Info on Kennebec River Ferry

The Kennebec River is the most formidable unbridged crossing along the entire 2100 mile A.T. The Kennebec is approximately 70 yards wide with a swift, powerful current under the best of circumstances. However, as a result of releases of water from the hydro facilities upstream, the depth and current of the river surge quickly and unpredictably. You cannot cross faster than the water rises. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORD THE RIVER. PLEASE USE THE FERRY SERVICE.

The Maine A.T. Club and the A.T.C. are jointly providing a free ferry service across the Kennebec at the A.T. crossing.

Ferry Website

2004 Schedule

May 21st through July 16th 9am to 11am
July 17th through September 30th 9am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm
October 1st through October 11th 10am to 12 noon

The service operates from the Friday before Memorial Day to the Monday following Columbus Day, with two ferry times available during peak hiking season. See their website for details.

Steve will be opening a hiker store for short term resupply so hikers can stock up to get to Stratton or Monson (both 35 miles away). The store's name will be "Trailpost" and will open on June 14th (Flag Day) at Rivers and Trails base camp. Steve wants everyone to know that *all* hikers are welcome. You can contact Steve Longley at steve (at the domain) riversandtrails com

Hikers must meet the ferry on either the east or west banks of the Kennebec at the point of the A.T. crossing. If the ferry is on the opposite side, a signal flag will be provided to alert the ferry operator.

Hikers will be required to wear life jackets and follow the instructions of the ferry operator. If river conditions or weather make the crossing dangerous in the judgment of the ferry operator, the service will be discontinued until conditions are safe.

No fee will be charged for this convenience, but donations to the MATC or the ATC to defray the cost of the the service are welcome. Ferry operators will not collect any money. Donations to defray the cost of the service may be sent to the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, P.O. Box 283, Augusta, Maine 04330.

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