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biglet program

Documentation for the biglet program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.69; (* of biglet.p 2003 Mar 27}

(* begin module describe.biglet *)
   biglet: text enlargement program

   biglet( fin: in, font: in, bigletp: in, fout: out, output: out )

   fin: contains user's text to be enlarged.
   font: the first line contains the actual height and width of characters
         in the font.  The following lines contain character images.  A
         character image has two parts, a reference character and the
         letter image.  Characters in the image that match the reference
         character are printed, while a mismatch prints a space.
   bigletp: contains parameters to control enlargement.  If the file is
         empty the fonts are not enlarged. otherwise, each line
         contains the height and width enlargement factors.  The line
         may also contain a character inside quote marks (single or
         double) to substitute for the matched characters of the font
         images.  Each line of bigletp corresponds to a fin text line.
         If there are no further lines, previously set values are used.
   fout: each line of fin is expanded by bigletp parameters and printed
         out in the form of the font images.
   output: messages to the user.

   Each letter of text (in file fin) is expanded and printed as a larger
   letter which is composed of many smaller letters.  The expansion can be
   set for each text line or for all lines with one parameter setting.
   There is an optional parameter which allows all the large letters of a
   specified line to be composed of a single character.  The larger letters
   are based on a file called font which can contain any sort of images.

   For a font file whose first line is a left justified 5 4:
   f (sixth letter)     (a space)         - (a dash)
   fff-               ----                xxxx      Note: in the file each
   f---               ----                xxxx      character image must be
   fff-               ----                ---x      left justified and be
   f---               ----                xxxx      directly below the
   ----               ----                xxxx      previous image.
   Also, each image has mismatches at its right and below used for spacing.
   for bigletp:          example 1)   2 1         example 2)   3 2 'r'
                                                               1 2 'w'
   The first example magnifies the first and all subsequent text lines
   twice in height.  The second example magnifies the first line at 3 by 2
   and composes it out of 'r's.  The next line will be twice as wide as the
   font and composed of 'w's.  All subsequent fout text will be also be
   twice as wide but made up of the usual font characters.

   The phont file is a demonstration font file, while the font file
   is a working font.

   For this fin file:


   we get this fout file:

bbbbbbb   iiiiiiii   gggggg   ll        eeeeeeee  tttttttt
bb    bb     ii     gg    gg  ll        ee           tt
bb    bb     ii     gg        ll        ee           tt
bbbbbbb      ii     gg        ll        eeeeeee      tt
bb    bb     ii     gg        ll        ee           tt
bb    bb     ii     gg  gggg  ll        ee           tt
bb    bb     ii     gg    gg  ll        ee           tt
bb    bb     ii     gg    gg  ll        ee           tt
bbbbbbb   iiiiiiii   gggggg   llllllll  eeeeeeee     tt

iiiiiiii   ssssss
   ii     ss    ss
   ii     ss
   ii      ssssss
   ii           ss
   ii           ss
   ii           ss
   ii     ss    ss
iiiiiiii   ssssss

ffffffff  uu    uu  n     nn     !!
ff        uu    uu  nn    nn    !!!!
ff        uu    uu  nnn   nn    !!!!
fffffff   uu    uu  nnnn  nn    !!!!
ff        uu    uu  nn nn nn     !!
ff        uu    uu  nn  nnnn     !!
ff        uu    uu  nn   nnn
ff        uu    uu  nn    nn     !!
ff         uuuuuu   nn    nn     !!

see also
   a set of fonts:  font

   programs to remove blanks at the end of the line:
   rembla.p rb.p

   A script for automating the process is in the toolkit:

   Matthew A. Yarus

   none known

technical notes
   If your font images are larger than program allows change constants
   letmaxhi and letmaxwi in biglet source code.
(* end module describe.biglet *)
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