xoped Rebutting Creationism

God didn't invent men;
Man invented god.
--- anonymous Protestant Minister
in Colorado from a completely reliable source

The creationist flood of illogic would take forever to rebut, although all of it can be rebutted. On this page I will address a few cases. In this way the companion anticreationist page can be reserved for other arguments.

An excellent book on this topic is by R. T. Pennock: Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism, MIT Press Cambridge, MA, 1999 ISBN 026216180X.

He perfectly captured the sentiments of most working biologists on pages 37-38:

As the new creationists portray the battle, they are now undermining the foundation of the Darwinian citadel, and evolutionary theory is about to collapse upon itself. From the point of view of biologists, however, such statements are absurd, and there is no controversy about whether or not evolutionary theory is true. The repeated claims by creationists that the theory is false are not taken seriously by scientists, except in the sense that they worry that the rest of the public might take them seriously, which would then be a problem. But that is a problem of education. As a problem for science, however, the "creationism debate" is basically a nonissue.
(Quotation posted with permission, ©1999 MIT)
I strongly recommend this book. He does a great job of showing step-by-step where the holes are in the creationist ideas, and why the creationsists make their statements.