Delila Program: diri

diri program

Documentation for the diri program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 1.10; (* of diri.p 2005 Oct 20}

(* begin module describe.diri *)
   diri: finds the information for all sites in a flex model

   diri(ari: in, bri: in, histog, in: dcout: out, output: out)

   ari:  rixyin from ri file for model A

   bri:  rixyin from ri file for model B

   histog: output of the genhis file containing the binding distribution
           between model A and B, the user should use diffinst then genhis
           to generate this file.

  dcout: reports the coordinates and flexible information for all sites.


   Diri takes the rixyin output of ri for two models and uses the binding
   distribution, from histog to determine the flexible information for all
   sites in a variable model.  This is the same value as discan gives.



see also

   The flexrbs paper uses this program:

   Instructions for using this program:

   The makeinst program will convert dcout to Delila instructions:

   Related programs: discan.p, diffinst.p, ri.p

   Rye Shultzaberger

   Diri checks to see if the absolute value of the difference between the A
   coordinate and B coordinate is equal to any absolute value of a distance
   in the histog.  If your model can have a positive or negative spacing,
   this program will hit both spacings and will report the total information
   for both spacings.  This is not an issue for most of the applications of
   this, where the one component is either always upstream or downstream of
   the other component.

technical notes

(* end module describe.diri *)
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