Alan Zaslavsky's letter
From Wed May 28 11:31 EDT 1997
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 11:28:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Zaslavsky 
Subject: atchange, atchanges

Tom, I read the article about "atchange" in SunExpert and went around for a few days trying to think of ways to use this neat utility. Finally I thought of a couple of uses and made them into scripts, which I pass on for your (I hope) pleasure.

The first example is an atchange file I use to allow me to print mail in various formats from the Sun mailtool. Mailtool only allows you to set one print command, but by saving the mail to a folder I automatically invoke any of several commands. (The use of "rsh" is due to the fact that enscript does not work on my local system.)

The second example is a csh script which automates a bunch of potential uses of atchange. I call it (creatively :-> )"atchanges" (but it doesn't care what you call it.) It prints its own help message, so give it a try!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed atchange!

Alan Zaslavsky
Associate Professor of Statistics
Department of Health Care Policy
Harvard Medical School
25 Shattuck Street, Parcel B
Boston, MA 02115-6092
Later Alan pointed out that: mailprint.atc is an example that would require local customization, while atchanges is a "run as is" script (except the BSD vs. SunOS customization in the first few lines, and the modification of "shelltool" to run on other systems that have a different name for opening a window).