Delila Program: da3d

da3d program

Documentation for the da3d program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.23; (* of da3d.p 1995 Nov 13}

(* begin module describe.da3d *)
   da3d: diana da file to 3d graphics

   da3d(da: in, da3dp: in, scene: out, output: out)

   da: output of the diana program; position to poistion correlations
   da3dp: parameter file to control scene.
           horizontal: shift of graph horizontally (in cm)

           vertical: shift of graph vertically (in cm)

           xlocation: location of viewer in bases

           ylocation: location of viewer in bases

           zlocation: location of viewer in bits

           magnify: magnification factor for whole scene, 1 = no change.

           xmagnify: magnification factor for x axis only.

           ymagnify: magnification factor for y axis only.

           zmagnify: magnification factor for z axis only.

           datacolumn: (integer) column of da which to use for the graph.

           dodiagonal: if the first character is 't', the diagonal
             values will be included.

   scene: 3D scene of the da data according to da3dp.  Result is in
   output: messages to the user

   Show the position to position correlation data in three dimensions.



see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider


   [1995 Nov 13] Put lines to previous data trace so that it looks like a set
   of squares rather than just lines.

technical notes

(* end module describe.da3d *)
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