CD1Historical Records
Pendleton County, West Virginia

 A series of CDs containing color images of actual historical documents and photographs

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Volume 1 - 1st County Court Record Book 1788
The pages of this original book were photographed in 2005 in the Clerk's Office of the Pendleton County Courthouse, with permission.  An 11x17 inch printed copy was donated to the Clerk for use on the public shelves in place of the original.  This CD contains the original photographs as well as the digitally enhanced versions used for printing.

Volume 2 - 19th Century Marriage Records
This collection of marriage records from 1826 to 1857 was located in a private collection.  The records were borrowed and photographed with permission.  They include ministers' returns, marriage licenses, marriage bonds, consent forms, and original signatures, primarily from the 1840s.  Due to time constraints, there is no index to this CD nor list of names appearing in the records. 

Volume 3 - Letters and Photographs
19th century letters from the Hammer family + photos of
the Byrd, Harper, and Hammer families, photos of items from the Ambrose Meadows home and the Mauzy home in Franklin that burned in the 1924 fire.

Volumes 4-8 contain the index pages for the books listed under each volume title.  They will allow you to locate the books that have entries on your ancestor.  CDs of full books will be available as time allows.  I will film these books in the order they are requested.  For example:  if you order Volume 5 and find entries for your ancestor in the index for Record Book 1810-1817, send me an email requesting that I copy that book and put it on CD as soon as possible.  Future planned volumes include marriage bonds and the early Births, Marriages, and Deaths Index.

Volume 4 - Court Record Indexes 1788-1822                                          sample 1

Volume 5 - Court Record Indexes 1809-1856

Volume 6 - Court Record Indexes 1822-1911

Volume 7 - Court Record Indexes 1857-1896

Volume 8 - Court Record Indexes 1867-1906

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