Sam Waddle's 25 Years of Service...


1998 marks 25 years of service to the trail by Mr. Sam Waddle. Sam has been maintaining a section of the trail that climbs across Coldspring Mountain on the Tennessee/North Carolina state line since 1973. The trail across the mountain has changed a great deal in Samís tenure as maintainer. When he first started, there was a road across the top of the mountain and today there is barely a road up to his section (something that the Forest Service could correct with some persuasion from readers like you). The trail was moved, at Samís request, from the side of the mountain to the top across a beautiful meadow. Sam said, "Whatís the point in having a grassland, if no one can see it."

This is a photo of Sam after cleaning up around Bassett memorial. Sam carried the ashes of a man who hiked the trail in 1968 and spread them on this spot. Sam has spent many hours maintaining the Jerry Cabin Shelter. And as you can see from the trail registers, his work is greatly appreciated.

A photo of Sam standing
behind his shelter

Going on a work trip with Sam is always an exciting trip. Be warned, that what Sam calls a light work day usually turns out to be a lot of work. If you ever get the chance to assist Mr. Sam Waddle on the trail, you should take the opportunity. Sam and his mighty chainsaw make it possible for hikers to clear one of the major hurdles found in this area.

This photo shows Sam and his mighty chainsaw making light work of one of the many trees that were downed during a recent storm.

With this page we would like to honour Mr. Sam Waddle


-- Jamie Chapman & Judy Nicholson, March 16, 1998



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