Hypoglycemia Association Information

Note:  The person at HAI who spearheaded
the organization, wrote the bulletins and
answered the mail passed away in January, 1999.
There are no new bulletins being produced.

Used by permission. Information may be distributed freely in the interest of helping others who have hypoglycemia.

HAI Basic Diet (in English) (In text form for easy downloading)
HAI Basic Diet (in Spanish)
HAI Bulletin Number 38, Energy-Diet-Case History
HAI Bulletin Number 44, Symptoms
HAI Bulletin Number 45, How to Live With Hypoglycemia
HAI Bulletin Number 63, Nutrition - Fats
HAI Bulletin Number 96, Adrenal Dysfunction
HAI Bulletin Number 113, Reading List
HAI Bulletin Number 147, Through the Mill with Hypoglycemia
HAI Bulletin Number 155, Low Blood Pressure
HAI Bulletin Number 164 (Revised Sep 95), Lessons Learned from Living with Hypoglycemia for 30 years
HAI   Bulletin Number 171,  Adrenals, Our  Fight or Flight Glands
HAI Bulletin Number 181, Allergy, Intolerance, Sensitivity
HAI Bulletin Number 185, Modern Holistic Approach
HAI Bulletin Number 192, Pen in Hand
HAI Bulletin Number 197, Info Super Highway I think this was named to commemorate the HAI things being put on Internet and CompuServe
HAI Bulletin Number 200, Addictions

Information from John W. Tintera, M.D.

This is information from the Adrenal Metabolic Research Society of the Hypoglycemia Foundation, Inc., 153 Pawling Avenue, Troy, New York, USA 12180. Upon the deaths of Dr. Tintera, M.D. in 1969, and later his wife, the Tintera's heirs passed all the collected papers of the Hypoglycemia Foundation, Inc. to the Hypoglycemia Association, Inc. (HAI) This has been reproduced here with the permission of HAI, Inc.

Note: Dr. Tintera mentions adrenal cortical extract quite frequently in his writings. Early in 1978, the Food and Drug Administration halted production of the extract (ACE) advising that in the opinion of the FDA the extract is obsolete and ineffective. ACE is no longer available within the United States.

  1. Hypoadrenocorticism (134 page book (compilation of medical papers))
    1. The Hypoadrenocortical State and Its Management (43K file)
    2. Endocrine Aspects of Ophthalmologic and Otolaryngologic Allergy (63K file)
    3. Endocrine Aspects of Schizophrenia: Hypoglycemia and Hypoadrenocorticism (64 K file, plus 17 figures (20k each))
    4. Stabilizing Homeostasis in the Recovered Alcoholic Through Endocrine Therapy: Evaluation of the Hypoglycemia Factor
    5. The Hypoadrenocortical State
    6. Hypoadrenocorticism
  2. Hypoglycemia and Me? (30 page pamphlet)
    1. Hypoglycemia , What is It?
    2. Diagnosis
    3. Interpretation of the Glucose Tolerance Test
    4. Regulation of Blood Sugar
    5. Prevention, Control, and Treatment of Hypoglycemia
    6. The Hypoglycemia Diet
    7. Adrenal Cortical Extract Therapy
    8. History
    9. Emotions and Hypoglycemia
    10. Questions and Answers
    11. About the Foundation
    12. Bibliography

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