Got a bit of a chuckle when I got this result on a search on the word "recumbent." Four of the top six items turn out to be things from my page, including that ar727 thing.

At the bottom of the page, you will be able to jump right to current searches on the word via a couple of different search engines.

[1]WebCrawler Search Results

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   The query "recumbent" found 13 documents and returned 13:
   1000 [5]'Bent FAQ
   0414 [6]The HPV Library
   0337 [7]My First Attempt at a Home Page
   0337 [8]
   0324 [9]IHPVA WWW server
   0267 [10]Fellow 'Bentees
   0254 [11]ColdMUD Cores
   0235 [12]
   0133 [13]
   0044 [15]Helen's WWW Home Page
   0006 [16]
   0000 [17]NRL homepage 
BTW - The last on the list is the Nomadic Research Labs, a site which was the "Cool Site of the Day" in early March. To see the kind of effect being a "Cool Site" can have, here is a grep of a portion of the access_log from that site in early March:

Subject: The effects of Cool Site

.....a bit of 'grep -c' on the access_log and found:

Mar 4 (Sat):     473
Mar 5 (Sun):     296
Mar 6 (Mon):     652
Mar 7 (Tue):     659
Mar 8 (Wed):     542
Mar 9 (Thu):     579
Mar 10 (Fri):  7,362  (cool site begins, afternoon)
Mar 11 (Sat): 54,460  (cool site all day)
Mar 12 (Sun):  4,263
Mar 13 (Mon):  7,040  (up to 2 PM)

Now, what's also (at least to me) interesting are results doing the same search, this time on March 16, 1995, the former having been done sometime in early February or so.
From kathy Thu Mar 16 13:15:26 1995
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 13:15:26 -0500
Subject: WebQuery

   The query "recumbent" found 13 documents and returned 12:

(Withholding one, why?)
   1000 [5]The Recumbent FAQ
   0120 [6]FAQ for Recumbent Bikes
   0034 [7]IHPVA Gopher/HTTP Server
   0028 [8]IHPVA WWW server
   0023 [9]My First Attempt at a Home Page
   0021 [10]NRL Homepage
   0013 [11]ColdMUD Cores
   0012 [12]
   0008 [13]The HPV Library
   0002 [15]Helen's WWW Home Page
   0000 [16]gopher://
You can see what Webcrawler is currently finding when it is asked about the word "recumbent" right here.
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