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If you've seen my .sig, you'll probably know that I have a recumbent bike. If you'd like to see some pictures of a wide assortment of 'bents, and other Human Powered Vehicles, a visit out to Sonoma to the International Human Powered Vehicle Association is in order. You may also wish to check out the home pages of some fellow recumbent riders. If you wish, you can read my FAQ on these rather weird bikes that tend to get one's picture in the paper. I was rather surprised recently to see the results of a Webcrawler search on the word "recumbent."

A little experiment. Try to see if you can see how this picture was put together. It is not as it seems. (A picture of 2 recumbents and their riders at the top of a snowy Swiss mountain pass resides here.)

When I realized the Appalachian Trail was homeless, I made a home page for it.

How about some language-oriented humor ? (At least I thought this was very funny...)

If you've never been to a Free-Net-like place, you might want to visit CapAccess in Washington, D.C. where the login is: guest and the password is: visitor. If you want to leave the U.S, try the National Capital Freenet in Ottawa where the login is: guest. There are already Free-Nets in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands and down the road, ones are scheduled to come online in Italy, Ireland and the Philippines...and no telling where after that. You can reach a great many FreeNets and Community Networks via the Free-Nets Home Page. If you'd like to visit a free public access UNIX site, try aburt's Nyx, Spirit of the Night. An assortment of further community networks can be found using the Library of Congress. There's also an article on the topic that I wrote for a recent Matrix News. And here are some CapFolks' Home Pages. And here is a remarkable story of courage by a fellow named Jaime Fradera who I happened to meet one day on the Denver Freenet, a system I've almost never used.

In my perusals of various link lists, I keep expecting to come upon a link to the Nomadic Research Labs but, as of yet, I haven't found one. (But then again, I haven't done a very thorough exploration of the Web.) Anyway, I thought I'd include one here. This is the website of Steve Roberts, who's been nomadding around the U.S. for the last decade or so on his recumbent bike, loaded with a massive amount of electronic gadgetry. At the time of this writing, the lab is in San Diego where there is an on-going boat-outfitting project, where a pedal-powered boat is being readied to move the travels from roads to waterways. ...and then there are some other Technomads' pages. Then there is a very low-tech nomad named Vincent whom you can read about.

Thanks to the NCF in Ottawa for letting me know about this Random way to access the WWW. Its name is URouLette and was put together by a branch of the CIA out in Kansas. (Kansas U. folks: this was not meant to be serious. I didn't *really* think you guys had ties to the aforementioned organization. But with all your protestations, I'm now beginning to wonder...Hmmm...)

What else can you do here....

If you're a cat person, you may want to read something I wrote about Cat-Plants or a story about a "doomed" kitten seduced by catnip. (BTW - Remember the Pied Piper? It is said that he used one of these so-called cat-plants to rid that town of all those rats.) There's also a rather different version of a story with a familiar title, the Owl and the Pussycat. Also, another plant-related story: "The Tree that was a Murder Witness."

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Thanks to Vic S., fellow 'bentee, for telling me about the Spider's Web which has links to one or two places. ;)

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BTW - This page was just written up as a simple ascii document, with those added HTML codes. To see the coded version - if you're using Lynx (which is the simple text-browser and all I use so far) the command is: \ That should give you a clue as to how easy it is to create the basic document, even without using any of the HTML software, most of which seems to require Windows or a Mac. Once you find out where to put your home.html document (and any other .html documents), you just need to make sure you have the permissions set properly. (chmod 644 for UNIX) Here is a nice collection of documents about writing HTML.

Here's my machine-generated home page. I just put this up on December 18 and have not yet looked at it myself.

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