Delila Program: chacha

chacha program

Documentation for the chacha program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 3.12; (* of chacha 1996 July 29}

(* begin module describe.chacha *)
      chacha: changes characters in a file

      chacha(fin: in, fout: out, chachap: in, output: out)

      fin:     any file in which one wants to translate one set of
               characters into another set.
      fout:    the file to which the translated copy of fin is written.
      chachap: the chacha parameter file which contains the translation sets.
               chachap must only contain 2 lines.
               the first line contains the characters used in fin, typed one
                  right after the next with no blanks at the beginning.
               the second line contains the characters that the
                  characters in the first line are to be translated
                  into, typed in the same way and in corresponding order.
               if you want to change a character to blanks,
                  or vice versa, then you must have the blank character
                  in between other characters in chachap.
      output:  where error messages will appear.

      chacha translates characters in a file to a new set of characters.
      also, more than one character can be translated in one run
      of the program.

      to convert between double and single quotes, use:
      to convert blanks to periods, use:
         j j
      in the chachap file.
      each character on the first line on chachap will be translated
      into the character directly beneath it on the second line in
      the output file.

      delman.assembly.intro  and  delman.assembly.chacha

see also

      patrick r. roche

      none known

technical notes
      the maximum number of characters that can be translated is
      constant top.  caution: top is also the maximum line length.

(* end module describe.chacha *)
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