Delila Program: concat

concat program

Documentation for the concat program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{ version = 1.08; (* concat 1986 dec 9}

(* begin module describe.concat *)
      concat: concatenate files together

      concat(afile: in, bfile: in, abfile: out, output: out)

      afile: the first file to be copied to abfile
      bfile: the second file to be copied to abfile
      abfile: the concatenation of afile and bfile
      output: messages to the user

      concat joins two files, afile and bfile, into a single file
      named abfile.  afile is first copied to abfile, followed by bfile.
      a warning is given to the user if either afile or bfile is empty, but
      in this case, the program copies the other file to abfile anyway.

      one can use concat to join delila instruction sets in the cyclic
      teaching of the perceptron (see our third nar paper).  note that
      delila will not accept several titles in the instructions, so be sure
      that one of the two sets has no title, or remove it by hand.

      billie lemmon and thomas schneider

      none known

(* end module describe.concat *)
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