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"SCOL" (Sutphin Cousins On Line) -

SCOL is an informal e-mail network of folks who are interested in researching the Sutfin/Sutphen/Sutphin/Sutvin surnames and allied lines. This group holds a wealth of information. For more information about SCOL and the list that has been established, click on SCOL above...
Ancestors of Mike Sutphin...

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  • Index of Family Names...
  • I hold much more data than is contained in the files above. For example...

    here is my most recent text file on the descendants of William Sutphin Sr., my G-G-G-Grandfather (400 kbyte text file).

    A jpeg picture of William Sr.'s son Elijah... my G-G-Grandfather.

    A jpeg picture of Elijah's son William... my G-Grandfather.

    A .gif image of his signature

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