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binplo program

Documentation for the binplo program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.29; (* of binplo.p, 1987 feb 10 *)}

(* begin module describe.binplo *)
   binplo: produce the binomial probabilities for a found black to white ratio

   binplo(xyin: out, xyplop: out, binplop: in, output: out)

   xyin: a table of probabilities of finding the given black to white
      ratio, versus the true probability.  The form is a series of lines
      that begin with '* ', followed by two columns of numbers.
      The first column is the value of fraction, and the second column is
      the corresponding value of p(black:white|fraction) = the probability of
      obtaining black and white given fraction.  This file is direct input
      to the xyplo program.
   xyplop: the controls for the xyplo program to generate the graph.
      These may be modified by the user before plotting.
   binplop: parameters to control the program
      blacks and whites: two integers on the first line, representing the
         number of black balls and white balls obtained in an experiment
      points: one integer on the second line, how many data points should
         be generated in the fout.  If points is zero, then the program
         tests its binomial probability procedure by adding all the
         probabilities that correspond to the binomial distribution.
         For example, with 1 black and 18 white balls, the test is to
         add the probabilities for (0,19), (1,18), ... (19,0).  This
         value should be close to 1.00 if the procedure is correct.

   Suppose there exists a large bin containing both black and white
   balls.  The true fraction of black balls in the bin is fraction, and
   the fraction of white balls is (1-fraction).  We obtain a sample of
   black and white balls from the bin, given as the first two parameters
   in binplop.  The probability of getting this black:white sample is:

                                 (black+white)!         black             white
       p(black:white|fraction) = -------------- fraction      (1-fraction)

   the program generates these probabilities for all values of fraction,
   and gives the results in a form that the xyplo program can use to plot.

see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider

   none known

(* end module describe.binplo *)
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