Dictionary of Religious Terms

Tom Schneider

Preface: Richard Dawkins has proposed the idea that religions are a kind of mind virus. They infect groups of people with a set of ideas. As with biological viruses, they must either reproduce. This can be done horizontally by infection of people outside the family or vertically by infection of the children. If Dawkins' hypothesis is right, what are the mechanisms of the virus? This is a dictionary of terms or concepts used in religion where I will attempt to explore what is really going on in a religion if this hypothesis were correct.

Warning Note: This is NOT a dictionary for the religiously infected or the closed minded. It is for open minded folk who wish to explore a forbidden topic. If you find yourself upset and angry, then please do not write to me. Calm down, think (for yourself!), and be totally honest with yourself. At my discression I will put ALL email about this on the web INCLUDING your email address, so you can get all the lovely spam too.

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origin: 2004 Feb 10
updated: 2004 June 8