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Parts of AT closed in NY-NJ area because of fire danger

Saddleback Issue:

7-21-99 - Your help is needed now! Learn more about the Saddleback issue in Maine from the ATC's page on the issue or on MATC's page. Also see Trailplace's online letter writing campaign.

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 15:18:45 -0400
From: Laurie Potteiger 
Subject: Doyle Hotel closed

John Wright from our mid-Atlantic office reports that the Doyle
Hotel in Duncannon, Pa. is closed. It's not clear whether this situation
is permanent; he'll get back to us if he can find out more information.

There is a truckstop at the north end of town called the
Clarks Ferry All American Plaza; it's listed in the '99 Companion.
The phone (not listed in the Companion) is (717) 834-3174;
the current management says the rates are $24.95 single, $29.95 double,
$32.95 for 3 or more, dogs NOT allowed. There are  12 rooms.

OLD NEWS - Fall 1998 and before

Also see PATC trails forum about fires in SNP.

From ATC Page:

And info about bans in Pennsylvania, Maryland and elsewhere in Virginia. As well as water problems in southern areas of the trail.

Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 18:56:44 -0500
From: Andy Hiltz 
Subject: SNP Fire Ban Just Issued

For Immediate Release 
For additional information contact: 
Doug Raeburn at 540/999-3441 
Lyn Rothgeb at 540/999-3300

NOTE: Ban includes backpacking stoves.

Shenandoah National Park, VA--Park Superintendent Doug Morris today placed a ban on all open flames in Shenandoah National Park. The ban is being implemented immediately, and will remain in effect until further notice. During the ban, all fires, including those built in fire grates, grills, and portable stoves , will be prohibited in the park. Smoking will be allowed only in vehicles and in established parking areas. "The ban is being implemented to assist in the protection of park resources and visitors, and park neighbors and their property ," said Morris. "The effects of the lack of significant precipitation during the past several months, combined with fresh leaf fall and low relative humidity, have resulted in a significant increase in fire danger levels in the park," he added. Precipitation totals must exceed two inches in order to remove the present danger. Virginia Governor James Gilmore has issued a Proclamation that places a ban on open burning across the entire State. This ban is also expected to remain in effect until a significant amount of precipitation occurs.

* * * * *
Prepared 10/30/98

Report from Bruce Ezell about the Port Clinton Hotel:

The Port Clinton Hotel in Port Clinton, PA, is now open under new management. Helen Carbaugh (an AT institution) has retired, but she still lives near the PC Hotel.

The new owners are Paul Engle and Billie Ann Russell. They plan to welcome AT hikers, and say that "nothing has changed." The new owners have added a coin-operated washer and drier. Rooms are available at reasonable prices and some food service is planned.

Report from Maine from Stephanie Tyndall - June 17:

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 09:30:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: Stephanie Tyndall sjtyndall@yahoo.com
Subject: AT trail conditions - re ice storm damage

Kathy, a few of us SBers are held up here in Rangeley waiting for streams to be streams again since we tried white water without the raft on Sunday and decided it wasn't an experience we would choose to repeat!

So in hiding out at the Rangeley Library I was visiting some of the AT sites - Just to update the ice storm damage... In hiking south from Katahdin most of the trail was cleared of downs via the MATC. Hay Mountain still had a substainal section of uncleared downs - but otherwise most are passable. A few new downs seem to have occurred with the rash of rain and high winds, but the trails were in very good shape!

This weekend's monsoon did wipe out a lot of bog bridges and foot bridges at Saddleback and we've been told that Rt. 17 itself is closed due to Bemis Stream's flooding - so hence it is unfordable! I called Phil Peppin to update him on the rain damage.

Anyway - the hike is awesome - one adventure after another!!!

Take care,

Winter 1998 Ice Damage


From: Ernie Bedell ernieb@mindspring.com

Neels Gap (Walasi-yi Center) - The hostel is closed for overnight guests this
season due to remodeling. All other facilities are open--phone, laundry, showers,
store etc. The center is open 9:00AM-5:00PM 7 days a week.  She said that people
can still stay at the Goose Creek Cabins (706/745-5111) and that they offer
shuttle service. She said that they usually handle the overflow hikers anyway.

From ATC Page: 

Walasy-Yi Center/Neels Gap: 
From Nikki Zirk, GATC-- 

I spoke with Dorothy Hansen the owner and she would like to make sure the correct
infos given out to thru-hikers. Apparently there have been a lot of incorrect
rumors that they have been closed down. The true situation is that their septic
system has to be upgraded and because of their location requires an environmental
impact study.  What this means for thru-hikers is that their hostel will be
closed to overnight guests for this season. Hopefully the renovation will be
completed by next season. For this season, they are still open 7 days a week
9AM-5PM and hikers can still shower, do laundry, buy supplies, etc., they just
can't spend the night in the hostel. [...] Adding to the problem is he fact that
their website is not working so people think that they are definitely closed.

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