Delila Program: dblo

dblo program

Documentation for the dblo program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.11; (* of dblo.p 1998 July 16}

(* begin module describe.dblo *)
      dblo: look at the catalogue of a genbank/embl database

      dblo(cat: in, list: out, output: out)

      cat: a catalogue from program dbcat
      list: a listing in tabular form of the catalogue
      output: messages to the user

      the program dbcat creates a machine readable catalogue of the
      locations of entries in a genbank /embl database.  one cannot
      read this directly because it is a compressed internal format
      of the computer.  (that is, it is a file of records.)  to
      read the file, one must convert it into normal characters, which
      is what dblo does.

      thomas schneider

see also
      dbcat.p, dbpull.p, loocat.p, delila.p

      none known

(* end module describe.dblo *)
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