It LOOKS like they're having fun,
(but what the heck are they doing?)

This directory is devoted to recovering an excellent set of pages that describe contra dance. The original pages are gone. I would like permission to retain the pages from the original author please.

Note: As of 2004 Oct 6, the original page, What it is - the short answer is gone. I used The Wayback Machine internet archive to locate main.htm. I used wget to recover the page from "Feb 11, 2003" (later links give errors) and am holding a copy for you from the link above. I request permission of the author to keep this page here.)

From there I was able to recover the remainder of the pages. These are the links in the WayBack Machine:

Here are my recovered pages, in case the WayBack Machine is gone:

I have not yet modified my recovered pages, so they still point to the Wayback Machine.

Tom Schneider's Home Page
origin: 2003 October 6
updated: 2003 October 6