Delila Program: auxmod

auxmod program

Documentation for the auxmod program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 1.41; (* of delila.p 2004 Sep 8}

(* begin module describe.auxmod *)
      auxmod: modules for auxiliary programs

      auxmod(hst: in, cmp: in, patt: in, output: out)

      hst: a histogram from hist for testing, or empty
      cmp: a composition from comp for testing, or empty
      patt: a pattern matrix from patlrn for testing, or empty
      output: the version of auxmod is printed.  test results are printed.
         successful compilation and running of the program indicates that
         the modules are correct.

      auxmod is a collection of modules used only rarely in various
      auxiliary programs.  it includes modules for reading compositions
      (comp.), histograms (hist.), helix lists (findcolon and
      gethelix) and pattern matrices (matrix.).

see also
      delmod.p, module.p, hist.p, comp.p, patlrn.p

      gary d. stormo and thomas d. schneider

      none known

(* end module describe.auxmod *)
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