Name: Shawn and Keri Mongue
Date: Sunday - 9/Jun/96 - 8:55:55
Homepage: @ What and Where?
Referred from: Other
Comments: fellow member of Fred Net, would you kind enough to email
me your experiences and how you went about publishing your
home page?

Name: Dave Todeschini
Date: Saturday - 8/Jun/96 - 22:47:57
Homepage: The MidAtlantic Trailblazer - temporary page
Referred from: Net Search
Comments: We just wrote a book - the FIRST GPS TRAIL GUIDE ever!!.
Includes a technical manual for GPS, and over 150 pages of
T REKS using a GPS receiver - Adirondack, Catskill, Harriman
State Park, Bear Mountain, Palisades, and NJ Pine barrens.
Over 350 pages - lots of photos large format 8.5 x 11
spiral bound - asy to photocopy a few pages to take on hikes
VE RY NICELY DONE - Published entirely in-house spared no expense
covers laminated in plastic first 1,000 off the press will
be autographed by the authors.

Name: Phil Toth
Date: Thursday - 6/Jun/96 - 11:17:10
Homepage: Lerman's Wo rld Tour *AKA Navy Lifer Page*
Referred from: Net Search
Comments: Kathy,
I was looking for an ISP for my sister, in Mt. Airy and
decided to look at some user pages for FredNet. You have
quite a variety and I en joyed my visit. Stop by my place
Hampton, Va.

Name: Bradley Russell Jones
Date: Wednesday - 5/Jun/96 - 20:37:36
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Yahoo!
Comments: very interesting! will bookmark to visit on a regular basis to read all the info and explore the many links...

Name: Michael J. Neuman
Email: aol.mjnbalt
Date: Monday - 3/Jun/96 - 19:41:48
Homepage: http://
Referred from: AT News
Comments: Great updates

Name: Chris J.-Andersen
Date: Thursday - 30/May/96 - 10:50:34
Homepage: None yet, but coming s oon!
Referred from: NewsGroups
Comments: Fine work! Fine pages! Congratulations.

Name: James Jennings
Date: Thursday - 30/May/96 - 7:54:57
Referred from: Yahoo!
Comments: I reme mber hiking the Canal in the late 70's/early 80's.

Name: Charles Cauchi
Date: Tuesday - 28/May/96 - 3:40:04
Homepage: http://
Referred fr om: Other
Comments: Thank you for your home page.
Name:Tom Williams
Date:Monday - 27/May/96 - 3:26:22
Homepage:Tom Williams' Home Page & Garage Sale
Referred from:AT News
Comments: I was following the links to try to find an update to the
AT page. How are the Kushman's doing? Is Nexmo's father
Name:Karen Lyons-McGann
Date:Thursday - 23/May/96 - 10:33:54
Referred from:AT News
Comments: I'm hunting for a good weeklong for a beginner and an
out of practice hiker that starts within a days drive
of Raleigh, NC. This looks good. If anyone has
other suggestions, please let me know. We are planning
an e arly fall trip.
May 95
Name:Karen Lyons-McGann
Date:Thursday - 23/May/96 - 10:30:48
Referred from:AT News
Comments: I'm hunting for a good weeklong for a beginner and an
out of practice hiker that starts within a days drive
of Raleigh, NC. This looks good. If anyone has
other suggestions, please let me know. We are planning
an e arly fall trip.
May 95
Name:Eric Fourchault
Date:Thursday - 23/May/96 - 5:07:42
Referred from:IHPVA Website
Comments: Corsica could be a nice place to test recumbents...
Pretty pages. Have a look at my web. Soon about my bikes..
Name:Godfrey McLean
Date:Wednesday - 22/May/96 - 3:53:11
Referred from :Other
Comments: Here's another Maltese bloke. Kathy, thanks. Found the page really good. Interesting reading and lots of fun. Will be visiting again soon!!
Name:Koos Fernhout
Email:none yet
Date:Tuesday - 21/May/96 - 6:31:14
Referred from:Other
Comments: T hanks for giving me guidance on USA canals. My interest stems from the fact that I was born a son of a Dutch skipper, studied and found work on land, but am now a Dutch tugboat enthousiast, owning an original tug. Type: Amsterdammer; Length: 16.16 m; wi dth: 3.30 m; draught: 1.60 m
Name:Michael N. Walker
Date:Monday - 20/May/96 - 11:09:23
Homepage:the Heartland Onra mp
Referred from:IHPVA Website
Comments: Thanks for all of the links to other recumbent riders. That in itself has been a wealth of information on recumbents. And thanks for adding me to the page, and the use of your FAQ.
Name:Michael N. Walker
Date:Monday - 20/May/96 - 11:08:37
Homepage:the Heartland Onra mp
Referred from:IHPVA Website
Comments: Thanks for all of the links to other recumbent riders.
That in itself has been a wealth of information on recumbents.
And thanks for adding me to the page, and the use of your FA Q.
Name:Andrew Henderson
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 16:19:49
Referre d from:Other
Comments: brill
Name:Norman M. (Mike) Reed
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 15:37:48
Referred from:Other< br> Comments: I was searching through the C&O Canal Web Pages and found your page.
Name:Glyn Curtis
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 15:09:18
Referred from:Yaho o!
Comments: Cool! :)

Name:Duke Devlin
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 14:37:08
Referred from:Other< br> Comments: I have enjoyed my visit to your page. Very cool Kathy I
must say. Very cool.
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 13:14:37
Homepage:Lorna's Homepage!
Referred from:Other
Comments: Hi! Just dropping by...
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 10:04:41
Referred from:Other
Comments: Hello!
Name:Yendis Lorem
Email:none at present
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 7:38:12
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Snuck on computer at work, found you, and thought I'd try
something new. Thanx for having me :-)
Am Los Angeles resident (PO Box 5394, Compton, 90224) whose
new at this but having a blast
Name:Jan Gunnar Reke
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 1:37:48
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: YANG surfed by!!
Name:Anthony (Tony) Futcher
Date:Friday - 17/May/96 - 15:11:15
Referred from:Oth er
Comments: Very useful page!
Date:Sunday - 12/May/96 - 15:33:59
Homepage:Joyce's Homepage (What else?)
Referr ed from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Interesting. I like the smiley face.
Date:Saturday - 11/May/96 - 7:52:47
Referred from:Ju st Surfed On In!
Name:David Bauldree
Date:Friday - 10/May/96 - 20:58:32
Referred from :Other
Comments: Great information. This is exciting. Makes me want to go back to the area just to see the canal.

Name:Owen Bamford
Date:Monday - 6/May/96 - 16:53:57
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Hi!. I edit the newsletter for Chesapeake Audubon.
Can you tell me where I get information on starting a
web page?
Name:Jerry Persall
Date:Monday - 6/May/96 - 7:50:06
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: As a thru-biker from Cumberland to Georgetown about five years ago I was saddened over the recent destruction. A friend in North Carolina was considering bicycling the 184 miles this summer and so I sought info out on the I-net. You have a very polished and informative web presence; very diverse, resourceful and enormously useful. Bets wishes on the restoration.
Name:Ben Oddo
Date:Wednesday - 1/May/96 - 10:26:53
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: In October 1993, I had my one and only experience with the
C&O Canal, and it is an experience that I will never forget.
I was glad to see such an extensive web site on the canal, but
I was saddened to hear about the devastating flood earli er this
year. I hope to return to the canal in June to bike the entire
length, but it looks like that would not be likely this year.
But now I have an excellent source for information about the
canal's restoration, and you can rest as ured that I will be
doing what I can to help with restoration project.
Name:Jason Ouellette
Date:Monday - 29/Apr/96 - 7:12:04
Referred from:Net Search Comments: Growing up I spent a lot of time hiking and biking the canal
I feel it's one of the greatest places I've ever been
Name:Denny Crosby
Date:Monday - 22/Apr/96 - 17:24:05
Homepage:not yet
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Kathy: Love your guestbook. Great Idea and by the looks of the responses well liked. I enjoyed reading the comments and will check back frequently.
Name:Mark Steven Katsouros
Date:Monday - 22/Apr/96 - 8:27:26
Homepage:COAST (C&O Annual Scenic Tour) 95
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: The above page chronicles our cycling tour down the C&O
Canal in the Fall of 1995.
Name:Mark Steven Katsouros
Date:Monday - 22/Apr/96 - 8:21:23
Homepage:COAST (C&O Annual Scenic Tour) 95
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: I think you know (or have heard of) Clay Gump, a fellow
cyclist and friend/workmate of mine.
Name:Eileen Takata
Date:Friday - 19/Apr/96 - 13:43:36
Refer red from:Other
Comments: I am very glad to find such a wealth of information out
there on the C&O. I will be sure the pass this information
along to fellow Landscape Architects in the Washington area
who are interested in th e restoration of the C&O.
Keep up the great site!
Name:Eileen Takata
Date:Friday - 19/Apr/96 - 13:42:07
Refer red from:Other
Comments: I am very glad to find such a wealth of information out
there on the C&O. I will be sure the pass this information
along to fellow Landscape Architects in the Washington area
who are interested in th e restoration of the C&O.
Keep up the great site!
Name:Henning Wright
Date:Friday - 19/Apr/96 - 6:44:26
Homepage:http://its not ready yet
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Found you while looking for recumbents. Have a short wheelbase "M5"
10-12 may is the open Danish championships in Copenhagen
Name:Ralph Kunkel
Date:Thursday - 18/Apr/96 - 17:56:05
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: I grew up in Maryland and canoed C&O Canal from 1958 until
I left Maryland. I have hiked it in its entirety any number of times
when I was a young man. My father lives near Hancock on
Long Hollow Road just off Woodmont Road. I have hi ked
from his farm to the canal and walked into Little Orleans at
least twice a year for the past ten years. The Potomac has
always been my sacred river and the canal my sanctuary.
I've been in Boston for a quarter century. I teach sc ience at
a boys academy on one of the harbor islands in Boston Harbor.
Great to see a C&O page.
Name:George Cassutto
Date:Wednesday - 17/Apr/96 - 18:36:17
Homepage:George Cassutto's Personal Page
Referred from:Other
Comments: Hi Kathy!
After your AT page was written up in Internet World, I decided to link you to my own Personal Page on the North Hagerstown HS website (
You have done such a great job, and we are all very proud of you!
Keep it up. See you on the AT!
George Cassutto
Teacher of Social Studies
Name:tris mccann
Date:Wednesday - 17/Apr/96 - 6:46:09
Referred from:< /b>Net Search
Comments: Fun! I'm actually looking for info on old (cruiser) bikes and restoration, but stumbled onto your page and liked it. I'm planning to ride a Schwinn Hollywood (coaster brake, 35 pounds) from Minneapolis to Michigan next summer.
Thanks for being.
Name:aroon suansilppongse
Date:Friday - 12/Apr/96 - 17:53:56
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comm ents: Hello:

Do you have any infor. about bird feeder attracting rats?

Is it true that a single bird feeder hanging from the tree in front of the townhouse could cause rats infestation within the townhouse complex? Is there a stu dy that confirm or refusing it? Please advised. Thanks, Aroon 4/12/96

Name:Estelle Goodell
Date:Wednesday - 10/Apr/96 - 18:12:10
Referred from:Other
Comment s: The A.T. pages are great! Friends will be hiking the

northern reaches this summer!
Name:Peter W. Bilton
Date:Wednesday - 10/Apr/96 - 13:07:18
Homepage:Mr. Pete' s North by Northwest
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: Hey Kathy -

My brother Michael told me about your page and suggested I check it out.

I, too, am an AT lover and enthusiast. I'm thinking of

taking some time off after I graduate to do the whole thing.

Please excuse my homepage - I put it together in two days and never touched it again.

Lucky for me, nobody knows where it is:)

Name:Ted Mann
Date:Wednesday - 10/Apr/96 - 11:54:52
Homepage:T/E School District
Referred f rom:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I Rode with Stonewall
Name:bill franklin
Date:Monday - 8/Apr/96 - 13:38:26
Referred from:Just Surfed On I n!
Comments: Last year I biked the entire canal and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We went first weekend in Dec 95 so traffic was very light but

the two nights camping out were cold. Tremendous trip

though. It really is tragic what has happened to the canal

from the flood and it is good to hear that efforts are under

way to repair the canal. One of the things that struck me

about the canal is the chance to experience the history ove r

such a long way. When you visit an historical site you tend

to show up, look around, and then leave. Not so with the

canal; it's 184 miles of history. I thought it was just

terrific. Life along the canal du ring its heyday must

really have been something. I live in western md (DCL) and

would be interested in helping in some way w/ the

restoration. Any ideas? The day I hit your page it was

very slow so I did n ot get to visit everywhere. You

probably have a link to an area for volunteers. Anyway, nice

page and I sure am looking forward to riding the canal again.

Name:Ihab Awad
Date:Sunday - 7/Apr/96 - 14:58:58
Homepage:Ihab Awad's Home Page
Referred from:IHPVA Website
Comments: Hello! I ride a Miyata touring bike, but a 'bent (esp. w/fairing) might be warmer in MN (brrr). I like The Economist too! btw, how about stuff on your page re what U do for a livi ng? Nice page; rgds & cheers :) -- I.
Date:Sunday - 7/Apr/96 - 13:32:20
Homepage:Southbound Peach Home Page Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Enjoyed visiting your page very much....


" a peach for peace..."
Date:Sunday - 7/Apr/96 - 13:31:30
Homepage:Southbound Peach Home Page Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Enjoyed visiting your page very much....


" a peach for peach..."
Name:Michael Bilton
Date:Thursday - 4/Apr/96 - 21:09:02
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Simply typed in Bilton . . . My brother Peter is an active nature lover and athlete, so I sent him your homepage addrss.
Name:Harold C. Ogg
Date:Thursday - 4/Apr/96 - 13:47:34
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I was very saddened to learn of the extensive damage to the
Canal in late January. There were pictures of the flooding
on local (Chicago) TV news, but no mention of the Canal
proper. My son and I cycled the length of the canal (from
Cumberland to D.C.) twice in the late '70s, and we have many
pleasant memories. You might pass along the information
that the Illinois and Michigan Canal (Channahon/Joliet to
Peru, Illinois--a total of 55 miles) was in great shape last
summer and might be an alternative for enthusiasts back East
until the C & O is back in shape. E-mail me with informa-
tion, and we can write our Midwestern congresspersons, etc.,
to encourage restoration funding. In the meantime, please
keep updating the news on the Web regarding restoration
efforts. Thanks.--HCO
Name:ray h. mumford
Date:Sunday - 31/Mar/96 - 21:36:27
Referred from:Other
Comment s: Let's see if the guestbook program gets it right this time. If not, it's "".
Name:ray h. mumford
Date:Sunday - 31/Mar/96 - 21:31:41
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments : I have done a couple of versions of a typical (?) C&O Canal liftlock, more-or-less architectural style, in a
Autocad r12, based on Capt. Hahn's book and numerous slides I took doing the 184-mile pilgrimage with my sons several years ago. I woul d be delighted to provide hard prints by mail or .dwg acad files by whatever to anyone interested in checking and correcting these drawings. Perhaps, when they are as right as we can get them, you would want to add them to your canal home page.
Name:Thom Dodd
Date:Saturday - 30/Mar/96 - 18:02:39
Homepage:New Portland Raquette Club
Ref erred from:NewsGroups
Comments: Nice job - a lot of work. Hope to visit one day.
Name:Michael S. Amberg
Date:Wednesday - 27/Mar/96 - 17:27:59
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: This rocks!
I was just surfing, and stumbled on to your page.I'm
interested in alot of the things that you're into also, so I
can relate to much of what you're page is about. One of the
things I can't relate to is canoeing on a canal, 'cuz that
would really suck! I think that would be really boring,
because I like to canoe whitewater (minimum level four-well
actually I'll take a hearty three.) I have (once) canoed the < br> mighty Delaware River with a group of environmental
scientists from New York City-
most of whom had never been canoeing before.It
was hard trying to keep interested in canoeing such a dull
Well, enough about my exper ien ces. Just thought I'd let
you know that you have a great page.
Name:Jim Gasch
Date:Sunday - 24/Mar/96 - 20:46:23
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comment s: We have mountain property near the Paw Paw tunnel.
Name:Bruce Freeman
Date:Sunday - 24/Mar/96 - 19:32:41
Referred from:Newspaper or Magazi ne
Comments: planning to climb Old Speck this summer (1996)
Name:Robert Langston
Date:Wednesday - 20/Mar/96 - 10:17:10
Homepage:Rob's Environmental Home Page
Referred from:Other
Comments: Before you know it, the C&O Canal is going to be better than brand new..
Stop by my page and see my Canal Pictures
Name:John Carpenter
Date:Monday - 18/Mar/96 - 16:24:44
Homepage:U.S. Patent Agent, John W. Carpenter
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Nice Page
Name:Les and Brenda Beavers
Date:Saturday - 16/Mar/96 - 10:14:53
Referred fro m:Other
Comments: Thanks for setting up the AT web site. We are looking forward
to becoming thru-hikers. Your info is helpful.
Name:Steve Freedman
Date:Saturday - 16/Mar/96 - 5:12:02
Referred from:Other
Comments: I clicked on the Scuba World Home Page and ended up here. Hmmmmm...
Name:Bill Hibbard
Date:Friday - 15/Mar/96 - 5:25:18
Referred from:Other
Comments: I knew about the Canal page, but this is my first visit. Not having a real Web browser, I'm using Lynx. I'm a new member of the C&O Canal Association and the Level Walker for Level 40 (2 miles south of Dam 5). I only walked it once before the Flood. Fortunately, the only real damage was the loss of both foot bridges, and these can be by-passed by a short section of parallel road.
Name:stephen Pollard
Date:Thursday - 14/Mar/96 - 5:14:23
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Stuck in a suit and office, but aching to throw on the pack and head back out the land of tough feet and smelly poly-pro. Currently planning a thru hike for '97.
Name:Keith Drury
Date:Monday - 11/Mar/96 - 12:20:23
Referred from:Other
Comments: Kathy,
Sure wish I knew what the Kushman's were using for data transfor... I will probably catch them this summer in NJ-NY-CN-MA where I'll be clicking off 400 miles on my snail-speed hike of the AT... I have an HP200lx but have not been able to Xfr email yet...
Name:Brian Managan
Date:Thursday - 7/Mar/96 - 12:24:16
Homepage:The Managan Home Page< /a>
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Found your site from a new link on our site for the
Genesee Valley Greenway:

I'm the newsletter editor for th e Friends of the Genesee
Valley Greenway (FOGVG) and the Trails Coordinator for
the Rochester Bicycling Club (

Was horrified to hear of the damage to your trail
because of the floods. Makes me better ap preciate the flood
control dam upriver from Rochester at Mt. Morris!

I'll be back to spend more time visiting all your pages.
Name:Joe Vespe
Date:Saturday - 2/Mar/96 - 8:28:00
Referred from:IHPVA Website
Comments: Great pages and informat ion about everything from the A-Trail to recumbents. Thanks for this resource
Name:Roy McCarthy
Date:Friday - 1/Mar/96 - 12:35:36
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I was searching for some info on the AT. Glad you gave it a home. Nice pages.
Name:Mike Hanscom
Date:Tuesday - 27/Feb/96 - 18:03:32
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I don't have a home page yet, I'm a new user. I liked your page, it was interesting.
Maybe we'll talk sometime.
Name:Lois Gacek
Date:Sunday - 25/Feb/96 - 12:31:45
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I' ve always wanted to ride on a canal boat. Had a ranger from the Blackstone Valley Corridor Nat'l Park speak to my class. Saw the program Field Trip, today and was interested. Would like to visit some day. Looked very interesting.
Name:Kenneth Scicluna
Date:Friday - 23/Feb/96 - 13:18:19
Homepage:Fuzzbods Homepage
Referred from:< /b>Other
Comments: Looks very good - Grazio was right!
Name:David W. Morgan
Date:Thursday - 22/Feb/96 - 17:24:18
Homepage:Homeless in Paradise
Refe rred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: Aha! Now I know what you look like! That bike is really
comfortable, eh?

What is on your heresy page? Is it supposed to be blank?
Name:jim zorger
Date:Wednesday - 21/Feb/96 - 15:42:48
Referred from:Just Su rfed On In!
Comments: just another bent rider (ryan)
Name:Sara Gottlieb
Date:Wednesday - 21/Feb/96 - 14:15:39
Homepage: eb
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Kathy - I really appreciate all the great pages you have created. Please check mine out (yours are linked here). I maintain a list of Chesapeake Bay region sites, which you may find interesting: Sara Gottlieb University of Maryland/Chespeake Biological Lab
Name:richard castelnuovo
Date:Monday - 19/Feb/96 - 10:24:27
Homepage:Managing Liability in the Field
Referred from:Newspaper or Magazine
Comments: I am writing a paper on Justice Douglas and the C&O trail. Enjoyed your site. Would never have thought to look on the web. In my research , I am looking for information about how government and citizen addressed questions of restoration, eg. How much history do you restore and how much nature do you preserve. Any ideas.
Name:John Fleckner
Date:Monday - 19/Feb/96 - 9:25:56
Referred from:Other
Comments: from nm taylor's cyclist pages; this really is a great resource for f olks like me who run and bike (and live nearby) the canal. Thanks.
Name:Chris Milton,
Date:Sunday - 18/Feb/96 - 10:24:58
Homepage:Chris Milton's Homepage
Referred from:NewsGroups
Comments: Wow, a familiar name from CapAccess. I see you have a connection for Barry Bouwsma, too. I, too, have a cat. I guess I'd better get her a Page. Not that she's all that interested in computers.
Name:Jim Rush
Date:Saturday - 17/Feb/96 - 23:01:48
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Glad to see you online!
Name:Dian and Bill Patterson
Date:Saturday - 17/Feb/96 - 21:00:21
Homepage:None compu ter literacy problems.
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I didnn/t see the comments page. You might be interested in our
bike. WYMS stands for "With Your Main Squeeze" It has a 47
inch wheelbase suspension a nd gear shifters for the captain
and the stoker. After I designed it, we only rode our Rod-
requez a couple of times. Then sold it.
Also, on our 30 wedding anniversary, we did a 34 day tour in France.
No support, no reservations and to itinerary. Gee I need a
spell checker
Bill and Dian

Name:David A. Roberts
Date:Saturday - 17/Feb/96 - 20:59:57
Referred from:Other
Comments: A friend told me about your home page. We live in the far NE corner of metro-Phoenix, where there are bobcats in the wash (arroyo) that runs behind our home. I had asked my friend if he knew how bobcats respond to catnip and he sent me your article on catplants (with your home page address). So, here I am. Now all I need is a way to view the graphics (I only get text from this browser). Keep up the good work! ---- David A. Roberts
Name:Nancy Taylor
Date:Saturday - 17/Feb/96 - 17:28:42
Homepage:N. M. Taylor's Home Page< br> Referred from:NewsGroups
Comments: Love your revamped home page. Okay, I'm partial to kitties,
for one thing!
Name:Bill Holmes
Date:Thursday - 15/Feb/96 - 22:13:00
Referred from:Newspaper or Magazine
Comments: A friend an d I have hiked all of the first 100 miles between
Georgetown and Williamsport, plus pieces above the 100 mile
marker, such as a few miles around Paw Paw Tunnel, as well as
the Cumberland Terminus -- not bad for a couple of "junior"
se nior citizens.
Name:Mark Graber
Date:Monday - 12/Feb/96 - 19:43:19
Homepage:Univ. of I owa Dept of Family Practice
Referred from:IHPVA Website
Comments: Hi. I have an R-45 vision and my wife rides a Rans Stratus. If anyone has questions about the bikes, etc. we would be happy to answer.
Mark Graber

Name:Bunky Hill
Date:Wednesday - 7/Feb/96 - 18:13:30
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments :
Name:Mark Miller
Date:Wednesday - 7/Feb/96 - 17:40:55
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Hello....I grew up in Cumberland for a while and then moved to cleveland. My friend and I, instead of going to the beach for spring break, would yearly hike 30 miles down the canal. Now I am in the Navy in Italy. What a shame about the flooding...but that is nature:)
Name:Michael J. Perkins
Date:Wednesday - 7/Feb/96 - 12:17:16
Homepage:Michael J. Perkins
Referred from:Other
Comments: I searched for the page using WebCrawler. BTW, I
have a brief page with my own canal stuff, including a couple
of downloadable pictures from my own canal adventures. If
you want a link to it , you can wither link to my homepage, or
directly to my C&O page at
Name:Ron Messersmith
Date:Wednesday - 7/Feb/96 - 6:51:15
Referred from:Other
Comments: I was born and raised in Hagerstown, Maryland, but now reside in Virginia Beach. A school teacher looking at several snow days to "fill", I began to surf my home town area looking for pictures of old haunts.
I spent many a weekend on the canal n ear Williamsport. MD camping and hiking as a kid. Lately, I still visit those same areas with my children from time to time while visiting my folks.
My most vivid memories of the old days are times swimming in the Potomac, running its banks and th e two weeks each summer I spent recovering in bed with a massive case of POISON IVY....
The Canal area is much improved since the 60's. Thanks. You are a wonderful resource.
Name:Kathy Bilton
Date:Monday - 5/Feb/96 - 10:12:09
Referred from:Other
Comments: Just testing as the old part of the gues tbook has been archived.
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