Photography by Tom Schneider

Images here are copyright by Thomas D. Schneider. You may use them for personal uses (eg as a screen saver) but they may not be sold or used commercially. Please contact me for commercial use. Also, these are 'share images': if you really like one and would like to contribute something, please email me. (Sorry, you'll have to either eliminate all spammers from the world or fix that email address by hand.)

Snow Drift. I like the zen like quality of the shading - light on one side, dark on the other and fading between the two around the edge. (1.8MB = 1813324 bytes)

Tom learns to levitate. The Super Levitron was from the Discovery Store, but it is not available anymore ;-( Since there is a patent, you can search Google for Levitron + "5,404,062".

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Photographs were taken with an Olympus C-2500L. It's a through the lense, near film quality digital camera.

Information and Reviews:

Here are the components I got: I later got more toys:

Camedia E-20N

I now have an Olympus digital Camedia E-20N It has 5.0 megapixel, 4x zoom with a gazillion features. Olympus has made dramatic improvements in this camera, but it is larger than the C-2500L.

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