Delila Program: dbfilter

dbfilter program

Documentation for the dbfilter program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.08; (* of dbfilter.p 1992 November 1}

(* begin module describe.dbfilter *)
   dbfilter: filter GenBank databases to remove unwanted entries

   dbfilter(input: in: output: out, dbfilterp: in)

   input: a database of GenBank entries
   output: database after the filtration.  When errors occur, the program halts
           and produces an error message at the end of the output file.
   dbfilterp: parameters to control the program
        FIRST LINE: the name of the organism to use, consisting of two parts
        (eg, Homo sapiens).

   GenBank entries in input that contain the requested organsim are copied
   to output.

   The GenBank ORGANISM contains the two part genus/species name, such as:

  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens

   Entries of an unwanted ORGANISM type are not copied from input to output.
   Those of the desired type are transferred directly.

   If dbfilterp contains:
      Homo sapiens
   then only those entries with the ORGANISM type Homo sapiens will be copied
   into output. All others will be filtered out.


see also
   dbinst.p dbbk.p

  R. Michael Stephens

   Error messages are buried at the bottom of the output file.

technical notes
   Constant maxlines determines the greatest number of lines that can be handled
   between LOCUS and ORGANISM.

(* end module describe.dbfilter *)
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