Delila Program: delmod

delmod program

Documentation for the delmod program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 7.81; {of delmod.p 2017 Sep 14} (*}

(* begin module describe.delmod *)

   delmod: delila module library


   delmod(book: in, output: out)


   book: any book from the delila system, or an empty file.

   output: the version of delmod is printed along with test results
      if the book is not empty.  Successful compilation and running of the
      program indicates that the modules are correct.


   Delmod is a collection of modules used by delila system programs.  The
   easiest way to obtain a list of the modules is to run the module program
   using delmod for both sin and modlib (with dummy files for the other
   input).  There are a number of information modules, indicated by names
   beginning with 'info.'.  There are also a number of packages of modules
   that pickup other modules.  These begin with 'package.'.  You should note
   that some modules are constants, others types, etc.  These must remain in
   their proper location to allow compilation.

   The delmod program will report the current date and time in the standard
   Delila format.

   The delmod program will read a delila book if the 'book' file is not empty
   and report some information about it.


   You can use an empty file for book or a good book to use to test
   delmod is ex0bk.  To do this, get the ex0bk file (see link below)
   and then rename it 'book'.

see also

   module.p The module program is use to transfer modules from this library
   to other programs.

   Example book for testing: ex0bk

   Other module libraries: prgmod.p matmod.p

   General discussion on compiling Delila programs:

   Time modules may be moved into this module library, but
   the ultimate source is now in three places, not here:


   Thomas D. Schneider and Gary D. Stormo


technical notes

(* end module describe.delmod *)
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