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Here are some links to other pages devoted to hiking and climbing. Some of them are ones that are already linked to in the state-by-state portion of the page. Others are for areas away from the Appalachian region. In addition, there are links to some related government pages towards the bottom.

From Stephen John's Backcountry Page [No longer around it seems. Left here for historical purposes. It was about the first listing on the internet of backcountry-type sites.] or from Andy Hiltz's PATC List of Links you can get to just about any place, including all of the following...

And don't forget pages for the AT Maintaining Clubs, as well as pages for Other National Scenic Trails.

Note: All links checked and working May 26, 2000.

Previously - All links checked 6/10/98 and were working at that time (or were fixed. A couple which weren't working are marked with ?? . Will check them later.) Previous check: 5/28/97

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