Emailing about the A.T.

If you wish to write to me about the page, with comments, suggestions, broken link reports, etc., you can find my address near the bottom of the page.

If you have a question about the trail itself and/or want some hiking info, see the addresses for the Appalachian Trail Conference below.

If you want to send a message which you want to have go into the guestbook, please say something to this effect in the subject or at the top of your message.

Remember, if you have a question about the trail itself, need hike suggestions, need information about the history of the trail, etc., please write directly to the Appalachian Trail Conference at one of the following addresses, including your snailmail address when you do:

Email Addresses

ATC Headquarters in Harpers Ferry
Membership Information
Publication Information
Hiking Information
Volunteer Crew Information
Email Problems
ATC Webmaster
Individual: John Doe
MacKaye Society of Donors

Regional Trail-management Offices
New England
Georgia-North Carolina-Tennessee
Central-Southwestern Virginia

The Appalachian Trail Conference now has direct electronic-mail capability. To reach any individual you know at the Harpers Ferry central offices, use his or her first initial, no space, and last name (in full), followed by "" to complete the address. (Think casual: All the Roberts use Bob.)

ATC attempts to respond to inquiries in the medium in which they are made, but sometimes that's not possible or efficient, so please include a postal address, too. Its capabilities to respond electronically will increase over time. Soon, ATC will have its own "home page" on the World Wide Web, and that will include the text of many of the brochures and other hand-outs we now send exclusively by mail or one of the express services.

Generally speaking, ATC has a first-come/first-served policy for responding to inquiries, requests, and orders, regardless of the incoming medium. Publications orders are shipped within two working days from receipt, if the items are in stock, and information requests also usually are responded to within two or three days.

If you are not sure where to direct your message, write to:

If you want to write to me about the page or have a message for the guestbook (but not to ask where to hike or other questions that need to be addressed to the ATC) write to: kathy at-the-domain
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