Delila Program: domod

domod program

Documentation for the domod program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 1.42; (* of domod.p 2016 Jan 24}

(* begin module describe.domod *)
   domod: doodle modules

   domod(input: in, output: out)

   input: text.  portions surrounded by .PS and .PE are
      searched for function names.  when a function name is found,
      the parameters on the same line are read.
   output: copy of input text except that the functions detected
      during reading are translated into doodle commands.

      Domod contains the doodle modules.  Calls to the procedures
   cause the corresponding doodle command to be written to the output
   file.  Since this is the same as the input, the program only reformats
   the input.  That is, in UNIXease,
      diff b c
   shows no difference between b and c.  The program serves as a module
   library for the procedures that generate doodle commands.

see also
   doodle.p dosun.p

   Thomas D. Schneider

   domod does not copy correctly outside of pictures.  Inside
   of pictures it appears to read the entire demo and copy it to
   output correctly, such that domod<demo>a;domod<a>b;diff a b
   gives no differences.

technical note
   The globals picxglobal and picyglobal are updated, so
   a program that does graphics using these calls can use these
   variables to find out where it is.
(* end module describe.domod *)
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