by Thomas E. Blaylock, jr.

The book, "THE HONEST MAN'S PHILOSOPHY", is at With permission of the author I have created a copy here:

While I don't necessarily agree with absolutely everything that Blaylock writes I find him to be on the mark so frequently that it is likely that other people may find his thinking clear, useful and important.

Thomas Blaylock passed away in 2011.

google: Thomas E. Blaylock, jr.

You can buy his book from Amazon.

technical details

Technically, the mechanism I used to create this copy is the wget program inside a simple unix script, grab. This script obtains the book and converts all links to local links so that they don't point back to geocities - wget does this automatically in one command flag! With another unix script, fix, I then changed the background color to white and the lettering to black so that it is more readable and printable. (White lettering on dark backgrounds prints as white on white - nothing!) It also makes links blue instead of yellow, the latter being rather hard on the eyes. Followed links turn simple green when pressed and become red after being read. I may not have caught all cases.

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