Delila Program: cerf

cerf program

Documentation for the cerf program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.06; (* of cerf.p 1996 July 29}

(* begin module describe.cerf *)
   cerf: complement of the error function

   cerf(input: in, list: out, output: out)

   input:  Give the z value you want evaluated.  Enter a number less than
      zero to stop the program.
   list: the complement of the error function and the error function
   output: messages to the user

   The area under the Gaussian distribution is found, given values of z.
   The error function is:
      erfc(y) = (2/sqrt(pi)) * integral from y to infinity exp(-t*t) dt.

   This is program ERFD3, figure 11.7, p. 330-333 in
   Pascal Programs for Scientists and Engineers
   Alan R. Miller, Sybex, 1981

   Thomas Dana Schneider

   none known

technical notes
   The tolerance may be adjusted, see the constants.

(* end module describe.cerf *)
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