Some Technomads' Pages

  1. Vince Cate has a Perpetual Traveler Page and some info about his boat down in AI, as well as a satellite telephone site.
  2. Christer Lindh, the resident rock-climbing Swedish vegetarian spelunker.
  3. Ari Paanala, friend of Lapps in Kuopio.
  4. Bengt-Erik Norum, a self-professed computer geek, who lives in Moscow.
  5. Matthias Urlichs, provides information for the curious near Nürnberg.
  6. Stanton McCandlish, Online Activist/Archivist/SysOp/Editor in Washington, D.C.
  7. Marc Tamsky, a gliding furniture building sysadmin in Santa Barbara (?)
  8. Chris Hand, a VR kinda guy in Angleterre.
  9. Adrian Scott seems to be single-handedly keeping some airlines in business - and then there's the Virtual Theme Park.
  10. Steve Mann researches how HMD's can be used for interesting things such as a "visual filter" in Cambridge.
  11. Jim Rees, a doer of "Little Work" in Ann Arbor.
  12. Rob Savoye, yet another mountain dwelling, climbing bum, GNU hacker, Rainbow Family, Dead Head who's heavily into traveling and Nederland.
  13. Michael Sattler, nicely accommodates users of text browsers.
  14. John Brisbin, a Freelance Social Gadfly, currently wandering the rim of the Indian Ocean with Bell, his tea-powered wife.
  15. Steve Roberts, the original technomad
  16. Pat Salisbury had an educational brush with death.
  17. Steve Buettner is a member of the Mayaquest team.
  18. Greg Elin took an Internet site-seeing motorcycle trip across the U.S. in the Fall of '95.
  19. Roger Williams is travelling around the world in his truck and sending reports to various schools around the globe. [Can't find on new site - Gone or just hidden??]
  20. Jeffrey Gerard finds seasons to be problematical and provides links to hell.
  21. Mark Grant invites you to play follow-my-leader.
  22. Julf Helsingius - there's yet another story about him in the latest Wired. (Dec. p. 177)
  23. Joel Snyder, a consultant who spends most of his time in constant motion, lugging a Powerbook.
  24. Thad Starner is involved with Wearable Computers.
  25. Jan Tietze has recovered from the severe brain damage caused by BASIC.
  26. Sean Clark had this article in the magazine Internet Today in October '95. [Link doesn't work.]
  27. Richard and Kathleen Kushman (Nexmo and Download) are hiking the Appalachian Trail in 1996 and sending reports of their hike as they proceed north...
  28. Marcus Williamson will be sharing his brain this year (at BrainShare '96). ...Among other things, he's got a page for beat poet, Kenneth Patchen.
  29. Stuart Cheshire concentrates on issues of mobile computing and wireless networking.
  30. Orrin Winton writes ham-oriented software and seeks horror stories of encounters with sysops.
  31. Flyvision has a Jet Log from a recent extended trip....
  32. The Bergerons' Bike Travels
  33. Peter Vollrath asks what to do with CogSci...
  34. Brandi Jasmine has many enterprises..
  35. Roberto Wolnowicz has been on a technomadic bike voyage around the world since '91.
  36. Doug Dyment, a dairyman??
  37. Robert Hettinga has made a page for e$.
  38. Marcus Endicott has lots of info for you to Czech out....
  39. David Covin is planning to wear his computer as he hikes north along the AT starting April 7.
  40. Nick Papadakis wants to slay Unix.
  41. Harmon Seaver is a Cyberlibrarian in the deep south.
  42. Amanda Moore is from M>A>R>S> (Mobile Arts Random Sciences)
  43. Almitra Von Willcox left in August '97 for a 12 year photo 'round the globe photo odyssey.
  44. Laura DiFiore has created FreSch! The Free Scholarship Search Service - an Online database of thousands of sources of scholarships, searchable for free!
  45. BikeAbout "promotes peace and cooperative understanding through bicycling and the increased use of technology in education."
  46. Dave and Helen Damouth are on an open-ended trip around the continent. (North America)
  47. Alycea and John-Paul have been on a nearly decade-long honeymoon around the globe.
  48. Eric Rasenberg and Noesja Hoffschlag are starting on a recumbent bike trip around Asia on November 2, 1999.
  49. Mitra designs complex Internet Information Systems,
  50. Victor Vina is trying to put together a database of use to technomads.
  51. Brian Fahrlander - Sometimes the longest part of the trip is getting started."
  52. Denis Katzer and Tanja Hofmann are on a multi-decade journey around the world.
  53. A humongous collection of bicycle trip reports

Most of these pages are those of folks on the technomads mailing list. To subscribe the list, write to wordy (at) and ask to be put on the list.

If your page is here, and you object to whatever appellation I have happened to put beside your name - just let me know - and I will fix, remove or whatever. ;)

This page was started December 20, 1994.

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