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dbcat program

Documentation for the dbcat program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 2.19; (* of dbcat.p 2004 Sep 8}

(* begin module describe.dbcat *)
      dbcat: database catalog production and sorting program.

      dbcat (dbl1, dbl2, dbl3, dbl4, dbl5, dbl6, dbl7, dbl8: inout,
             ecat: out, gcat: out, output: out )

      dbl1, dbl2, dbl3, dbl4, dbl5, dbl6, dbl7, dbl8:  text libraries that
         contain entries of either embl(european molecular biology labratory)
         or genbank(genetic sequence data bank) types. in both cases the
         general format is a series of entries, each entry beginning with a
         twenty letter identification code name for a particular genetic
         sequence followed by many lines of other relevant information. all
         lines begin with a two or three letter code identifying the purpose
         of the line. however, the two entry types have different line codes
         and contain similar but not identical kinds of information.
      ecat:  catalog of embl type library entries. each catalog entry
         contains the location of the beginning of the library entry, a
         number signifying which library the entry is found in, and the
         special identification code of the entry's genetic sequence.
      gcat:  same as ecat except containing information on genbank entries.
      output:  messages to the user.

      this program makes catalogs for use in the program dbpull. in
      addition to sorting catalog entries in the innate alphanumeric
      order of the computer it is run on, dbcat marks both catalogs and
      libraries with the date of the run so that dbpull never uses mis-
      matched sets of information.

      delman.describe.dbpull, embl and genbank libraries.

see also
      loocat.p, catal.p, dbpull.p

      matthew yarus


technical notes
      dbcat functions on genbank(tm) release 9 (june 1, 1983)
(* end module describe.dbcat *)
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