Delila Program: calico

calico program

Documentation for the calico program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.08; (* of calico.p 1993 January 27}

(* begin module describe.calico *)
      calico: character and line counts of a file

      calico(input: in, output: out);

      input: a file for which one wants to know the number of characters
         and lines
      output: the number of characters and lines in input

      there are many circumstances when one would like to know the number of
      characters and the number of lines in a file.

      will a file fit on one page?  can this file be put into the
      memory of a personal computer for transportation to another computer?

      susan p. scolman and thomas d. schneider

      none known

technical notes
      blanks at ends of lines are counted as characters.
      only the end of line mark is counted, not carriage return and line feed.

(* end module describe.calico *)
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