Bust of Ludwig Boltzmann in Vienna, taken by Thomas
Schneider in 2002.

Boltzmann's Grave

In 2002 I visted Ludwig Boltzmann's Tomb in the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetary), Vienna, Austria.

The Tomb is famous because it gives the simplest entropy formula

S = k. log W
above his bust statue. My photographs have been used in a number of publications and they are freely available for that use. To see all of the available images go to
the Boltzmann Tomb image page

Clicking on an image will bring you to the largest available image - there are no larger ones and these are the original photographs.

The most popular one is probably P7140525.JPG: Vienna, Austria. Boltzmann's Tomb in the Zentralfriedhof (Central
Cemetary). The Tomb is in Gruppe 14 C Grab No 1 (group 14 grave number
1). Photos by Tom Schneider or of him by Gerd Muller. 2002 July 14.
This image: bust of Boltzmann.

If you are interested in reproducing the images, feel free to use them. I would appreciate a citation such as:
Photograph by Thomas Schneider, 2002, https://alum.mit.edu/www/toms/boltzmann.html

Please tell me when and where an image is published and I might start a list here.

You can write to me at toms@alum.mit.edu .

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