Mileages and High Points Along the A.T. By State

State Mileage Highest Point Height (Feet)
Maine 281 Katahdin 5267
New Hampshire 161 Mount Washington 6288
Vermont 146 Near Killington Peak 3870
Massachusetts 90 Mount Greylock 3491
Connecticut 52 Bear Mountain 2320
New York 88 Prospect Rock @ 1433
New Jersey 74 High Point 1803
Pennsylvania 232 Methodist Hill (?) @ 2100
Maryland 41 unnamed @ 2000
West Virginia ** 2 ? ?
Virginia 544 Mount Rogers 5729
North Carolina * 371 Clingmans Dome 6643
Tennessee * 371 Clingmans Dome 6643
Georgia 75 Blood Mountain 4461

Note: These are the highest points along the A.T. in the various states. Sometimes they also happen to be the highest points in the whole states as well. For the highest points in the whole states, see Roger Rowlett's Highpoints Page.

See below Greg (Weather Carrot) Walter's figures after studying maps at ATC November, 1997

* The A.T. in Tennessee and North Carolina runs right along the border of the two states, making it impossible to give mileage for the individual states. The 371 figure represents the total mileage for both states.

** In addition to these two miles, the trail south of the Harpers Ferry area runs right along the Virginia-West Virginia for about 20 miles.

High Point in New Jersey is slightly off the AT.

There are a few missing pieces here. I have not yet been able to track down info for all states. If you have info on any of the missing items, please let me know of a source for it. Thanks.

Table created August 6. 1995

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Greg's Figures for Highpoints along the trail

Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 17:33:51 -0400
Subject: A.T. high points


Hi.  Last week someone wrote asking about the A.T. high points, so it
seemed like a good time to correct the ATC list.  Here's the list with some

Georgia - Blood Mountain - 4,461'
North Carolina/Tennessee - Clingmans Dome - 6,625'
Virginia - Pine Mountain - 5,500'
West Virginia - Peters Mountain - 3,956'
Maryland - Quirauk Mountain - 1,880'
Pennsylvania - Big Pine Flat Ridge - 2,080'
New Jersey - base of observation platform, High Point State Park - 1,685'
New York - Prospect Rock - 1,433'
Connecticut - Bear Mountain - 2,316'
Massachusetts - Mount Greylock - 3,481'
Vermont - Killington, south-southwest slope - 4,010'
New Hampshire - Mount Washington - 6,288'
Maine - Katahdin - 5,267'

Some of the above are estimates based on USGS maps with contour intervals
around 20 feet, so they should be accurate to within 10 feet.

For PA, the highest point in the state is about 2,080 feet on Big Pine Flat
Ridge six trail miles north of Caledonia and roughly 1.5 miles south of
PATC's Milesburn Cabin.  The highest point of the trail on Methodist Hill
appears to be 2,040 feet.

West Virginia's highest point at Peters Mountain is just before the trail
drops down to Pine Swamp Branch Shelter.   In Virginia itself the high
point of the trail is not 5,729 because the A.T. never goes to the summit
of Mount Rogers.  Instead,  it crests at around 5,500 feet along Pine
Mountain between Thomas Knob Shelter and Rhododendron Gap.

In New Jersey, the A.T. never goes over High Point, but instead bypasses it
below the summit.  Therefore, the highest point of the trail in New Jersey
is at the observation platform a short distance to the south, which sits at
about 1,685 feet (perhaps 1,700 on top of the platform).   For New York,
the highest point at Prospect Rock (1433) appears to be correct.   It sits
about a half mile north of the NY-NJ line on the ridge overlooking
Greenwood Lake.

Vermont's highest A.T. point is not 4,235 on Killington. Northbound, the
trail swings around the west side of the summit and reaches it's highest
elevation of about 4,010 feet on the south-southwest slope.  It then drops
down to the 3,900 level at Cooper Lodge, where a side trail turns right and
steeply ascends 335 feet of elevation to the top.

Finally, the A.T. never literally summits Clingmans Dome, but passes very
close around the northwest side. The difference in elevation is no mare
than 15 or 20 feet.