McCullough Tartans

Late Breaking News!

I am having a new McCullough Tartan designed and registered in Scotland.  Stay tuned for further details, now back to when we didn't have a tartan of our own.

Isn't there a tartan for the McCullough Clan?

Unless someone has created one for their own family, there is no one tartan in common use that is associated with McCulloughs to go with the well-known MacCulloch badge.  The badge has the hand throwing a dart "proper" with the motto "Vi et Animo", By Strength and Courage .  There are a number of other clans that McCulloughs have been associated with that do have tartans.  I have listed these below with links to some of their tartans so that you can see what they look like.  The major links are to Clan MacDougall, Clan Ross, and Clan Munro.  There are lesser links to Clan Gunn (through the surname McCullie) and Clan MacDonald of Sleat.  There are some older listings that show a McCullough tartan (such as the book "Tartan for Me").  These listings are referring to the MacDonald of Sleat tartan and do not represent a separate McCullough tartan.  McCulloughs are also associated with the Galloway District in Scotland.  Galloway is also the location of the MacDowell branch of Clan MacDougall.  In addition, there are many McCulloughs that are from Ireland, primarily from the County Antrim and County Down areas of Ulster.  So really, we have a greater selection of family tartans than some clan that has only one or two tartans!  Enjoy!


Clan MacDougall/MacDowell

MacDougall Modern
MacDougall Ancient
Galloway District Ancient

Clan Ross

Ross Red
Ross Hunting Modern
Ross Hunting Ancient
Ross Hunting Muted

Clan Munro

Munro Modern
Black Watch  Modern (Sorry, this is pretty dark)

Clan Gunn

Gunn Ancient

MacDonald of Sleat

(I don't have a picture of this yet)


County Antrim