A.T. Videos and Audio Cassettes

A growing number of videos and audios have been made about the A.T. in the last few years. The following ones are available for purchase from the ATC.

ATC, PO Box 807, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 (304) 535-6331

Amazing Grace tells the story of Bill Irwin, the blind hiker who hiked the trail in 1990. 20 minutes.

Circle of Dreams chronicles a 1990 expedition and its support team. 55 minutes.

Five Million Steps: The A.T. Thru-hikers' Story a documentary following the hikes of 16 different hikers. 75 minutes.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail was made about some hikers celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Sierra Club by doing a thru-hike. 62 minutes.

How to Hike the A.T. interviews with hikers concerning tips for getting ready for a thru-hike. 3 hours.

North to Katahdin reflects the challenge of hiking the A.T. from the viewpoint of a long-distance hiker. 28 minutes.

Tunes on Cassette

Music for the Appalachian Trail - 75 minutes of original and traditional music produced by Rick Sowash and Gasparo Records. 1992. (Also on CD)

Northbound A.T. Narration, music and song by Raven (Ernst Banfield) reflecting on his 1985 thru-hike. Dedicated to his late wife, Sunshine (Phyllis). (Note: Raven delighted many folks with songs and slides at the '95 AT Conference in Harrisonburg, and no doubt will be in Maine in '97.)

Woodsong Ten selections written and arranged by Ralph Goodenough, inspired by his thru-hike of the A.T. and including his ode to M'n'M's and a piece entitled, "My Father's Song."

Walkin' Jim Stolz has sung about the A.T.

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