xoped Sharp Arguments Against Creationists

"I personally cannot discern a shred of evidence for '[intelligent] design' [of the universe]. If 97% of all creatures have gone extinct, some plan isn't working very well."
--- Harvard anthropologist Irven DeVore, speaking at a conference on "Cosmic Questions" at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., April 1999, sponsored by the AAAS and the Templeton Foundation (reported in Science 284: 737, 1999).

On this page I will occasionally drop in some ideas and facts from molecular biology and other parts of science that show errors in creationist thinking. I intend these to be "sharp arguments", meaning that once one understands them, there is no going back. You, of course, will be the judge of that!

See also the AntiCreationist page.

(The debate was recorded at CNN, but the original link is now broken. Apparently CNN transcripts are not kept by CNN, but rather somewhere at Lexis-Nexis.)

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