampler of fine Belgian Ales (my favorite) and
   Dave and Rochelle brought homebrews as well.  We spent the
   day "frolicking" in Lake Welch.  Saw a deer nursing two fawns.
   That was pretty cool.  Even managed to get a picture.  Had Dave
   bring my old therm-a-rest down and sent my Ridgerest back.  It
   was getting kind of thin.

                                           Moon shot


   The picture on the front is a great shot/mountain-view of the
   Hudson valley.

                       Storm King, N.Y.

           With West Point to the south and Cold Spring across the
           Hudson River, Storm King is the highest point on the old
           Storm King Highway known as Rt. 218.  This beautiful
           mountain offers a breath-taking view of the Hudson Highlands.

   Stamp on the postcard is appropriately, a deer (small fawn) ;-).
   Caption next to the stamp says "Let people know you care, send Post Cards"

07/15/93, Day 108, Mile 1406.3

   7/15/93, Mile 1406.3, Day 108
   Ralph's Peak Hiker's Cabin, AT, NY

   Passed the 1400 mile mark today.  Only 740 left!  10 hikers left Graymoor
   today, only 3 of us made it here.  19 miles but easy terrain and temps in
   the low 80's with 50% humidity made it a super hiking day!  More of the
   same tomorrow.  We need rain soon.  Word is water is scarce from here to
   Vermont (like it *hasn't* been from PA to here?)  It's a drought year and
   the H2O situation is deteriorating rapidly.  Hopefully the '93
   southbounders will start coming thru soon so we can exchange water info.
   The lack of water is going to weed out ever more folks.  Lots have dropped
   out in the last two weeks.


   The postcard is one of those souvenir-type maps of NY State, oversized
   pictures of scenic views like the Carrier Dome, Fort Drum, Fort
   Ticonderoga, West Point (also several nonmilitary-oriented things %^).

   New York
   Empire State

   Capital:  Albany.  Area:  49,576 sq. mi.  Motto:  Excelsior, Ever Upward.
   Flower:  Rose.  Tree:  Sugar Maple.  11th of the original 13 states.

07/16/93, Day 109, Mile 1414.0

   7/16/93, Mile 1414.0, Day 109
   Edward R. Murrow Park, Pawling, NY

   Pretty easy 17 miles today.  Water still scarce.  Got a ride into Pawling
   fairly easily by a nice woman in a Caddy.  She shuttled us to the  bank
   P.O.  Finally got proper footwear.  I picked up my Limmers at the P.O.
   did a great job and charged me significantly less than the regular price.
   They are stiff as hell again with the new midsole and yellow label
   but it's great to have some support and grip again.  Nice, friendly town
   here.  Would be a great place to live if I worked in NYC.  Nice spring fed
   lake to take a dip in. Headed into town for a couple of beers and got a
   brew and a free huge basket of fries.  Off-trail magic, I guess.

                                          Moon shot

   Another photo, this of the first white blaze at Springer Mountain, GA
   plaque beside it).

07/17/93, Day 110, Mile 1428.2

   Photo by Ger: Dragon's Toothy, AT, VA, postmarked Hartford, CT 7/20/93

   7/17/93, Mile 1428.2, Day 110
   Ten Mile River, AT, CT

   Finally hit New England! (I can see New Haven!)          <-- [Private
   Hit the 2/3 mark as well. Part of the AT here was
   closed due to a forest fire. That 4 fires in the
   last 6 days!  This one was the closest.  Water situation
   is a little better here in CT.  Forest is very dry,
   though (fire danger is high). Figured out my average
   milage and its 13.1 miles per day - but thats with
   about 21 zero miles days. Take those away and and thats
   about 16 miles perday. Not bad, I guess.
   Camped in a nice little clearing
   near where the 10 mile and Housatonic
   rivers meet.  Took a dip.  Been able
   to do that a l ot since N.J. and it
   feels great! Super weather, low humidity,
   temps in the 50's tonight. Sure
   sould use some rain soon, though.

                           Moon shot

07/18/93, Day 111, Mile 1447.1

    Photo: Laurel Fork Gorge, AT, TN
    7/18/93, Mile 1447.1, Day 111, Stewart Hollow Brook, AT,

    16 Mile day, plus a 1 1/2 mile RT into Kent.  Boots are loosening up a
    little, well as good as 3/4" of new sole + midsole can loosen up.  Spent
    the afternoon in Kent having pizza + beer, and making plans for next
    The whole town is full of yuppies-- 1/2 of whom ride Harley Davidsons
   (BORN TO  BE MILD!).  I'm by myself here tonight.  Well, me and a coyote,
    anyways.   There's no water because the brook is dry.  I have a 1/2 liter
    so that'll get  me through the night.  I'll have to eat a dry dinner of
    + cookies.   No biggie, IK'm stuffed from the pizza anyways.

                       MOON SHOT
   PS- the owls are going nuts right now!

07/19/93, Day 112, Mile 1469.6

   7/19/93, Mile 1469.6, Day 112, Limestone Springs Lean-to, AT, CT

   22 mile day marked once again by no water.  Sat out some of the
   rain at a shelter and let my cook pot fill up.  Get it any way
   you can.  Great spot here but it's 1/2 mile off the trail and
   about 500 feet straight down a ravine.  The spring is flowing,
   though.  Met "Upson Downs" here!  I started on springer with her
   but she had dropped out in Tenn.  She is out section hiking Conn.
   Been travelling solo lately.  Bunch of people behind and a group
   of 8 just 5 days ahead.  I'd like to catch them, they used to be
   3 weeks ahead.  Pretty much met most of the others anyways.  Only
   a day behind Bigfoot but I doubt I'll catch him before the weekend.
   Gonna try, though.


   card is a photograph of food bags at sunrise at Deep Gap shelter,
   AT, NC

07/21/93, Day 114, Mile 1494.9

       received 8/03/93, postmarked July 28, 1993, Springfield MA.

    7/21/93, mile 1494.9, day 114
    Shea's Pinetree Inn, AT, MA.

    14 mile day. Stopped into Shea's and decided to stay. The menu looked
    great and the Harp's is fresh. Looks like a rugged 26 mile day tomorrow
    to get back on track. Awesome views today from Mt. Race + Jug End. Saw a
    new species of snake today - a bright green one. Not much to report
    More lack of water. Had a nice chat with an English woman about the AT.
    Met a few dozen day hikers who were completely clueless about thru
   -hiking.  They were talkng about thru-hiking with all sorts of erroneous
    info and I tried to strike up a conversation to set them straight but
    wouldn't  believe anything I said. Go figure. :-/


           James River, AT, VA. A river calmly flowing through green hills.

07/23/93, Day 116, Mile 1531.2

       Day 116

       7/23/93, mile 1531.2  October Mtn, State Forest, AT, MA

       Had a great morning at Upper Goose Pone.  "Z" Showed up with apples
       2 cans of orange juice concentrate and Nancy, the caretaker, cooked
       "Tassie Devil", "Timber Rambler" and myself some great pancakes!!  I
       headed into town with Nancy to try to change my pick up spot to UGP
       because I wanted to hang out there longer, but couldn't reach my
       friends.  I left there late but made it in time.  Unfortunately, my
       friends are an hour late (Dammit! :-) ).  Geez, I can *walk* here
       faster than they can get here by car.  Really could use a shower.  Its
       been 11 days since my last day off so I hope there's one at the
       campground we're going to.  Its more of a morale thing than anything
       since I try to take a dip whenever possible.

       Moon Shot

07/25/93, Day 118, Mile 1531.2

   not a card but a photo of "some river near Rusty's, AT, VA"

   7/25/93, mile 1531.2, day 118, October Mt. Shelter, AT, MA

   Took the day off today too.  Trying to recover from yesterday's
   brewers festival :-/  Got to make Manchester, VT by Saturday,
   90 miles in 6 days should be no problem.  I'm here with 2
   other northbounders and 3 southbounders.  They tell me
   that 25 started at Katahdin this year.  They've been out for
   8 weeks now, but it should only take 6-7 weeks to finish up.
   A friend is going to hike with me for 50 miles and that will
   slow me down but I should be able to make good time after that.
   Some friends are going to meet me on the "Big K" so that'll be
   great not to have to worry about getting home from Maine.

                                        Moon Shot

07/27/93, Day 120, Mile 1571.8

   Postcard of a backpacker near Mt. Greylock summit.

   [Perhaps having hiked from as far as Georgia,]* and possibly on the way
   to Maine, this weary backpacker has just climbed the last steep trail
   to the summit of Mt. Greylock, the highest peak in Mass. (3491') on the
   journey over the famous Appalachian Trail.  Here, at Bascom Lodge, the
   Appalachian Mt. Club will welcome all with delicious home-cooked meals
   and a comfortable bed "on top of the Berkshires."

   *Not!  Coming from the north and walking away from A.T.

   7/27/93, mile 1571.8, day 120

   Seth Warner shelter, AT, VT  <- another state down!

   23 miles in the rain today.  The trees are loving it and I don't mind
   (except when Ma Nature decides to downpour).  Went up and over Mt.
   Greylock and took 4 hours off from the rain at Bascom Lodge -- pure AMC
   Hell!  Holds 100 people, most of whom drive there.  I did get to catch
   up on the latest high tech outdoor fashions though.  :-)  The hut croo
   was largely unfriendly and chewed me out for not picking up my mail
   sooner.  I apologized for not walking fast enough from Georgia to suit
   their purposes.

   Moon Shot

   GA -> NC -> TN -> VA ->
   WV -> MD -> PA ->
   NJ -> NY -> CT -> MA ->
   . . . ME '93

07/29/93, Day 122, Mile 1609.8

      Photo postcard (nice 3D shot, probably taken by ger):

      Photo: McAfee Knob, AT, VA
      7/29/93, Mile 1609.8, Day 122, Warming Hut, Stratton Mtn, VT

      Got a late start - 10:00, then hiked 8 miles and took a nap.
      Some days are made for lollygagging.  Unfortunately I should
      have stayed at Storybrook where I napped instead of continuing
      here because severe thunderstorms hit Stratton as I was half
      way up the mountain.   When I got to the fire tower, things
      got worse so I made for the hut.  The problem was, the hut was
      in a clearing and I couldn't see it because of the clouds and
      I didn't feel like running out in the open with lightening
      everywhere.  So I ended up riding out the storm sitting in the
      woods not 50 yards from the hut. :-/  Anyway, I'm dry and my
      stuff is dry cuz we have the heaters in the ski hut going.
      Met up with [sic] the "Wildflowers", "Oz", the "Farm" and
      "WT Flatlander", none of whom I met yet.  They are all pretty
      cool.  Looks like a party in Manchester tomorrow.

                                      Moon Shot
                                      GA -> ME '93
      P.S. Hi Mindy!

07/30/93, Day 123, Mile 1621.8

   street scene from manchester village, vt.

   7/30, mile 1621.8 day 123
   zion episcopal church hiker hostel, manchester, vt.

   hiked down from stratton mtn into manchester for laundry resupply and
   refreshments.  met jamie there who will be hiking wiht me for 50 miles.
   had $1.25 10" pizzas for lunch (well, plus burgers, fries, and an order
   of buffalo wings :-) and a few pints of long trail stout at a local
   establishment that probably was the only non-yuppie place in town.
   anyways i had a nice stay in town, albeit a short one. still meeting
   lots of south bounders.
                                   ga -> me '93

   postmark was 930804.

07/31/93, Day 124, Mile 1636.1

Postcard: Greetings from VERMONT
Postmark: Brigdewater, VT

7/31/93, Mile 1636.1 day 124
Lost Pond Shelter, AT, VT

Got 14.3 miles out of Jamie today. Pretty impressive. However if *one*
moe southbounder asks if we're "just out for the weekend" I'm going to
scream. It's a pretty fair insult to someone who's hiked 1050 more
miles than they have if you ask me:-). Nice hike today with views from
Bromly, Styles, and Baxter. Water situation is much better up north
although it's mostly streams so the filter is getting a workout again.
Still on the first cartridge and it looks like it will last the whole
trip. Going to do about 10 miles today. May bivvy out on a legde with a

                        Moon Shot
                        GA->ME '93

08/01/93, Day 125, Mile 1646.3

   Front: wooden covered bridge spanning a rocky creek bed
          (Back says it's the Saxton River, VT)

   postmarked 9 Aug 1993.

   8/1/93, Mile 1646.3, Day 125
   Greenwall Shelter, AT, VT

   Nice lollygagging 10.2 mile day. We hiked almost as far as the girl
   scouts from Camp Farnsworth. :-) Haven't seen too many people on the
   trail today, although there were lots at Little Rock pond. Only met
   one south bounder and 0 northbounders. Hiking between two groups again.
   Bigfoot's still only one day ahead, so I'll try and catch him after
   Sherburne Pass. Only 500.4 miles to go!! Geez, I could finish by
   Sept 1. I'll need to slow down I think. !-) :-) :-)

   GA->MA '93

08/02/93, Day 126, Mile 1661.9

   Can't read postmark, arrived CA 8/21
   Photo: Water Tower, AT, NY
   8/2/93, Mile 1661.9, Day 126, Gov. Clement Shelter, AT, VT

   Nice 14 mile hike today. Made a beer run into town and spent a couple of
   hours at Clarendon Gorge. Also picked up a couple of grinders for lunch.
   Hit some  trail magic as there was a car in the lot with a sign indicating
   that thru-hikers should help themselves to ice water, watermelon and soda.
   There was also beer in the trunk as well. It turned out that the car
  to "Water" who had just finished up his thru hike. We ended up getting
  in a thunderstorm and pulled into the shelter quite wet. We were then
   confronted by a vicious dog 2 women brought with them. All it did was
  snarl and bark at   me and even chased me when I went for water. Some dogs
  just do not belong on  the trail.

           Moon Shot

08/04/93, Day 128, Mile 1688.8

   Postmark 9 August, White River Junction, VT
   Picture of a covered bridge over a river, autumn colors just beginning
   to show.
   Printed description: Bartonsville Covered Bridge Route 103,
   Bartonsville, Vermont. Unique to the New England Countryside is the
   picutresque yet practical covered bridge protected from weather's
   harsher elements by its covering.

   8/4/93, Day 128, Mile 1688.8
   Wintturi Shelter, AT, VT

   Tim and Heidi payed [sic] me an impormptu visit last night. Got a late
   start this morning and hiked 17.4 miles. This seemed to me to be the
   toughest section in VT so far even though the mountains weren't too
   big. Lots of steep climbs. Enjoying a 22 oz Belgian ale Tim and Heidi
   made (very tasty!!). The spring here is ~50 degrees so it chilled well.
   Sure gets dark early now. It's a good thing I plan to cut back my
   mileage to enjoy the last 450 miles of the trip because there's not a lot
   of light to do the big miles anyways.

   GA->ME '93

08/05/93, Day 129, Mile 1709.7

   8/5/93, Mile 1709.7, Day 129 (might be 127)
   Happy Hill Cabin, AT, VT.

   21 mile day, mostly trough relos. (?)
   great scenery along the Kerouie(c)? and I stopped for lunch
   at a nice spot with a 360 degree view.  I'm camped here
   about five miles out of Hanover, NH and will head in early tomorrow
   morning for breakfast.  Haven't decided if I'm taking off one or
   two days yet, but it's been nearly two weeks since my last days off, so
   who knows.  It depends on what there is to do in Hanover.
   Cracked the 1700 mile mark today in week 18.  Staying on the porch
   of the oldest shelter on the AT, built in 1918.


   Front picture is of a white clapboard house reflected in a placid
   stream and surrounded by rolling hills of brilliant fall foliage,
   captioned "Autumn in Vermont."

08/06/93, Day 130, Mile 17??.?

.Kushner Fri Aug  6 17:36:29 EDT 1993
Article: 35909 of rec.backcountry
Newsgroups: rec.backcountry
From: (Judith A. Kushner)
Subject: AT THRU-HIKE: 08/06/93, DAY 130, MILE 1714 (or something)
X-Posted-From: InterNews
Sender: (The News Manager)
Organization: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1993 20:18:22 GMT
Lines: 35

System: Macintosh LC III :-)

Hi folks, Moon Shot here logging in from the DOC headquarters in
Hanover, NH.  Please DO NOT SEND EMAIL TO THIS ADDRESS as it's not my
account, they have not way to contact me and I won't be around to reply

Anyhow, I'm staying in town here for two days off at "Panarchy", a
frat-type house that lets thru-hikers stay for free. I'll be here until
morning if anyone from Dartmouth is around to say hi. Just wanted to say
hello electronically, so if someone can forward this to Tim Dalton, I'd
appreciate it!

Hiked 5.3 miles in from Happy Hill shelter (the oldest on the AT -
1918). Came in for breakfast around 8:30 and did laundry, went to the
P.O., etc. Enjoyed one of the beers Tim sent - the Madbury Fest '93
Pale Ale (Thanks!). There's a few thru-hikers here that I haven't met
yet and one I haven't seen since Rusty's so it'll be a fun couple of
days. That's all for now since the day's not over yet. :-)

                                                       Moon Shot
                                                       GA->ME '93

PS - Since this is an official post, there'll be no postcard for today.
Please see that Tim gets this, he'll need it for the other conferences
that are folowing my trip. He can verify that's it's me by the mention
of receiving his beer.

PPS - Again, send no email to this account, it's not mine and I'm sure
the person does not want to be bothered. Send inquiries to Tim - THANKS!!!

08/09/93, Day 133, Mile 1743.0

8-9-93, mile 1743.0, day 133
South Jacobs Brook, AT NH.

Post card of pictures of 14 small pics of NH covered bridges
surrounding one large shot of a covered bridge.

16.3 mile day w. a couple of tough climbs today. Stopped about a mile
short of the shelter because this is a nice spot to bivvy. The nites
are getting cooler and that's fine with me. Sittin here sippin some
darjeleng and cookin dinner streamside. Had some grate views from smart
mt. and cambert ridge. It's quite bugless here despite being beside a
stream. Nice waterfalls and cascades. I'll haveta remember to
photograph them in the A.M.

                                Moon Shot
                                GA-->ME '93

08/10/93, Day 134, Mile 1759.3

   photo:  Cloud in PA
   8/10/93, mile 1759.3, day 134, Jeffers Brook Shelter, AT, NH

   16 mile day.  Nice ledge but no views from Mt. Cube [?].  Kinda cool,
   though, being in the clouds.  Ran out of water when the D.O.C. camp
   we planned to get some at was dry.  The neighbors wouldn't give us any
   either.  Not much to report today, just taking it easy now sitting in
   my chair with my feet up.  Nice shelter here.  There's 6 of us here.
   KY Reb, Tic Tac Tony, Stone, Deacon Jones, Ponder Yonder, and myself.
   I plan on taking a short day tomorrow and hanging out on top of
   Moosilauke all day if it's nice.  I only need to finish and that's 40
   days away.  With 387 miles to go, I have plenty of time to goof off.

                        Moon Shot
                        GA -> ME '93

08/11/93, Day 135, Mile 1787.5

Postcard: Lincoln, NH.
East Branch of the Pemigewasset River
Nice fall foliage shot with storm clouds overhead.

Postmark: 8/19/93 White River Junction, VT

8/11/93 Mile 1787.5 Day 135
Cascade Lodge B&B, N. Woodstock, NH

9 mile day today up and over Mt. Moosilauke.  Pretty nuce hike with the
summit above treeline (~4810') and really scenic cascades along the trail on
the north side.  Stone, Ponder and I decided to hitch into town for lunch and
never got out.  No big deal since I have plenty of time to finish up.  Going
to take 3 days to do the Kinsmans, Franconia Ridge and Zealand Notch, then
head into North Conway for the night.  Met one of the local residents from
the state sanitarium at Jeffers Brook Shelter.  He was decked out in a Sea
Captain's outfit.

                        Moon Shot.
                        GA > ME '93

08/12/93, Day 136, Mile 1782.8

Postcard: Kinsman Notch, White Mountains, NH
Fall view of the notch and Kinsman Pond.

Postmark: 8/19/93 White River Junction, VT

8/12/93 Mile 1782.8, Day 136
West Branch Pemigewasset, AT, NH

Slackpacked from Kinsman Notch (see reverse) to Franconia Notch (About 17
miles).  It took about 9 hours including lunch, so these mountains are
definitely tougher than what we've gotten used to.  North Kinsman was
great with lots of rock scrambling.  Feels great to be back in my old
stomping grounds and most of the north bounders are pretty damned psyched
about the hiking here the last couple of days.  The best is yet to come
in the next few days.  What an awesome way to wind down a long distance

                        Moon Shot

08/13/93, Day 137, Mile 1792.8

   Postcard: Mount Lafayette in summer.
   Postmark: White River Jct, VT, 19-Aug-93

   8/13/93(Friday the 13th), Mile 1792.8, day 137
   Garfield Ridge Campsite, AT, NH
   10 mile day - Thats an official Lolly-
   gag. Spent the day on franconia
   Ridge (see reverse). Hung out for the
   most part above treeline on at
   least 5 different summits.  The
   weather was 60 degrees with no wind and
   visibility was just a few miles. Not
   perfect, but close.  Felt great to
   just hang out and take in the
   views.  Its a good plan to lollygag
   here since this is some of the
   best stuff on the AT.

                           Moon Shot
                           GA - ME '93
  Moon Shot

08/14/93, Day 138, Mile 1810.1

   Postcard: Mount Lafayette in winter.
   Postmark: White River Jct, VT, 19-Aug-93

   8/14/93, Mile 1810.1, day 138
   Trailhead, Crawford Notch, AT, NH
   17 mile day with great weather
   although the summits were in
   the clouds.  Met up with Stones's
   Brother who took us into North
   Conway where we ate dinner and
   checked out the equipment stores.
   Unfortunately, we couldn't find
   a single motel room or campground
   with a vacancy so we had to head
   back to the AT and bivvy by
   the trailhead.  Going to be a short
   day tomorrow and I'll probably
   take 5 days to get to Gorham (45 mi)
   just to enjoy the whites a little
                           Moon Shot
  Moon Shot

08/15/93, Day 139, Mile 1810.1

Photo of the Pemi Wilderness. 8/15/93, mile 1810.1, day 139 Intervale Motel, N. Conway, NH Impromptu day off in North Conway. Ended up dropping off food at Pinkham Notch for resupply. Dropped off my tent as well. I won't be needing it for the next couple of nights. Finally found a local pub that wasn't full of weekending yuppies. This town is out of hand. Moon Shot

08/16/93, Day 140, Mile 1820.6

   Postcard: Lakes of the Clouds and Hut
             [note by ger: "<--Goofer Hell!"]
   Postmark: Gorham, NH, 21-Aug-93

   8/16/93, Mile 1820.6, day 140
   The Dungeon, Lakes of The Crowds Hut
   This place is a total zoo! There's
   90 people here and 2 thru-hikers
   staying in the Dungeon.  The rest
   are paying $57 to stay here
   (we're paying $6.00). I can't
   wait to get to the RMC hut tomorrow
   where things are more sane.
   There's lots of people showing
   up late and getting turned away
   (over 20 so far). Its places
   like this thats largely responsible
   for overcrowding the mountains.

                           Moon Shot

08/17/93, Day 141, Mile 182?.?

at #248: Phyllis Koyner (phyllis) Wed, 8 Sep 93 14:29:39 PDT

   from a DEChead:

   postmark from Gorham NH...  written 8/17/93...   day 141...  Gray Knob
   Cabin (RMC)...

       Sure feels great to be on my home turf (RMC territory) after spending
       last night in AMC hell.  The hut croo at Lakes of the Crowds wouldn't
       sell me coffee because they were too busy with their 96 guests so i
       waited until all 96 guests were served and then i tried again.  When
       still didn't get coffee i proceeded to fill out a "courtesy card" and
       described in detail what i thought about AMC "hospitality".  That got
       thier attention and i got a cup slammed down in front of me, despite
       my protests that i didn't need coffee anymore since i was quite awake
       after being up for an hour and a half waiting for a cup. :^/  oh well,
       i guess i was expecting too much.  Nevertheless, it's good to be back
       at a cabin that allows me to hang my chicken and requests (no INSISTS)
       that i put a NTTH sticker on the window.  I'd like to stay and relax
       extra day, but i also want to get to Gorham by the weekend because i
       have mail there.  Relax and hurry up! :^)  It's only 30 miles, but i'd
       end up back in AMC hut land.  :^(

                                   GA->ME '93

08/15/93, Day 142, Mile 1835.0

Postcard:  Mount Adams, White Mountains, NH
Nice view of Adams with blue skies.

Postmark: 8/21/93 Gorham, NH

8/15/93 Mile 1835.0 Day 142
Ellis River, Pinkham Notch, AT, NH

Decided to hike down to Pinkham instead of holing up at Grey Knob
another day.  Weather was patchy clouds ith no wind for hiking over Adams
(see reverse) and Madison.  I've had no wind above treeline for neary every
stretch so far.  The hut Croo at Madison gave me some Rice Soup,
Bread and Cake.  Definitely a mellower scene than the Lakes [ed. comment:
of the Crowds!].   Ate diner at Pinkham (AYCE) and hung out with "Iron Ron"
the caretaker at Liberty Springs (he went into town to get us beer) and a
fe other AMC campsite caretakers at the croo lodge.  Great people!

                                        Moon Shot

08/19/93, Day 143, Mile 1840.5

Postcard: Map of the AT
A litle 'Camping Here' and an arrow drawn on to point
near the NH/ME border on the AT.

Postmark: 8/21/93 Gorham, NH

8/19/93, Mile 1840.5, Day 143
Carter Notch, NH

Hiked 5.8 miles today.  That makes 30 miles in the last 5 days!  I realize
that I wanted to slow down a bit, but this is ridiculous. :-)
The funny thing is _NO ONE_ has caught up except CopperHead. I guess no one
wants this to end.  Copper Head met Supreme Court Justice David Sutter out
hiking today.  We also learned that one of the "Wildflowers" broke her leg
while slackpacking the Kinsmans and both are now off as well as "Oz".
Almst to Maine and people are still dropping out.  It can happen to anyone.
I'm camped here in Carter Notch, bout .3 miles from the AMC Hut.  The croo
is friendly - they told us to camp and gave us 3 trays of cherry cobbler.
This is by far the mellowist of all the huts.  Its far away from the
overcrowded areas above treeline.  They invited us to chow down on leftover
pancakes tomorrow but I'll be leaving for Gorham early yo hit the P.O.
before the weekend.

                                Moon Shot

08/22/93, Day 146, Mile 1862.3

    received 9/??/93, postmarked August 30, 1993, Bangor ME.

    8/22/93, mile 1862.3, day 146
    Trident, ??? campsite, AT, NH.

    Finally left Gorham at 1:30PM. :-/ Blue blazed out of town and
    RR-linked with the AT on top of Mt. Hayes. Learned that my uncle
    is in a coma so I may have to come off the trail for a few days in
    the event of a funeral. Unfortunately it won't be easy to get
    home from the middle of Maine since no one is willing to come and
    get me. Minutes before learning this I had booked a flight to
    Florida for a week of post-hike relaxation. If only I had called
    home first. Anyways, the nights are getting colder here - almost
    autumn weather. It's rather enjoyable for both sleeping and hiking.
    Starting to get PHYCHED for KATADIN, as I'm only 9.8 miles from the
    state of Maine !

                                           Moon Shot

           Sunrise, AT, PA.

08/23/93, Day 147, Mile 1876.6

   (Map of AT on front labelled, "Wahoo! Maine Dammit!")

   8/23/93, Mile 1876.6, Day 147
   Full Goose Shelter, AT, ME

   WAHOO! I'M IN MAINE! 15 mile day. Got a late start and pulled in after
   sunset. Pretty rugged trail with lots of class 4 and class 5 sections.
   Not easy when carrying a 50 lb. pack with a week's worth of food. More
   of the same tomorrow as I have to go thru the infamous Mahoosuc Notch.
   Only planning on an 11 mile day. Anyways, the late arrival treated me to
   a beautiful sunset. It's great to be getting 360 degree views again with
   no civilization in sight. Trails here are still crowded with vacationing
   backpackers. Everyone wants to do the "toughest mile on the AT" (TM).

   GA to Big K

08/25/93, Day 149, Mile 1902.8

  8/25/93, Mile 1902.8, Day 149
  Hall Mountain Lean-to, AT, ME
  1900 miles! And it sure feel like I hiked every inch of it, too.
  Did 15 miles today. Up and over Baldplate. The summit was in the
  fog so new views, but hanging out was sort of other-worldly.
  Finally had some regular-type trail to hike for a change - 10 miles
  of it, instead of all this rock scrambling. Prior to this, the
  last 140 miles have been rugged.  Only 2 of us here tonight.
  30 miles into Maine and I think the crowds are finally starting
  to thin out again.  First time I had a view that didn't show any
  signs of civilization in a long time.  If this keeps up it will
  be a great way to end the hike.


  the postcard shows the AT with a handwritten arrow showing
  mileage at 1902.8 miles!  WOW!

08/26/93, Day 150, Mile 1910.5

   rec'd 1sept, postmarked 30aug, photo of a/t trail sign on tree, bark
   grown over the sign, in northern virginia.
   "8/26/93, mile 1910.5, day 150
   campsite, old blue, a/t, me
   8 mile day, felt like lollygagging today after all the climbing over the
   days. had a couple of steep climbs today too, but took a 2 hour lunch &
   a dip in black brook. decided to make up the miles tomorrow. it was just
   beautiful day. i still need to be in rangely by saturday to hit the post
   probably won't get any letters there either. found a nice campsite with a
   clear spring in the saddle between old blue and elephant mountain. the
   was supposed to be dry with no place to camp but i found a spot in the
   middle of a virgin forest of red spruce. i[t, sic] looks somewhat
   had some fine 360` views from old blue. maine is pretty expansive. got
   skies  tonight so i left the top down on my tent. lots of woodpeckers
  here as well as a flock of chickadees. things have quieted down now that
  sun is  setting.

08/27/93, Day 151, Mile 1828.0

   Photo: Bull Moose
   8/27/93, Mile 1828.0, Day 151, Little Swift River Pond AT, ME

   17.5 mile hike today. Camped about 5 miles from the road to Rangeley where
    I'll meet up with Chris tomorrow. Had some decent views from the north
    end of the Bemis range. Hiked past a few ponds on the way. Lots of moose
    nuggets and moose prints but no sign of the critter. Perhaps I need to
   more time next to roads :-)
           Moon Shot

08/28/93, Day 152, Mile 1833.9

   Front:  A view across the tops of autumn's changing colors to Rangeley

   Handwritten at top: 5 month anniversary on the trail!!

   Note:  8/28/93, mile 1833.9, day 152
          Piazza Rock Shelter, AT, Maine

   Woke up at dawn this morning to a beautiful sunrise and a cow moose in the
   pond.  First moose in Maine for me.  Hiked 5 miles and took a dip in an
   old sawmill sluice before meeting Chris and heading into Rangeley for
   resupply.  Chris brought foodies, ice water and cold beers brought stone
   I into town (thanks, Chris!!)>  It was nice to have someone come all the
   up here to help support my hike.  Staying in a brand new shelter - so new
   that we're using scrap logs to build a fire.  First fire in a long time.
   Went up to check out Piazza Rock - a huge boulder that juts out in mid-air
   like a beached yacht.


08/29/93, Day 153, Mile 1950.2

PostCard: Front: MAINE
"Section of Smalls Falls near Rangeley"

Spaulding Mountain Lean-To, AT, ME

17 Mile Day.  The guidebook said that this was the toughest section in Maine,
but I found it a breeze compared to the stuff sounth of here, go figure.
Excellent views today, had my first view of KATAHDIN.  This section is one of
my favorite so far and I'll be back to hike some of the side trails to the
nearby summits.  A couple of friends of mine were here in May and left NTTH
[Editor: No Time To Hate] stickers in the registers.  Its confusing a lot
of northbounders :-)   Came into the shelter last night and put my pack
down to go get water.  When I came back some old dude came in and took over
my space so I ended up tenging.  Also learned that I'm not a thru-hiker
because I skipped 0.1 miles of AT hiking into the shelter. :-/
Maybe these folks should strap on a pack for 1,950 miles before usurping
one's shelter space and insulting them as well.  Then they'd know
what its all about,

                                        Moon Shot

08/30/93, Day 154, Mile 1962.8

       Day 154

       8/30/93, Mile 1962.8, Stratton, ME

       Hiked 13 miles today and hitched into Stratton for resupply.  Got a
       ride in the [garbled] first truck that came by.  Made it into town by
       5:50 and managed to do a full resupply by 6:00 before the store
       Got a break on a hotel room, $32, for the 3 of us (there's a
       southbounder here) and despite the small size of the town, we found
       Anchor Steam on tap at the Cafe.  Met a local who is a "kickboxer for
       Christ" and someone had zebras for sale on the town bulletin board.
       Back in the small towns again but the trail is still pretty populated.

       Moon Shot

09/01/93, Day 156, Mile 1977.8

   9/1/93, Mile 1977.8, Day 156       Postmark illegible, Bambi stamp.

   Foreground is a bright green meadow with scattered yellow flowers,
   behind that is a small copse of trees, and off in the distance is
   a mountain, with milky, partly cloudy skies overhead.

   "Mt. Bigelow, from Eustis Ridge near Stratton, Maine"

   Little Bigelow Lean-to, AT, ME

   Lollygagged 9.7 miles today.  Left late and let the weather clear
   so we had an excellent day on Bigelow (reverse).  Saw the big K again.
   It's getting closer.  4 other thru-hikers caught us so there's seven
   of us here. Still ahead of the big social scene that's a few days back.
   This group is pretty good group [sic] and it would be great to finish
   up with them.  Sure glad I've been hiking with this group instead of
   the gossip clique behind.

09/02/93, Day 157, Mile 1994.7

     small bird beaking a larger bird's bill

   "Common Loon with Chick"

   9/2/93, Mile 1994.7, Day 157
   Pierce Pond Lean-To, AT, ME

   17 mile day, pretty much flat
   terrain. Finally thru most of
   the mountainous stuff. I'm
   camped on a small ledge just
   above the pond and there's
   a super sunset out over the
   water. The loons should start
   calling pretty soon. The
   noseeums are nasty tonight
   so I'm glad I opted to tent.
   Tried to call the Monson PO
   to have my mail drop moved to
   the hostel because of Labor Day
   But the phone at the camp down the
   trail was dead. Made reservations for
   Breakfast at the camp tomorrow -- 12 pancakes,
   2 eggs, sausage, juice + coffee for $5.50.

   Moon Shot

09/03/93, Day 158, Mile 2004.3

       9/3/93 mile 2004.3 Day 158
       Pleasant Pond Shelter, AT, Me

       2000 miles !!! pretty good day hiked 10 miles started the day with an
       excellent 12 pancake, 2 egg sausage coffee and juice at the Harrison
       Camp. Then took the canoe ride across the Kennebec into Caratunk for
       and Jerrys. Packed 1/2 6-pack of Gearys(?) up to the lean-to in one of
       water bottles to celebrate. Opted to use a tent and some t-storms just
       moved in, oh well. Called home and learned that some friends are
       starting a 100 mile hike in Caratuck tomorrow so I'll wait for them
       here. I'll have to make up 1/2 day somewhere too catch up with the
       bunch I plan to hike Katahdin with.

       Moon Shot

       Post card back
       MAINE SONGbirds
       american goldfinch
       rose breasted grossbeak
       red winged black bird
       evening grossbeak

       pictures of above on front -cool card!!

09/05/93, Day 160, Mile 2016.6

       front is a "tourist map" of Maine...  back has "Maine facts"...
           - Maine- the pine tree state
           - Capital - Augusta
           - Area 33,125 sq miles
           - Pop 1988 1,177,550
           - Motto  "Dirigo"  Guide
           - Flower Pine Cone
           - Animal - Moose
           - Cat - Maine Coon Cat
           - Insect - Honeybee
           - Bird - Chickadee
           - Tree - Eastern White Pine
           - 23rd State admitted to the Union

       and finally (Ger's note....  drum roll please...  thank you)

       9/5/93, mile 2016.6  Day 160  Moxie Bald Lean-To  AT ME

       20 mile day with a net northbound gain of 6 miles.  :^/  backtracked
       all the way to Caratunk to get a friends truck to drive them out.
       Tried driving in from the south, got 10 miles up the logging road but
       the road was blocked off so i had to go back, drive 30 miles north and
       try to get in the other way.  Unfortunately, the bolt on the left rear
       shock came off and i couldn't drive in.  I ended up hitching it to
       within 2 miles and walking the rest.  they got a ride out anyways.


       ps.  yogi'd three beers along the way in as it was labor day.
       pps.  met a 6 ft tall amazonian roller derby queen skating down the
       logging road on incline skates...   really...
       Front:  Closeup picture of Maine Wild Blueberries

09/07/93, Day 162, Mile 2049.8

   rec'd today, postmarked 21sept worchester, ma.

   postcard face: maine wild blueberries, 2 closeups, 2 shots of bb scoop


   9/7/93, mile 2049.8 day 162
   long pond stream lean-to, at, me

   hiked 15 miles in from monson with 6-7 days food to do(?) the "100 mile
   wilderness." there is a logging road 1/2 mile from here with vehicles
   going back and forth on it(wildernot!). i'm pretty beat from hauling the
   extra food, but high on being this close to the big k. great breakfast
   at shaws! sure ain't going to be able to eat like that after the hike.
   forded a few streams and rivers today. finally got to use my geckos(?)
   for a crossing.

09/09/93, Day 164, Mile 2072.1

   9/9/93, Mile 2072.1, Day 164   Postmark Worcester, MA 9/21/93, Bambi

   Four different views of Loons (nesting, on land, mama loon swimming
   with her baby, and male loon strutting his stuff on the water).

   "COMMON LOON:  A large diving bird inhabiting lakes in the northern U.S.
   and most of Canada.  The loon is best known for its mournful call heard
   at night and early morning. Loon numbers have decreased in the East
   because the bird is most sensitive to human and prredator encroachment
   during the egg setting period in early summer."

   Campsite, Gulf Hagas Mtn, AT, ME

   Was going to be a 16 mile day but it turned into an 11. :-)  Nice
   campsite here in a col with a spring.  Will probably do a 16 tomorrow
   instead.  Nobody here but me + ponder,. We're trying to keep apart
   from the crowds.  Pretty cosmic day.  A hawk flew in and watched us
   from a branch. Took a side trip to Screw Auger Falls - pretty damn
   nice!  Lots of dayhikers (wildernot!) though.  Would like to come
   back here (as a day hiker :-) and check out the rest of Gulf Hagas.


09/10/93, Day 165, Mile 2080.9

       9/10/93  Mile: 2080.9  Day: 165
       East Branch, Pleasant River, AT, ME

       8 mile day.  A monsoon rolled in around 11:00 last night pelting
       us with rain and high winds for 12 hours straight.  Hiked 4.5 miles
       to a shelter in the morning, dried off, and waited out the rain.
       Left around 3:30 to clear skies and hiked 4 more miles and camped
       here by the bank of the river.  Ponder (?) and I will wait until
       morning to ford.  Perhaps the river will be significantly lower by
       then as the heavy rain has swelled it up.  I prefer to camp thru
       the "wildernot" as the shelters are crowded.  Lots of phony thru
       hikers around too.  It's pretty weird how some folks try to fake
       people out.  They're easy to spot and foil, though. :^)


09/12/93, Day 167, Mile 2113.8

   got this saturday -- picture of a bull moose.

   9/12/93, mile 2113.8, day 167   Crescent Pond, ME

   15 mile day.  Had 2 fantastic views of Katahdin!  It's pretty damn
   close!  PonderYonder and I are camping at a great spot near a pond
   that appears to have resident moose (see revese :-)  We've been
   camping between the shelters and campsites to avoid the crowds here in
   the wildernot.  Despite my grumbling about lots of people and all,
   this section is one of the sweetest on the trail.  There's some super
   mini-campsites around mostly in great fishing spots.  Ponder found a
   backpacking fishing rod and yogi'd some lures and is out trying to
   catch something.  Going to have a nice sunset over the pond.  Perhaps
   a moose (see reverse :-) will show up.  Time to cook dinner....


09/14/93, Day 169, Mile 2141.5

   picture of baxter state park, maine; view of chimmney pond

   9/14/93. mile 2141.5, day 169 katahdin stream campground, ap me

   13 mile day. took it easy today i'm camped at the base of mount katahdin
   5.2 miles and 4000 vertical feet from the sumit. i expected a mail package
   with belgian ale to celebrate with at the top but it didn't arrive. i
   didn't reaaly expect it to be here anyways, i guess:-( i yogi'd a beer
   the ranger at daicy pond, though. it's only fitting that my last yogi is
   from mr ranger.:-) looks like "ponder yonder" and i are the only thru
   hikers summitting tomorrow along with "beach bum" who is finishing the
   AT by section. i plan to head up early and be down by 1:00 to hitch
   into the logging town of millinocket. it'll be hot tubs, suanas and
   hot shower tomorrow!!    moon shot

09/15/93, Day 170, Mile 2146.7

   front: MT. Katahdin     Baxter State Park

   9/15/93, MILE 2146.7   Day 170
   Baxter Peak, Mt. Katadhin, AT, ME

   view from a peak of thepeaks around and some lakes.
   cool lime green lichens and a worn rose pink spot in
   themiddle of it all :-)

   back:  BAxter State Park, Maine
           The Knife Edge viewed from Baxter
           Park, Mt. Katadhin.  Northern Terminus
           of the Appalacian Trail

   postmark:  WOR 016
                   21 Sep 1993

   a big ___Wahoo!!!___ above my address and a Bambi stamp.

   Overcast and windy day today.
   Hiked up to the summit from
   Katadhin stream(?) in 2.5 hours.
   I don't remember much of the
   climb up as I was in deep thought
   the whole way.  When we got
   up to the summit, we had it to
   ourselves for about 20 minutes
   before the day's peakbaggers
   started showing up. It was very
   windy on the summit and the
   visibility was less than ten feet
   but we didn't care - we made it.  I'll
   never forget how I felt when I
   finally touched the sign.  A lot of
   pain and hard work went into getting there
   and it's changed me forever - Moonshot GA -> ME '93
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