Trees Along the Canal

List of Common Names of Trees and Shrubs

Comments about Some of Trees and Shrubs on List

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List of Trees and Shrubs

These are most of the trees and shrubs that would likely be encountered along the towpath and river in the Milepost 60-80 area, and the list would probably be similar for much of the rest of the canal.

Native Trees:

River Maple, Sycamore, Box Elder, Elm, Hackberry, Paw Paw, Tulip,Poplar, White Oak, Red Oak, Basswood, Ash, Black Walnut, Hickory, Dogwood, Black Locust, Red Cedar, Honey Locust, Sassafras, Cherry, River Birch, Cottonwood, Black Haw, Hop Hornbeam, Beech, Cucumber Tree, Alternate Dogwood, Arborvitae

Nice site from the University of Kentucky - Tree Web where info on a variety of trees can be found.

Exotic Trees:

White Mulberry, Paulownia, Ailanthus, Osage Orange (from further west)

Native Shrubs:

Bladder-nut, Spicebush, Wild Hydrangea, Elderberry, Ninebark, Buttonbush

Exotic Shrubs:

Multiflora Rose

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