Fees in the White Mountain National Forest

Starting May 23 there will be new trailhead parking fees for cars in the White Mountains National Forest. It will be $5 for a seven consecutive day permit or $20 per year. It is as yet unclear where these permits are available aside from Forest Service offices.

See this Forest Service Page for info about these new fees. According to a May 17 article in the Union Leader, posted to USENET, the emphasis this first year will be in letting people know about the fees, rather than ticketing or towing cars whose fees have not been paid. (You should be able to find the article here.)

The ATC has put up 2 press releases from the Forest Service regarding the new fees.

If you're planning a trip to the Whites, either call in advance or be sure to stop at the first ranger station you find once you get to the area to find out what you need to do....

603-528-8721 is the number for the WMNF.

White Mountain National Forest Feepilot Vendor List

List provided by Kenyon Karl who scanned and HTMLized it.

Copied using OCR software by Kenyon F. Karl < Kenyon.Karl@ConnRiver.net> from a computer printout obtained at the Plymouth WMNF Ranger Station on June 17, 1997. Unintentional errors are likely! --KK

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