The National Park Service invites public comment and discussion on the future use, programming, and management of Glen Echo Park, a unit of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Glen Echo Park is comprised of the buildings and land that sits on approximately seven acres of the Potomac Palisades. It currently houses art studios, two theaters, general purpose classrooms, a ballroom and an antique carousel.

The National Park Service has administered a program that includes: theater performances; cultural and music festivals; dance events; educational classes in dance, crafts and the arts; art gallery exhibitions; interpretive programs on the park's history; and carousel rides for the public.

Budget limitations and growing maintenance needs of the park's aging structures has necessitated a review of the park's future.

Public debate and ideas are a critical element to provide broad guidance for the long-term management and development of the park. Two public meetings will be scheduled in calendar year 1998. If you would like to recieve notification of the time and location of these meetings, please call the parkway headquarters at (703) 285-1924.

This announcement was distributed at the Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom on 1997 December 8.

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