The MacCulloch/ MacCulloghTartan

I told the designer to use the Ulster, MacDougall, Ross, and Galloway tartans for departure points, since McCullough is associated with those.  The first iteration the designer sent me five choices.  I evaluated them and posted the choices and got others opinion.   The overwhelming choice was "E".  To see the effect of some changes I asked for some variations on two of them.  I reposted the images and asked again.  I also asked around at a couple of highland games to some Rosses and MacDougalls.  The choice was about half and half for the new and the old choice "E".  So, I just picked one. (I picked the new "E").  The final tartan shown below was picked after the color selection.  Finally we had the new tartan registered in Scotland as MacCullough/MacCulloch.

Ordering Material:

Since I am no longer making kilts I am presently reduced to just sell ing off  my remaining stock of 13 oz and 16 oz  McCullough/MacCulloch modern material. (My email is ) I did get as far as working with the designer to come up with a Dress McCullough/MacCulloch (see below) but I have not had anything more than the sample cloth made.  There are at least six or seven lucky people, though, who have had kilts made in the modern version new tartan, so we are at least  public now with the new tartan.

The half pivot thread count of the modern tartan is:  Ginger/3 K8  G40  R2  W2  G4  B20  R40  W4  K6  Ginger/5

If you wish to make an orginal order for the modern or dress material I suggest the designer Peter MacDonald.  You can reach him at .   He has a web page at  I did send samples to other  major tartan mills, so they might could make some also.  The House of Tartan at also carries the Modern McCullough/MacCulloch as a special weave tartan, so you can also order it from there.

Scanned Images from the Approval Strip

Close-up of the tartan

MacCullough/MacCulloch tartan

This is what the Dress version looks like.  I think it is almost better than the modern tartan.  Don't you think that it is just the thing for formal occassions or for dancers?  It would be good if someone could come along-side and help me with the McCullough/MacCulloch cause.

Dress McCullough

This is what the sample piece looks like.


This is the registration certificate for our new tartan from the Scottish Tartan Authority

Final Tartan Sett Selection

Electronic Graphics Version


It doesn't show very well, but the strip between the double white lines that is inside the red region was changed to tan, in order to match the tan strip between the black lines that is in the green region.


Last edited  9 June  2003.
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